By Devon Grey

Part 3


This article is going to look at an aspect of Ellen White almost never heard-her human side told in her own words. In the rhetoric and accusations, charges and countercharges, the real Ellen White is lost in the shuffle. We want to acquaint the reader about her human side. We will open windows about her and her experiences most people never hear. We will let her tell her experience and her gut level feelings about many things. We start with some comments about being maligned and falsely accused.


Jesus said that a prophet was without honor in his own country, in his own church. It is as true today as it was when Jeremiah was thrown into prison and stoned by the Jews, when Isaiah was sawn in two inside a mulberry tree trunk during king Manassah's reign, and when Jesus in the capital city of Jerusalem was crucified. While giving lip service that declares belief in every dead prophet, the formed church today "kills" the modern prophets by mockery, ridicule, accusation of Satanism and disfellowshipping. Eventually they will seek the literal death of the modern prophets too.

Although the first prophet of end times, Ellen White has gained acceptability in the Seventh-day Adventist church which uses her writings to prove that Seventh-day Adventists are the true church of God because they have the "testimony of Jesus" which is the Spirit of Prophecy (Rev. 19:10). There is a growing movement by many toward "sola scriptura" or the Bible only, rejecting any prophet after the Revelation of John.

Many who say they accept Ellen disregard her teachings. There is increasing disparity between actual practice and verbal agreement, rather like the Israelites who promised to keep the commandments of the Lord and then went out and danced around a golden calf (Ex. 19:5,6; 24:3; 32:1-8). A similar story of obedience and disobedience was given by Jesus in Matthew 21:28-31.


Because the visions of Ellen are of heavenly origin, we can expect that the enemy of all mankind will do all in his power to make of non-effect these last messages for a dying world and its desperate people. If Satan can cause people to disbelieve the prophetic messages for just a very short time longer, judgment in heaven will be completed, probation will close, and those who doubt will be his. They will have lost eternal life. With this thought in mind, we consider how the enemy tries to keep people from accepting God's word sent through his chosen instruments. He uses many tricks of the trade to accomplish his end. One of these tricks is to oppress the prophet emotionally. Listen to what Ellen White had to say about this.


a die than have a vision, for every vision places me under great responsibility to bear testimonies of reproof and of warning, which has ever been against my feelings, causing me affliction of soul which is inexpressible. Never have I coveted my position, and yet I dare not resist the Spirit of God and seek an easier position." 8MR 238 "I WAS SEVERELY TRIED, AND ANXIOUS FOR THE PEOPLE OF GOD. Would those present believe the testimony?" LS (1888 ed.) 266.


Ellen sinks into despair (depression): "When Satan found that he could not take the life of the child, he tempted me that God had left me, or the child would have been healed when we first prayed for him. I sank under this temptation in despair...My heart seemed within me like lead, but God delivered me that eve, and Satan's power was broken." Biography, Vol. 1 182.


Satan tried to destroy faith in Ellen's visions: "I saw how busy Satan had been. He saw that the nominal [first-day) Adventists could not overthrow us, so he began to put prejudices in the minds of our dearest brethren, so as to hinder the work and overthrow James, and also TO CAUSE THE FAITH IN THE VISIONS TO BE DESTROYED, but he failed in his endeavors. And then he attacked his body, but by faith James was wrenched from his grasp and placed in the hands of the Great Physician who applied the balm and set him free. I SAW THAT SATAN'S DARTS WERE HURLED AT US MORE THAN AT OTHERS SO AS TO DESTROY THE CONFIDENCE OF GOD'S CHILDREN IN THE VISIONS, and to get James down so as to stop his work on the paper. I saw that each one of us must labor for the salvation of souls, that we all can do something." 6 MR 171. Many unite with Satan to fight against the visions: "Many poor souls do not know what they are doing. They UNITE THEIR INFLUENCE WITH SATAN'S FORCES, AND AID HIM IN HIS WORK. They manifest great zeal and earnestness in their blind opposition, as though they were verily doing God's service BY FIGHTING AGAINST THE VISIONS....All who desire to do so can acquaint themselves with the fruits of these visions. For seventeen years God has seen fit to let them survive and strengthen against the opposition of Satan's forces, and the INFLUENCE OF HUMAN AGENCIES THAT HAVE AIDED SATAN IN HIS WORK. 1T 330 par.2

"When the Lord is about to do a work, Satan moves upon someone to object." DA 535.


