Absolute Dictatorial Control Over the Entire Economy



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From the Cutting Edge Weekly:


As American authorities admitted that their massive financial bailout plan was crafted many months ago, we learn that this plan is equivalent to the dictatorial Patriot Act!


When this measure is passed by Congress, the Treasury Secretary will possess absolute dictatorial control over the entire economy! Just as in the Patriot Act!


First, let us examine the admission that this bailout plan was created quite a while BEFORE the financial crisis struck.


NEWS BRIEF: "White House Dispatches Team to Push Economic Bill", Roll Call News, September 23, 2008


"The White House today is drumming up extraordinary pressure on Congress to approve its plan to enact a $700 billion mortgage bailout fund, suggesting the markets cannot wait much longer and dispatching Vice President Cheney and other top officials up Pennsylvania Avenue to jawbone lawmakers .. Fratto said it would be “unthinkable” for Congress not to pass legislation this week, asserting the result would be a “very, very serious situation” for the U.S. economy."


Now, here is the admission that the bailout plan was created before the crisis actually hit.


"Fratto insisted that the plan was not slapped together and had been drawn up as a contingency over previous months and weeks by administration officials."


Do not be deceived on this point: this massive bailout plan was planned a very long time ago, as a means by which the key economies throughout the world could be converted from a Capitalist Economy into a Fascist one. Just as the Patriot Act was created years before the attacks of 9/11, this incredible bailout plan was created long before the crisis hit. This admission that the plan was created "over previous months and weeks" is ingenous to say the least, for the real time frame measures in years.


Let us now examine the ways in which this bailout plan parallels the infamous Patriot Act.


NEWS BRIEF: "Bailout is financial equivalent of the Patriot Act", International Herald Tribune, September 23, 2008


" 'Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency', the original draft of the proposed bill says. And with those words, the Treasury secretary - whoever that may be in a few months - would be vested with perhaps the most incredible powers ever bestowed on one person over the economic and financial life of the United States. It is the financial equivalent of the Patriot Act, after 9/11. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Jr.'s $700 billion proposal to bail out Wall Street is both the biggest rescue and the most amazing power grab in the history of the American economy."


These are amazing powers given to the Treasury Secretary, but they parallel the political dictatorial authorities which the Patriot Act gives the President of the United States! During October-December, 2001, we were warning that the Patriot Act bestowed the mantle of "Absolute Dictator" upon the President.


Now, the Treasury Secretary will be above the law just as the President currently is as he exercises the authority which the Patriot Act gives him!


"Democrats have complained that the bill gives the Treasury Department "a blank check" - and they're right. But given the rush to push the bill through, even if Congress cobbles together some oversight language, it will almost surely be inadequate."


The point is clear here: Congressional members are being given no opportunity to thoroughly review this massive bill before they are expected to vote upon it -- another parallel to the Patriot Act. If you remember your history correctly, Congressmen were presented the huge Patriot Act only hours before they were expected to vote "Yes" on it.


Congress did not stiffen their backs to prevent the Patriot Act from being passed without anyone properly reading it and they will not refuse this bill, either. Let us return to this featured article one more time.


"But the question on the table now is whether the government's latest response to this crisis - the way it has been constructed, and frankly, the way it is being crammed down everyone's throat at the eleventh hour - is the right approach."


Of course, it is not the right approach! This entire crisis, and the bailout plan which is being rammed down people's throat at the 11th hour, is intended to deliver control of the economy to the Federal Government, thus transitioning from a Capitalistic Economy to a Fascist Economy.


But, Congress will pass this legislation without significant changes because they are following their script and they understand how important this change is to the Illuminati Plan to create the type of global economy they want in place by the time the Masonic Christ appears.


As this crisis indicates, that time is getting close.