Dr. Herschel Hughes' Response to My Letter to Him

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Dear Reader,


Today, January 23, 2006, I received an e-mail response from an e-mail I wrote to Dr. Herschel Hughes, regarding a sermon he gave at the Loma Linda SDA church, which he said was a message of God to him.I commented on his message in the following document:https://members.tripod.com/omega77/falsetestimony.htm


You may download his sermon at the following link:http://www.amessagefromgodtothesdachurch.com/


Here is Dr. Hugheís response to my e-mail to him.My e-mail appears below his response:


ďIn response to your e-mail:

Some of you are calling this MY message, but I had nothing to with the origin of it.And I have no agenda what-so-ever regarding your response to it.As a life-long Adventist, I was surprised as you were by much of its content.Even though I suspected it was true in my heart, I was most personally hurt by Godís clear pronouncement that my beloved Ellen White was a false prophet.At one time I believed in her with all my heart and I did everything I could to promote her writings.But when God clearly speaks, I believe His words over hers.


There were many confirmations that message came from God.One of the most profound of these is that fact that God has revealed these truths to many Adventist leaders (ministers, conference presidents and others like myself).Many who have contradicted me have asked for names of these people, but Iím not at liberty to reveal them.Iím hoping, however, that they will soon come forward, as it would certainly be more convincing for you and to the Church as a whole.The reality is that some of those people have responded to this message simply by leaving the church.


Many people have said this message contradicts scripture, but the only thing that is being challenged are our Adventist interpretations of scripture that already conflict with mainstream Christianity, and other established historical facts.I believe God wants us to abandon the idea that we are more special than other Christians.He wants us to humbly be a part of the body of Christ, rather than those who attack and confuse the body; and arrogantly teach that we are better than the rest of the body because we are the remnant, the chosen people of God in the end times.


Christ hates the sin of pride and arrogance, He even goes on to set Himself against the proud, and we as a church are overflowing with these things.


It in not my job to defend what God has spoken.My only job is to deliver His message, which I have done.Now it is your job to decide what you are going to do with it.Be aware that once you have heard what God has said, you will be held accountable for it, also, you canít say you were never warned.Open your heart and fervently pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit, and if you do so sincerely, He will reveal that God has truly spoken these words.


This is our own message from God to our church.Cherish it and believe in it.Ē


In Christís Love,

Dr. Herschel Hughes


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From: Ron Beaulieu

To: contact@amessagefromgodtothesdachurch.com

Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 9:14 AM

Subject: Explanation


Dear Dr. Hughes,


When I asked what SDA leaders are teaching that is contrary to you message, I meant specifically regarding the conditions for salvation.  I am aware that you believe they are wrong in the Sanctuary message, Sabbath observance, that the church is the remnant, the Investigative judgement etc.  I mean conditions for salvation only.




Ron Beaulieu