"The enemy is preparing to deceive the whole world by his miracle working power. He will assume to personate the angels of light, to personate Jesus Christ. Every one who teaches the truth for this time is to preach the word. THOSE WHO CLING TO THE WORD WILL NOT THROW OPEN THE DOORS FOR SATAN BY MAKING UNGUARDED STATEMENTS IN REFERENCE TO PROPHESYING OR TO DREAMS AND VISIONS." Paulson Collection 105 par.2.


"I was taken off in vision. In that vision it was shown that IN THE SUDDEN ATTACK AT JACKSON, SATAN INTENDED TO TAKE MY LIFE, IN ORDER TO HINDER THE WORK I WAS ABOUT TO WRITE; but angels of God were sent to my rescue. I also saw, among other things, that I should be blest with better health than before the attack at Jackson." LS88 339 Excruciating pain: "Since coming to this meeting, I have passed through a strange experience. One day, after appearing before the conference to read some matters to you, the burden that was upon my soul continued to press upon me after I returned to my room. I was in distress of mind. That night I could not seem to lose myself in sleep. It seemed as if evil angels were right in the room where I was. And while I was suffering in mind, it seemed as if I was suffering great bodily pain. My right arm, which through the years has always been preserved from disease and suffering, seemed powerless. I could not lift it. THEN I HAD A MOST SEVERE, EXCRUCIATING PAIN in the ear; then most terrible suffering in the jaw. It seemed as if I must scream. But I kept saying, 'Lord you know all about it.'" "I was in perfect agony. It seemed that my brain and every part of my body was suffering. At times I would rise up and think, 'I will not lie here another moment.' Then I would think, 'You will only arouse those that are in the house, and they cannot do anything for you.' And so I kept looking to the Lord, and saying, 'You know all about this pain.' The suffering continued at times in the jaw, and then in the brain, and then in other members of the body, until nearly daylight. Just before the break of day I fell asleep for about an hour. Legions of evil angels were in the room: "My arm is all right this morning. Legions of evil angels were in that room, and if I had not clung by faith to the Lord, I do not know what might have become of me. "I shall never be able to give you a description of the satanic forces that were in that room...but since standing before you the next morning, I have had no suffering. "Light has been coming to me that unless we have more evident movings of the Spirit of God, and greater manifestations of divine power working in our midst, many of God's people will be overcome. Satanic agencies will come in as they came to me. But we cannot afford to yield to the power of the enemy." TDWG 36.


"The first of October, 1858, Mrs. White was given a vision in which she was shown that at some place in our contemplated journey Satan was going to make a powerful attack upon her... Face swelled up, disfigured: "While journeying by train Mrs. White's face became inflamed just under the eyes...she was obliged to take to her bed. The inflammation increased for two days, depriving her of sleep, as well as preventing her from taking any part in the meetings. Her head was swollen so that both eyes were closed, and her face was so disfigured that it no longer looked like that of a human being...the enemy was striving hard to cause her to murmur against God. Thus things continued till the end of the meetings.

"After the meetings had closed Elder White said to me, 'Brother John, this is the very attack upon my wife of which we were warned in Rochester. You remember the promise was there made that if we would take hold together and hold her up by faith, not letting go for a moment when the struggle came, the power of the enemy would be broken, and she would be delivered. Let us go in at once and have a praying season. We went into the room where Mrs. White was confined to her bed, and engaged in earnest prayer. In about ten minutes after we began to pray the power of the Lord came down and filled the room. Mrs. White was instantly relieved of all pain.... This was about five o'clock in the afternoon. By seven o'clock the swelling had all disappeared upon her face, and she attended the meeting that evening, to all appearances as well as ever." GSAM 355-357


"In the vision at Lovett's Grove, most of the matter I had seen twelve years before concerning the great controversy of the ages between Christ and Satan was repeated, and I was instructed to write it out. I was shown that while I should have to contend with the powers of darkness, for Satan would make strong efforts to hinder me, yet I must put my trust in God, and angels would not leave me in the conflict." LS 162.

Little did they realize the anger of Satan because of this revelation of his character and wiles, or the intensity of his determination to defeat the plans for the writing and publishing of the proposed book. Arriving at Jackson, Michigan, en route to Battle Creek, they visited their old friends at the home of Daniel R. Palmer. At this time Mrs. White was in usual health, and the following experience, as given in her own words came as a complete surprise.


