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China controls how many children a couple can have. Is that coming west? Looks like it could well be! Ron




Cutting Edge News Alert

April 3, 2009


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I.                  Radical Liberal population reduction bill is advancing through Congress!


This extreme bill could only become law through a very Liberal Administration like the Obama Presidency. But, this kind of control has been advocated for decades by New Age Movement as a strong plank in the overall world population reduction campaign.


NEWS BRIEF: "Want To Have A Baby? Government will decide if you are mentally fit", World Net Daily, April 2, 2009


"A bill that would subject pregnant women to mental health screenings – and possibly medications that would follow any diagnosis of 'depression'– has returned and already is more than halfway through Congress, a concerned family group is warning. WND reported a year ago when the plan was proposed to allow the government to order tests on mothers for baby blues. The proposal later died. However, officials with United Nonprofits and Individuals for Truth and Ethics say the bill is back, and it already has been approved by the U.S. House and assigned to a Senate committee under the designation S.324."


Genuine Conservatives sighed a huge sigh of relief last year when this proposal died; however, the Congress at that time was far more Conservative than it is now, and the White House was in control of a quasi-conservative, George W. Bush. While Bush was not a true Conservative, he played more to their agenda than Obama ever will. We are seeing this draconian legislation quietly moving through Congress now because the new President is boldly Liberal and is willing to put the power of his office behind this proposal.


It is also problematic that this whole issue revolves around the very nebulous loophole called 'depression'. This broad analysis means that doctors can put their patients on the same kind of 'depression' medicine that the public shooters have been on -- like prozac and ritalin -- drugs which causes such a change in levels of consciousness that the victim is much worse off than before.


Consider these actual effects:


1)   "... pharmaceutical sales manager who killed herself by jumping out of a window after receiving four cocktails of antidepressants, anti-anxiety and antipsychotic drugs and electroshock therapy following the birth of her child."


2)   "2005: A 30-year-old Indiana mother taking anti-depressants ends up facing charges she murdered her two sons, ages 2 and 9."


3)   "2001: Andrea Yates is accused of drowning five children, ages 6 months to 7 years in the family bathtub. She had been taking anti-depressants Effexor and Remeron."


4)   "2004: Emiri Padron stabbed herself in the chest after smothering her baby daughter. Zoloft was found in her apartment."


Furthermore, as we have repeatedly reported, virtually every single public mass murder who shoots a bunch of people and then kills himself before authorities can arrest him are, or have been, on some anti-depressant medication; most instances revolve around either prozac or ritalin.


Now, let us return to the subject of the New Age plan to control births.


Government control over the numbers of mothers allowed to give birth to children is the key.


" 'What is being done currently, if you look under the hood and at the legislative history of the bill and all the front groups pushing it, is a movement towards universal mental health screening – including mandatory screening of women as they do in New Jersey – and preventive drugging during pregnancy or postpartum' ... the bill would impose 'a highly subjective questionnaire' on mothers about their moods, generating diagnoses that could include depression. 'These labels almost ALWAYS lead to an antidepressant drug prescription, and antidepressants are known to cause SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS including suicide, homicide, and infant death', she wrote. "


The New Age Movement has been pushing for this legislation for decades now. They want governments worldwide to tightly control how many women get pregnant, which groups of women are allowed to get pregnant, and how many actual live births which will occur. Women belonging to dissident groups like Christianity will be so tightly controlled that the numbers of new babies born to Christian parents will likely dry up!


This proposal is serious, it is backed by the United Nations, and now apparently by Liberal Democrats in charge of both the Congress and the White House. While we can still protest, we need to email, call, and/or write our representatives protesting the "Melanie Blocker Stokes Mother's Act".


Drastic population control is aggressively advancing and this bill greatly enhances the cause.


III.           New Prime Minister Netanyahu is known for his tendency to talk tough, but act as meekly as a mouse!


In the end, Netanyahu will bow to the agenda of the global Illuminati, especially in areas like a Palestinian State and an attack on Iran. Let us review the facts.


NEWS BRIEF: "Is it curtains for the peace process? Netanyahu is known for talking tough and acting like a mouse, The Jerusalem Post, "April 3, 2009


"The opening scene was Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman giving his first speech in office on Wednesday. To take him at his word, he will change the rules of the game."


Let us review the way Netanyahu's new Foreign Minister talked really tough:


1)   "He will welcome peace with Syria, but not at the cost of withdrawing from the Golan Heights."


2)   "He respects Egypt as an important force that works to stabilize the Middle East, but the era of Israeli foreign ministers visiting Egypt, when Egyptian leaders cannot tarnish their reputations by visiting Israel, is over."


3) "Lieberman did not denounce the goal of a Palestinian state, but seemed to be pushing it somewhere over the horizon."


