My View on the Women’s Ordination Vote at the GC

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A short time before the 2015 General Conference World Session in San Antonio, Texas, I published the following article:

The same two evil fanatics who teach that sunbathing is Baal worship, and that the Sun fish the Creator made to sun itself before deep dives into extremely cold waters for food, commits Baal worship and that all who watch a video of the Sun fish sunning itself commit Baal worship, are misconstruing my article on women’s ordination to accuse me of making a false prophesy.

It was these two men who prophesied that the GC would vote YES on women’s ordination and that the auditorium where the GC session took place would be hit by a comet. They later changed their prophesy about the comet, saying that it would destroy the GC conference offices, but nevertheless that is what they prophesied at one point in time.

I said:

“More than likely, the GC will not vote a blanket approval that would implicate the leadership of the GC directly. It will probably vote to extend the issue of women’s ordination to be resolved by each individual conference the world over. This devious tactic of the GC will make it appear that the highest leadership is not responsible and/or guilty of apostasy in regard to this issue.”

Notice the qualifying words:

  • I said the GC “more than likely” WILL NOT VOTE A BLANKET APPROVAL that would implicate the leadership of the GC directly. The words “more than likely” do not constitute a bonafide, positive prophesying.
  • My article did prophesy the fulfillment of God’s Word in Isaiah 3:12.

Isa 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

·       The above verse was fulfilled by the vote on women’s ordination! How? Why? Because various conferences of the SDA church have been ordaining women for a long time now, and they will continue to do so WITHOUT PENALTY--they will not be removed from membership in the church for violating the vote taken at the GC session. That is tantamount to a fulfilling of God’s Word that woman and children rule over His people.

·       I did not say that we could predict that the GC session would vote yes on women’s ordination. I said that God’s Word would be fulfilled--implying that the church would continue to allow WITHOUT PENALTY OF DISFELLOWSHIP, various conferences that chose to ordain women for pastorate positions.

·       Because there was NO EXPLICIT VOTE to penalize and/or remove from membership those conferences that will continue to ordain women, what God says in Isaiah 3:12 and what I implied in my article was completely fulfilled by what took place in San Antonio, re: women’s ordination, because of the above factors.

·       In effect, any conference that ordains women is as an INDEPENDENT movement within church membership that defies the vote of the membership at the GC session. Any such conference should cease such activity or be removed from the church, but this will not occur. So in effect, in essence, the church voted YES on women’s ordination because it is corporately responsible for the act of localized conferences that have been and continue to ordain women pastors. That was the drift of my document on women’s ordination, and if I am wrong, God would be wrong in Isaiah 3:12.

·       Because of corporate responsibility, every member of the church is responsible for the devious practice of the GC in retaining the membership of any and all conferences that ordain women.

·       I DID NOT prophecy a YES VOTE on women’s ordination. I did prophesy by way of implication that women would continue to be ordained as God’s Word attests in Isaiah 3:12.

·       The facts are that both of the men in mention DID PROPHESY that the GC would vote YES on women’s ordination, and that the GC offices would be destroyed because of such. They are the false prophets! But they make no mention of their false prophecy in their blog!

·       The same two evil men are teaching in the same blog that Ezekiel 9 is a cleansing of the church rather than a destruction of the apostate church. They are teaching that Ezekiel 9 occurs before the Sunday Law test to all peoples of the earth.

·       These false prophets thus accuse me saying: “But Ron places Ezekiel 9 AFTER Sunday Enforcement when probation has closed and we are told THERE IS A DROUGHT OF THE WORD OF GOD ! Amos 8:12”

·       If Sunday Enforcement is the test all must have before they are sealed, how could Sunday enforcement be the time when probation closes? Who could be tested by that law if probation closes before it ensues? This is just one of many proofs that these men are totally void of spiritual discernment. And Ellen White says that we are not to say when probation closes. However, she also says that it closes when the plagues begin to fall, so these evil fanatics are wrong on both counts by claiming that probation closes BEFORE the Sunday Law enforcement TEST, and they violate Ellen White’s statement that probations closes at the beginning of the Seven Last Plagues! Both these men claim to be RABBI teachers of the Word, but they clearly do not have the gift of spiritual discernment necessary to qualify them to be teachers of the truth.

·       One of these men faked being James Tierney and made false prophesying’s about me and my ministry.

·       I did prophesy that the two evil men in mention would deviously fight against me and my ministry until their bitter end and that has continued since I first prophesied such.

Once again, the two men who watch my ministry with one intent--to misrepresent and misconstrue what I say, have only done the same thing again. They take certain words and leave out important qualifying statements that totally destroy their misrepresentations. And what’s more serious is the fact that they publish their lying misrepresentations in a blog for the world. Their ultimate end will be as encompassing as their evil influence extends!