Call to GC on Pacific Union Crisis Falls on Deaf Ears

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September 10, 01

Concerning the Pacific Union Crisis

I called the North American Division this morning, was transferred to a recording and left a message for their prayerful consideration.

I then call the General Conference and spoke to a secretary who took my message as those in charge were in a meeting. She was cordial and stated the message would be given to them after the meeting was over. A return call to me is not possible as I have to leave for work shortly. I stated that I would be praying for them.

Yesterday, I spoke to some of my coworkers about this issue. They were either not interested in the outcome or thought it was a good idea for non ordained people (women in particular) to occupy that position. I fear for the truth in the mind of many of our people. Our churches, at least in the Portland, Oregon area are becoming ever more liberal and non-complacent. People donít study like they used to, so do not understand the issues, or even care much anymore. It is becoming a very sad situation around here at present, sorry to say. Those of us who care must step up to the plate and speak and not be discouraged.

God Bless and Keep Our Church in spite of all,

Bill Eichner