Speculating in Gold and Silver is Gambling and Gambling is Idolatry Says the SOP

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The date of the following article is March 5, 2012:


“The Bull Run Is Over? Analysts Predict Gold Will Plunge Below $1000”




This is why the Spirit of Prophecy instructs us not to speculate. Speculation is nothing more nor less than gambling. Note the following entry for speculation at this link in a Thesaurus:




Main Entry:

Part of Speech:





game of chance; money gambled

action, ante, betting, chance, down on, hazard, long shot, lot, lottery, odds, odds on, parlay, play, pledge, plunge, pot, raffle, random shot, risk, shot, shot in the dark, speculation, stake, sweepstakes, uncertainty, venture, wager


The Spirit of Prophecy on Gambling

“The liquor-drinking, the smoking and gambling, the horse racing, the theater going, the great importance placed upon holidays,—are all a species of idolatry, a sacrifice upon idol altars. If people conscientiously attend to their lawful business upon the holidays, they are regarded as mean-spirited and unpatriotic. The Lord cannot be served in this way. Those who multiply the days for pleasure and amusement are really giving patronage to liquor-sellers, and are taking from the poor the very means that should purchase food and clothing for their children, the very means that, used economically, would soon provide a dwelling place for their families. These evils we can only touch upon.” {FE 312.1}

So my past counsel regarding the purchase of gold and silver was spot on! In Bible times, gold and silver were not manipulated as they are today so as to defraud. A lot of folk are going to lose their life’s savings when gold and silver are greatly devalued and that is why gold and silver sales are being pushed everyday in the advertising media. If would be wise to put any extra funds into books and literature NOW, as well as useful items that become scarce in difficult times.

Iran got severely taken a number of years ago by buying up a lot of gold at high prices and then it was greatly devalued by those who sold Iran the gold. The sellers bought it back at far less than Iran paid for the gold. But Iran did not learn its lesson! She is now accepting only gold for her oil and that gold will be greatly reduced in price so that she will have actually received very little for her oil when the devaluation materializes. It is a providence of God that the true saints cannot even be tempted to purchase gold and silver because they can’t afford it any more than the disciples could in their day. Peter said: Silver and gold have I NONE:

“Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.” Acts 3:6

The last message has not one thread of man’s devising. It will not go by the might and power of gold and silver, but “by my Spirit saith the Lord.”