Jewish Conservatives were elated! After all the years of being disappointed in "Conservative" Ariel Sharon and his Liberal policies, they finally had a man in office who understood their concerns and spoke their language. The very Liberal Kadima Party leader, former FM Livni, quickly chimed in, complaining that Lieberman had destroyed in 20 seconds what it had taken serious Israel leaders 20 years to create.


However, as we have reported on many occasions since the attacks of 9/11, the truth is most often found in the exact opposite direction of the public rhetoric (Read full details of this propaganda maxim, NEWS1558, "Breaking Out of the Mental Box -- Learning To Think In The Opposite Direction of Propaganda To Find The Truth")


If you assume that the opposite is the truth, then Netanyahu will, in the end, promote a Palestinian State and a withdrawal from the Golan Heights. He may feign virulent opposition and tough rhetoric, but in the end, he will betray his Conservative supporters in order to give the Illuminati exactly what they want. In fact, only a Prime Minister who is considered to be Conservative could bring these two goals into reality. Whereas an avowed Liberal PM would be dogged by Conservative opposition from Day One, a false Conservative PM would be able to silence the opposition voice of true Conservatives until it is too late to prevent the goal from being accomplished.


Ignore Netanyahu's tough rhetoric. In the end, he will meekly bow down to the altar of the Global Plan. Just as the book, "Isralestine", above, states, the prophetic will of God is unfolding gradually in the region. Soon, Israel will virtually annihilate her immediate Arab neighbors and expand outward, to establish the "Greater Israel" prophecy, which is all the lands God promised to Abraham -- the Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria up to Damascus, Jordan, and Egypt.


The Arab alliance foretold in Psalm 83 is now actively opposing Israel, and the Palestinians are about to destroyed just as Obadiah 15-18 foretells. These times are exciting; are you aware of them and their prophetic significance?


III. Suddenly, good economic news is the order of the day!


Now that President Obama has his stimulus plan and his $3.5 trillion budget, the government apparatus needs a constant diet of good news to make people believe that the new President is a genius and can be entrusted on all matters.


NEWS BRIEF: "Financial stocks rally as accounting rules relaxed", By Stephen Bernard, Associated Press, April 3, 2009


"Financial stocks rose Thursday after the board that sets U.S. accounting standards said it would give banks more leeway in valuing assets that are a primary reason for the ongoing credit crisis. Banks have been pummeled by losses tied to writing down the value of certain assets, especially bonds backed by troubled mortgages, costing them hundreds of billions of dollars. 'It certainly seems to be helping the market', Fred Cannon, chief equity strategist at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc., said of the change in the accounting rule."


"In the near-term, investors seem to be welcoming the relief..."


Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke significantly added to the enthusiasm of a renewal in consumer spending.


NEWS BRIEF: "Bernanke Easing Mortgage Rates for Consumer-Driven Rebound", Bloomberg Financial News, April 3, 2009


"U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is delivering what he promised five months ago, record- low mortgage rates and a refinancing boom that’s putting cash in consumers’ pockets ... Fixed 30-year mortgage rates fell to a record low for the second consecutive week last week, hitting 4.78 percent, Freddie Mac said yesterday in a statement. The rates are the lowest in records dating to 1971, and come after Bernanke told Congress in November that helping the most creditworthy borrowers was essential to reviving the economy."


"Mortgage applications in the U.S. rose for the fourth straight week last week as a decline in borrowing costs spurred homeowners to refinance, while purchases of new houses unexpectedly rose in February. The Fed’s effort to bring down fixed rates may give consumers as much as $25 billion, said Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s"


Consumer spending accounts for 66% of all the Gross National Product, so any successful effort to induce consumers to begin buying again is certainly welcome. This direction seems the one in which the Fed is driving the economy.


Meanwhile, the global economy received a significant shot in the arm as well.


NEWS BRIEF: "IMF Makes Comeback as It Wields $1 Trillion for Global Rescue ", Bloomberg Financial News, April 3, 2009


"The International Monetary Fund, dismissed as increasingly irrelevant when the world economy was booming, will now wield more than $1 trillion to help bring it back to life. Leaders from the world’s most powerful nations, meeting in London yesterday, agreed to triple the money the IMF can lend to rescue crisis-stricken nations, to $750 billion. The agency will also get another $250 billion in Special Drawing Rights, an overdraft facility for its 185 members."


These efforts are clearly aimed at causing global manufacturing to dramatically rebound. It does look as though the overall goal of bringing a controlled Fascist Economy into reality while bringing the sick world economy back to health are working. As we have stated many times before, the Illuminati wants a controlled economy, not a ruined one!


Now is the time for all informed men and women to reject the continuous 'gloom and doom' currently enveloping Conservative circles today.


David Bay, Director, Cutting Edge Ministries