The Five Wal-Marts That Closed

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Subject: The 5 Wal-marts that closed.
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Check this out my friends... What do you think is going on here?
The closed Walmarts are being 'set up for something'... While I have yet to find any solid proof... Many things 'fit' into this. That combined with the current military 'training exercise' Jade Helm...

Jade Helm is the name of a military exercise (for training purposes of course, at least that is what we are told) that is taking place across 13 states in the US for the next 6 months or so. In ALL of these 13 sta...tes, Walmart buildings have been closed for 'plumbing repairs' for the next 6 months.

All Walmart buildings are concrete and single story with an 'open floor plan' perfectly designed for military barracks or for detention facilities. The US military has been 'training' for taking over such buildings and setting up whatever needed facility, (military housing, hospital, detention facility, FEMA shelters ect). They have it down to a science, they can take a building like Walmart, and have it turned into ANY of the 'needed' facilities in just over 5 hours. In this video we see how the Walmart in Florida has already been 'rearranged' and is under 24 hour guard by the police (who are told they are there to protect Walmart's property, but that is a private matter, why are public servants paid for by American tax dollars doing private security work?). Walmart also provides a large parking area for equipment, and has an even larger vacant area around the outside which allows for good defense, or offense. As of this point, no permits for repairs have been requested for ANY of the closed Walmarts.

Another thing, each of the cities where the Walmarts are closing, have received 'surplus military equipment' over the last year... including 'tanks' and other armored vehicles... their police have been outfitted with military fully automatic machine guns and are trained to use them...
While I can't PROVE that the Walmarts are being used by the military, it sure looks like that is what is going on...