SDA Biblical Study and Research Committee Report on Daniel 11



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This is a must read for all serious Bible and prophecy students. For anyone who has a particle of doubt on the SDA pioneer position on Daniel 11:36-39, go to the following link and then scroll down to page 22-27, to the article entitled Report on the Eleventh Chapter of Daniel. This is from the SDA 1954 archives for Ministry magazine. GIVE IT SOME TIME TO LOAD AS IT IS A PDF DOCUMENT.

I believe that anyone who reads this article will be 100% convinced that the Bible verses in question refer to the pope of Rome. Further, I fully believe that anyone who is not convinced by this overwhelming evidence should be suspected of defending Catholic views.

This article will prove that James White and the early pioneers had it right all along. Even Uriah Smith had it right at first, but he later changed his view when in 1870, Pius X proclaimed himself a “prisoner in the Vatican.” It was generally thought at the time and expressed in the religious press that the Papacy had fallen to rise no more. This is what influenced Uriah Smith’s erroneous view.

James White corrected Smith’s view in 1878, when he so aptly observed:

“And there is a line of historic prophecy in chapter eleven, where the symbols are thrown off, beginning with the kings of Persia, and reaching down past Grecia and Rome, to the time when that power ‘shall come to his end, and none shall help him.’ If the feet and ten toes of the metallic image are Roman, if the beast with ten horns that was given to the burning flames of the great day be the Roman beast, if the little horn which stood up against the Prince of princes be Rome, and if the same field and distance are covered by these four prophetic chains, then the last power of the eleventh chapter, which is to ‘come to his end and none shall help him,’ is Rome. But if this be Turkey, as some teach, then the toes of the image of the second chapter are Turkish, the beast with ten horns of the seventh chapter represents Turkey, and it was Turkey that stood up against the Prince of princes of the eighth chapter of Daniel. True, Turkey is bad enough off; but its waning power and its end is the subject of the prophecy of John and not of Daniel.” James White, Review and Herald, Oct. 3, 1870, p. 116. Quoted in Ministry, March, 1954, p. 24.

In other words, if Turkey is the Kingly power mentioned in Daniel 11:36-39, then Turkey must be the feet and toes kingdom represented by Nebuchadnezzar’s image. That would be preposterous! Turkey would be the beast power of Revelation 17! That would be preposterous! But I believe Turkey is still an important part of the prophecy for it owns the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, and the Pope would like to rule from there.

Enjoy the Ministry article. It is most interesting. It clearly portrays the position of SDA pioneers for the first 25-30 years of our history. It exposes the errors of one PM on this issue. He is way behind the times. His views are circa 1870, on this issue. No offense intended P, but your views on prophecy are way too narrow and bigoted. Your logic is not as concise as you would like to project it as being.

History has proven Uriah Smith errant and James White correct as far as the Papacy and Daniel 11:36-39 is concerned. But Turkey and Islamism will play a role in that Rome invented the Islamic religion for her own purposes at the end-time, as Professor Walter Veith so astutely portrays.

Because Rome did indeed invent the Islamic religion to do its dirty work at the end-time, Turkey will no doubt play a role because of its control over the Dome of the Rock Holy site.