Greetings From Dr. Paul Tulla in Tanzania

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Dr. Paul Tulla was a seminary professor at various SDA seminaries over the years. He found my Website and was convicted by the truth on the Godhead. He began teaching it to his seminary students and the leaders fired him. So he began an independent ministry carrying the truth to many regions in Africa.



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From: Paul Tulla

To: Ron Beaulieu

Cc: Tulla, Paul

Sent: Friday, April 15, 2011 3:14 AM



Dear Ron,


Many Christian greetings from Tanzania.


Although I am too busy, I am writing an e-mail to you. I am almost finishing translating almost all of your visions as of February 16, 2011. I am working on your vision about Creation, Fossils and Other Worlds. Having attended many schools in my life I could not answer the questions on evolution. In school, I took it as a subject and never to interfere with my beliefs in Bible creation. Your vision has provided all the answers even to atheists and scientists . God bless you in His Service. You’re the voice of God among us. Any vision you get from the Lord, remember to e-mail me. I have many people all over East/Central Africa I share with. I have expanded a book which is a compilation of all your visions. I titled it Special Visions for the Last Days.


Yours in the Blessed Hope.



Tulla, Paul K.