As a religious issue, global warming probably doesn't matter except
for this E. G. White quote: "And then the great deceiver will persuade
men that those who serve God are causing these evils." GC, pg. 590.
She's referring to increasing natural disasters and previous to that
statement she plainly puts the blame on Satan, but Satan uses human
agents to do his bidding. These kind of events will eventually lead to

After several years of reading and pondering this, I believe that many
apparent "natural disasters" are created with weapon technology (60
years in development). This is (one reason) why storms, earthquakes,
tsunamis and such will likely increase in frequency and intensity.

Two years ago, NASA contributed to a study that concluded that jet
contrails "persist for hours and behave in the same way as high
altitude cirrus clouds, trapping warmth in the atmosphere and
exacerbating global warming."

In 1998 residents of New Mexico and other western states started
noticing that contrails were no longer dissipating but were persisting
for hours and covering the sky with a milky white haze.
Pictures here:
Air sample testing confirmed that normal contrails were being
supplemented with powdered metals (aerosols) and unknown volatile
organic chemicals. This program went nation wide in 2000 and global
shortly after that and now involves nearly every commercial and
military aircraft on a massive scale.

NASA scientists also discovered several years ago that dust in the
atmosphere reduces rainfall. See:

If this is so, why are commercial and military aircraft dumping
hundreds of tons of mineral aerosols (aluminum, barium and silica
primarily) into the atmosphere every day for the past 6 8 years?
This activity makes drought more widespread and intense.

The ongoing aerosol operation is documented by thousands of photos,
insider testimonies, field and lab testing which have proven beyond a
doubt that the atmosphere is being intentionally polluted on a massive
scale. Government agencies profess to know nothing about this when a
simple search using terms like global aerosols, atmospheric chemistry
and plasma physics brings up dozens of government funded studies.

Aerosols or chemtrails as they are called on the Internet, enable
ionization (through microwave heating) of the atmosphere on a
continental scale. Ionization enables control of the jetstream.
Control of the jetstream allows storm system control. The level of
control is not perfect but includes, enhancement, mitigation, guidance
blocking. (A phenomenon called an omega blocking pattern did not
exist prior to about 1976 when the Soviets began using it against

If you want to learn more, listen to this excellent interview with
meteorologist Scott Stevens.
Scott Stevens' website:
Another technical website:

The application of different electro-magnetic frequencies and metallic
aerosols is trapping heat near the earths surface. How much, I don't
think anyone really knows, but it's making global warming worse.