"As I was conversing with Sister Palmer, my tongue refused to utter what I wished to say, and seemed large and numb. A strange cold sensation struck my heart, passed over my head, and down my right side. For a time I was insensible (unconscious) but was aroused by the voice of earnest prayer. I tried to use my left limbs, but they were perfectly useless." 4SP 508,509.

"I was shown in vision that in the sudden attack at Jackson, Satan intended to take my life, in order to hinder the work I was about to write, but angels of God were sent to my rescue." LS 162.

"On our way home it seemed to me that Satan had stepped in and was troubling Edson. We found the child at the point of death...Satan had wanted to hinder the work of God, so he afflicted the child, but he was beaten back by faith in God, and His Name shall have the glory."



"We have had but a faint sense of the length and breadth of the difficulty existing in B.C.-THE PREJUDICE, THE JEALOUSY OF US, THE EVIL SURMISINGS, THE DISREGARD OF THE VISIONS; Satan had been invited into the church, and had a powerful hold of minds. He was exulting as he saw souls walking right into his net." 1PH 8:1.


"The above, relative to time-setting, was printed more than thirty years ago, and the books have been circulated everywhere. Yet SOME MINISTERS CLAIMING TO BE WELL ACQUAINTED WITH ME, MAKE THE STATEMENT THAT I HAVE OFTEN SET THE TIME FOR THE LORD TO COME, AND THOSE TIMES HAVE PASSED; THEREFORE MY VISIONS ARE FALSE." LS 88 p. 221 par.1.


"Dear Reader, A sense of duty to my brethren and sisters and a desire that the blood of souls might not be found on my garments have governed me in writing this little work. I am aware of the unbelief that exists in the minds of the multitude relative to visions, also that MANY WHO PROFESS TO BE LOOKING FOR CHRIST AND TEACH THAT WE ARE IN THE 'LAST DAYS' CALL THEM ALL OF SATAN. I EXPECT MUCH OPPOSITION FROM SUCH, and had I not felt that the Lord required it of me, I should not have made my views thus public, as they will probably call forth the hatred and derision of some. But I fear God more than man." EW 76.


"....I was told by those present that he would hear no more, and took his hat and left the house. Soon after this the snare was broken, and he could have but little influence over souls. HE DENOUNCED THE VISIONS AS BEING OF THE DEVIL, and continued to follow his impressions, until Satan seemed to take the full control of his mind. His friends at length were obliged to confine him, where he made a rope of some of his bed clothing with which he hung himself. Thus ended his career." 2SG 64:2.


"I knelt down in the boat and began to cry to God to deliver us. And there upon the tossing billows, while the water washed over the top of the boat upon us, I was taken off in vision and saw that sooner would every drop of water in the ocean be dried up than we perish, for my work had but just begun. After I came out of the vision all my fears were gone, and we sang and praised God, and our little boat was to us a floating Bethel. THE EDITOR OF THE ADVENT HERALD HAS SAID THAT MY VISIONS WERE KNOWN TO BE 'THE RESULT OF MESMERIC OPERATIONS.' EW 23.


"Reproof revives dissatisfaction. When everything moves on smoothly, then past dissatisfactions and difficulties in Paris lie dormant, but when a reproof or rebuke is given, the same dissatisfaction arises. 'Brother White was wrong back there; he was too severe and he is too severe now.' Then jealous, hard feelings arise. As he is in union with the VISIONS given, as the visions and his testimony agree, the visions are doubted, and Satan is working secretly to affect and overthrow the work of God." 9 MR 314:4.


"I saw that you have a knowledge of the truth and a form of godliness, but the power has been lacking. You have not had faith in God as you should have had, and when you have obtained the victory it has lasted you but a short time. I saw that we must have victory every day and come up steadily. I saw...selfishness in your families, and I saw that THERE HAS NOT BEEN TRUE FAITH IN THE VISIONS-THAT SOME HAVE DOUBTED THEM AND STILL HAVE NOT TRUE FAITH IN THEM, and if they remained where they were they would doubt them still more. I WAS SHOWN THE DANGER OF DOUBTING THE VISIONS. Had you believed the visions in time back, you would not have been left to go into the error you did. I saw that we must have vital godliness and heart holiness if we would be covered with the covering of Almighty God.' MS 9, 1851, 1,2. ("Testimony to Believers at Paris, Maine," 1851.) 8 MR 227.


