Anti-Bullying Curriculum

The New Show and Tell:

How Homosexuality Is Being Promoted In The Classroom

By Abby Ludvigson and Karen Brown  

"Issues and Action in Education" - October 27, 2004

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In schools all across this nation, we are seeing a very aggressive plan by gay activist organizations that are boldly taking their agenda into our schools. They are undermining parental authority and putting our children at risk of sexual confusion and sexual diseases by affirming them in lifestyles that are unhealthy and dangerous.

Unbeknownst to many parents, some schools (both public and private) are using curriculum written by gay and lesbian organizations. In some situations, these curriculums and their pro-homosexual biases are used to teach children, even at the elementary level.

How do these pro-homosexual programs get into the schools? One way is through diversity and anti-bullying programs. Anti-bullying programs are good . . . right? No parent wants his or her child to be a bully, or to be bullied. The issue is that some of the anti-bullying curriculum and videos used in schools are a vehicle for actively promoting the acceptance of, and in some cases the desire for, a homosexual lifestyle. Many times a note may be sent home notifying parents their children are going to be participating in an anti-bullying program, or that they will be watching a video against bullying. Sounds great! The children go through the program or watch the video and the parents have no idea that their little 5 year old has just been subtly indoctrinated with the view that having homosexual parents is just as good (and maybe even better) than having heterosexual parents. All paid for by your tax dollars.

Many of the educators in Minnesota and elsewhere have been trained by the same biased organizations that have an agenda of promoting homosexuality. These educators have grown up learning about and adhering to a false belief system – a belief system promoted by a man named Alfred Kinsey. In 1948 Dr. Kinsey became a household name with the publication of his book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. Kinsey, through faulty and fraudulent research, promoted the idea that 10% of the population is homosexual -- a figure commonly quoted by pro-homosexual health teachers. (The correct figure is less than 2%.) Kinsey became known as the father of the sexual revolution, the father of comprehensive sex education and the father of the gay rights movement. Today, his philosophy is alive and well as it is embedded in the teaching of comprehensive sex education, diversity training and some anti-bullying curriculums.

Today we are in a cultural war over two views of sexuality: our Judeo-Christian sexual ethic of monogamous heterosexual marriage and the “gay” ethic of sexual license. The battleground is the classroom and it is the children who will be the greatest casualties if we do not respond. There are many hurting teens who desperately need truthful information and our help to find their way out of the maze of sexual confusion. Even elementary students, without knowing it, are being taught a belief system that conflicts directly with that of their parents’.

It is time for people who want to stand firm for traditional Judeo-Christian values to impede the progress of the homosexual movement in our schools. Get educated on this subject. Read books, study websites, and then call your local school. Find out what diversity, health and anti-bullying curriculums are being used. Preview the school videos and the list of books being read to your student’s class. Gather with other parents now to stop the use of the pro-homosexual curriculums.

In Minnesota, the MN Family Institute offers a half-day seminar to educate concerned citizens on the root causes of homosexuality, how the homosexual agenda is infiltrating our schools and what we can do in response.

Please call Abby at 612-788-3595 x212 to get information on the seminars or for a list of books and websites to educate yourself on the topic of homosexuality.









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