Very Possible Impending Disaster

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PropheticSeerChannel just uploaded a video:

WATCH OUT EAST COASTERS! Dr Deagle guest says within one week canary Island to blow!


This is not the main island, but the effect of this erruption will hit the biggest volcano on La Palma!

La Palma is facing Tenerife Mount Teide volcano.

This is what will happen. (Scroll down to next page)

El Heirro is going to go over the next 48hrs

La Palma is now showing signs and will go 4wks after.

Mount Teide on Tenerife will also go.

All these are volcanic Islands within miles of each other.

The problem is La Palma. The rock is unstable and will collapse into the sea causing a super mega Tsunami which will hit lower Europe with the full force hitting the West coaste of the USA. More