"They [the Andrews family] will not stand in the light until they wipe out the past by confessing their wrong course in opposing the testimonies given them of God, and are united with the body in acknowledging the work of God. Their own selfish feelings and views stand directly in their way. Either THEIR FEELINGS MUST BE YIELDED, if it tears them all to pieces, OR THE VISIONS MUST BE GIVEN UP. There will either be full union or a division. The crisis has come. THE WARFARE THAT HAS BEEN WAGED AGAINST JAMES (White) AND THE TESTIMONIES GIVEN OF GOD MUST BE GIVEN UP." 9 MR 314.


"I have been shown faults and wrongs of individuals who professed perfect confidence in the visions, but FOUND FAULT WITH THE INSTRUMENT. The natural feelings of their heart rise up in rebellion against the visions which had exposed their errors and evil. Instead of humbly acknowledging they had erred, they FOUND FAULT WITH THE MANNER IN WHICH THE VISION WAS DELIVERED. They took the position that a PART OF IT WAS CORRECT AND A PART OF IT WAS A MISTAKE, that I had been told circumstances and thought that the Lord had shown them to me in vision." 1 MR 306:3.


"At times I have had but little courage to write to individuals what I had been shown in regard to them, for so many take the visions which have been written to them with feelings of the deepest anguish and in tears. They lay it aside, some with a feeling of indifference; others say, 'I BELIEVE THE VISIONS, BUT SISTER WHITE HAS MADE A MISTAKE IN WRITING IT. She has heard reports of these things and has got it mixed up with her visions and thinks she saw it all.'" (Pp. 17-18)-- Letter 8, 1860. (To J.N. Andrews, June 11, 1860.) 9 MR 315.


"It is utterly false that I have ever intimated I could have a vision when I pleased. THERE IS NOT A SHADE OF TRUTH IN THIS. I HAVE NEVER SAID I COULD THROW MYSELF INTO VISIONS WHEN I PLEASED, FOR THIS IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE." 8 MR 238.


"He has had much to say in regard to my husband and myself, and against the visions. He has stood in a position, 'Report...and we will report it....' He has by false reports presented the visions in a wrong light, and weak souls who were not established in all the present truth have fed upon these things instead of clean provender thoroughly winnowed." 1T 333:3.


"...I saw that a strange work has been going on here for months in the past. There has been A STRENGTHENING THE HANDS OF ONE ANOTHER IN UNBELIEF OF THE VISIONS because the wrongs of some have been reproved. I feel crushed in spirit, and that I have been abused. I have no more testimony to bear in Battle Creek until there is an entire change. This is darker than the work in Rochester, and is certainly worse; for I saw that they had their example and present condition before them as a warning." 1PH p.6 par.1.


"Such experiences as these came to be very common. Several in one family were under this species of deception. ONE WOULD SEE THAT SISTER WHITE WAS EXALTED; another that SISTER WHITE WAS NOT HUMBLE BECAUSE SHE WOULD NOT GET DOWN UPON HER HANDS AND KNEES AND CREEP; another that SISTER WHITE WOULD BE REJECTED AND LOST BECAUSE SHE DID NOT BELIEVE THE VISIONS THEY HAD WERE FROM GOD. Another would see that he must go to a certain place and remain there two, three, or four weeks. These VISIONS found credit with some who were lacking in wisdom...." 10MR 310.


"Sunday morning we met with the brethren, and my husband arose to preach on the parable of the ten virgins. He had no freedom in speaking, and proposed that we have a season of prayer. We bowed before the Lord and engaged in earnest prayer. The dark cloud was lifted, and I was taken off in vision, and again shown the case of this woman. She was represented to me as being in perfect darkness. Jesus frowned upon her and her husband. That withering frown caused me to tremble. I saw that she had acted the hypocrite, professing holiness while her heart was full of corruption. After I came out of vision I related with trembling, yet with faithfulness, what I had seen. I WAS SEVERELY TRIED, AND ANXIOUS FOR THE PEOPLE OF GOD. WOULD THOSE PRESENT BELIEVE THE TESTIMONY?

"The woman put on a calm appearance and said, 'I am glad the Lord knows my heart. He knows that I love him.' Then her husband rose in anger, and laying his hand on the Bible said, 'THE BIBLE IS ALL WE WANT, I SHALL NOT GIVE UP THE BIBLE FOR VISIONS.' His wife affected to check him, saying, 'Don't, husband, dear, don't talk; the Lord knows me, and will take care of it all.' Then she vindicated herself, saying, 'If my heart could only be opened that you might see it.' I knew the minds of some were unsettled, whether to believe what the Lord had shown me, or let her appearance weigh against the testimony borne. Her appearance was perfectly calculated to gain their sympathy.

"But I had discharged a painful duty and God would take care of the result. At the close of the meeting she stated that she had no hard feelings against me, and that she should pray for me, and if I got to heaven I would see her there. We returned with Brother P.'s family, and that night the Lord met with us. I believed that the Lord would show his people the truth, and justify the vision. THE NEIGHBORS SAID THAT I HAD ABUSED THE POOR WOMAN." LS88 266.


"There was at one time some trouble on the boat. The chambermaid had been abused by one of the passengers. She went with her complaint to the captain of the boat, and gained many sympathizers. While she was describing the one who had abused her, many eyes were turned toward me, as the dress described answered very nearly to my dress. It was whispered round, 'IT IS HER! IT IS HER! THE ONE THAT HAS VISIONS! WHAT A SHAME!' And a zealous one spoke up and asked if it was me, pointing towards me. 'Oh no, no,' said she in her Irish tongue, 'Surely she is as nice a little woman as there is on the boat.' I COULD BUT NOTICE HOW GLADLY THEY WOULD HAVE HAD ME THE GUILTY ONE, BECAUSE I HAD VISIONS." LS 80 276.


"I knew their only object was to mangle the visions, spiritualize away their literal meaning, throw a Satanic influence upon me, and call it the power of God." LS 230 par.1.


"August 30, 1846, I was married to Elder James White. In a few months we attended a conference in Topsham, Maine. Elder Joseph Bates was present. HE DID NOT THEN FULLY BELIEVE THAT MY VISIONS WERE OF GOD."


"Brother G sought to move with great caution. He knew that the class WHO OPPOSED THE VISIONS were wrong, that they were not genuine believers in the truth; and therefore, to shake off these clogs, he proposed to receive none into the church who did not believe the third angel's message and the visions. This kept out some few precious souls who had not fought against the visions. They dared not unite with the church, fearing that they should commit themselves upon that which they did not understand and fully believe. And THERE WERE THOSE AT HAND READY TO PREJUDICE THESE CONSCIENTIOUS ONES, AND TO PLACE MATTERS BEFORE THEM IN THE WORST POSSIBLE LIGHT. Some have felt grieved and offended because of the condition of membership, and since the organization their feelings of dissatisfaction have greatly increased. STRONG PREJUDICE HAS GOVERNED THEM." 1T 329:2.


In "The Review and Herald" for August 14, 1883, p. 16, col. 2, there is quoted a few epithets which an Elder McLearn applied to Sister White and her work. It is very revealing how some people felt about Ellen. This was taken from a paper called the "Advocate" and its "Extra."

"Mrs. White and her illiterate dupes."

"Her contradictory and childish effusions." "What do the S.D. Adventist people mean by upholding a woman in such glaring inconsistencies and blasphemous pretensions?" "In her interpretation of that vision, she is dishonest."

"We have been imposed upon by Mrs. White and her backers."

"You cannot cover such crooked tracks as Mrs. White has made for you." "In the name of common consistency, what do the S.D. Adventist people mean by accepting and covering up this work of deception?" "You are educated to deceive by means of her blasphemous pretensions." "Why will not the people arise in the majesty of their 'blood-bought rights,' and shake off this destructive incubus?"

"Her popish claims to infallibility."

"Mrs. White's tyrannical and unreasoning domination."

"The people upon whom she now foists her impositions."

"The glaring inconsistencies and palpable contradictions you see in Mrs. White's course."

"Heaven-insulting pretensions to the infallibility of Mrs. White's contradictory statements."

"Using the sacred name of Deity in connection with her soul destroying deceptions." The R&H editor closed this piece with these comments:

"The above citations from Elder McLearn's pen have been grouped together, and printed, simply to show the nature of the spirit by which he is at present controlled. Such an outburst of malevolence would hardly be expected in his case. May God pity him. G.W.A."

One last critique of Ellen White done recently points out to several discrepancies found in the book "Great Controversy." The reader will need to bear in mind what we have discussed before. These kinds of discrepancies have no bearing on the prophet's message and gifts. They only show that she was human and influenced to a degree by what she understood at the time of writing.

In the case of the "Great Controversy," you read how the enemy tried to keep this book out of circulation by trying to kill Ellen White. If God has allowed them to be in the book, certainly no human should take exception to these minor historical discrepancies. They certainly do not distract from the message of the book in the slightest.


That Ellen White made mistakes is indisputable. There were times when she directly contradicted herself. The following are a few examples.

1) In the 1886 edition of The Great Controversy, page 335, Ellen stated that the fall of the Ottoman Empire or Turkey the "exactly fulfilled prediction" sounded by the sixth trumpet of Revelation. Yet in 3 SM 426, she says: "Trumpet after trumpet is to be sounded; vial after vial poured out one after another upon the inhabitants of the earth." Which statement is right? Is Ellen a liar?

2) In relation to the signs connected with the 6th seal of Revelation 6:13-14, Ellen says in GC 304, century." This would put events of the fifth seal (the souls under the altar) sometime before that time." These signs [the Lisbon earthquake, the darkening of the sun and moon]) were witnessed before the opening of the nineteenth

In 7C 968 she says: "When the fifth seal was opened, John the Revelator in vision saw beneath the altar the company that were slain for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. After this came the scenes described in the eighteenth of Revelation, when those who are faithful and true are called out from Babylon." Again in 7C 984, Ellen said, "The prophecies in the eighteenth of Revelation will soon be fulfilled." Which of her statements will you take as true? Was Ellen mistaken?

3) In GC 267 we find the statement "The two witnesses represent the Scriptures of the Old and the New Testament." On pages 269, & 270 Ellen says: "According to the words of the prophet, then, a little before the year 1798 some power of satanic origin and character would rise to make war upon the Bible. And in the land where the testimony of God's two witnesses should thus be silenced, there would be manifest the atheism of the Pharaoh and the licentiousness of Sodom."

This prophecy has received a most exact and striking fulfillment in the history of France." Up farther on page 269, she uses the term "Great City" in reference to France, calling her "Egypt." We know that reference to "the great city" in Revelation is to Babylon. If France is Babylon, which she would have to be to fulfill what Ellen White said, then she is the beast from the pit in Revelation 18. That beast is in control of the seven heads, which means France would have to be the head - the 8th king, but only one beast ascends out of the bottomless pit.

4) The lamb-like beast in GC 441 is identified as the United States circa 1798. Three years later in 3SM 393, Ellen says it was Satan who would bring fire down from heaven to deceive those that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast. She continues quoting Revelation 13, telling how Satan will cause all to worship the first beast and receive a mark. What is she saying? How can she contradict herself so blatantly?

5) GC 54 shows the 42 month prophecy of Revelation 13:5 beginning in the sixth century. In 7BC 975, all the comments of Ellen on Revelation 13 point to the end of time, not the sixth century. In 1898 Ellen said that Daniel 7:25, a companion text to Revelation 13, was an event that was yet future. 6) GC 480 talks about 1844 being the time when "the judgment was set and the books opened." On page 666, less than 200 pages later, Ellen describes the same scene, but shows it taking place at the end of the millennium.

As can be seen Ellen White did not always agree with what she said in other places. One reason for this is that she would have to change her ideas to advance in new light that was brought to her. Then too, she depended upon proofreaders and others to help her with the insertions in the books. If God was satisfied, why should any human try to find fault with any of the books? The purpose of any of these books is to lead people to Christ, and that they do admirably. Her book "Desire of Ages" about the life of Christ has been designated by the Library of Congress as the most profound book on this subject that they have. English teachers concluded that the language in that book is as perfect as it can be, and this from a 3rd grade education.

From the above quotes extracted from her various writings, the reader can see that Ellen White's work as a prophet was not always a pleasant experience. If she were not a true prophet, would not the enemy bless her endeavors to gain followers? This concludes our study in defense of Ellen White. The reader is asked to consider and weigh all the evidence we have presented that supports her messages as being of divine origin. Not once will you ever find her talking against the Word of God. The theme of her messages and instructions were only and always to establish a relationship with our Lord. Never did she try to draw people to herself or to look at her as someone special. These two last points speak the truth about her better than any thing else could.

May God bless you as you continue to seek and find the truth. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us.

-Devon Grey