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Unto the "city of the living God, mount Sion", "to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints": "Grace be with you, mercy, and peace, from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love."


As some of you already know, brother Ronald William Beaulieu died on September 10, 2019. at 7:05 AM. He fought a good fight, finished his course and kept the faith. Until he fell asleep, brother strived to be among the 144,000 while preparing the bride for the second coming of Jesus Christ. He sought no discharge from the warfare till he should lay off his armor at the feet of his Redeemer.


During our last conversation his greatest desire was to keep alive the true faith based on the weight of evidence formula. It was then that I received his blessing and approval to continue the work of the Omega Countdown Ministries. According to the grace of God which was given unto him, as a wise masterbuilder, he had laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. "For we are labourers together with God" and we know that "other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ."


The greatest proof of the R. W. Beaulieu's gift of prophecy was that his ministry was the ONLY MINISTRY IN THE WORLD with the truth on the personality of God and Christ, which is the most fundamental truth of Christianity. This enabled him to recognize Omega apostasy of the professing SDA "church," while the dumb dog leaders are still looking on but do not understand that the foundation of their faith was destroyed. This prophesied Omega new movement SDA apostasy removed God from it's midst by accepting and teaching that Christ did not come in the sinful human nature. This paved the way for the professing SDA once church adoption of the Trinity Doctrine in the 1980. By turning their backs toward the sanctuary, the promises of God will not be fulfilled upon them and they will be left unprotected when the destroying angels of Ezekiel 9 begin the slaughter. All who desire to get sealed by the man in linen MUST sigh and cry for the abominations done in the Jerusalem.


As the Holy Spirit lead me in my search for the present truth, He opened my mind so I could understand the truth on the Godhead and continue building the contingent chain of the truth. I have been in the Omega Countdown Ministries School of the Prophets. When it was time to start my own ministry, word of the Lord came to me instructing me to call myself "servant of God." Brother R. W. Beaulieu Has had a hyperlink of my Croatian site for almost a year and a half. My ministry is the branch of the Omega Countdown Ministry and is now the ONLY MINISTRY that teaches the truth on the most fundamental doctrine in all of God's Word – The Godhead. Name of my Croatian ministry is Posljednja Ponoćna Vika. Translated to English that would be Final Midnight Cry Ministry.


I was instructed I should refresh the memories of God's people. In brother Beaulieu's words:


"A friend in Croatia, Dejan Meznaric, reminded me of my vision written in 2015, on the Seven Trumpets, and upon re-reading that vision, I must defer that the seven trumpets do begin to occur as soon as the 144,000 are sealed and they are sealed before they give the Loud Cry; before the National Sunday Law. THIS IS THE ONLY VISION I HAVE HAD ON THE SEVEN TRUMPETS. ANYTHING ELSE I POSTED ON THE SEVEN TRUMPETS I DID NOT CLAIM AS BEING A VISION. I HAD NO VISION ON THE TRUMPETS ON APRIL 1, 2018, AS THE FALSE CHARTERS ARE NOW CLAIMING. (As of April 6, 2018)."


God made a servant out of me to give the people of God meat in due season, acting as a swift messenger. Swift messengers are to receive means to take their warning message to the church and the world. We were instructed:


"Since the 1980’s, Omega Countdown Ministries has been conducting a School of the Prophets. That is what Elijah did. That is what John the Baptist did. That is what Jesus did. That is what Ellen and James White did. The training we have provided is free of charge. The Bible says: Freely ye have received, freely give. Because we train missionaries free of charge, we need your support in order to support men and women in various ports the world over who are willing to give themselves full time to the dissemination of the final message to the world. We pray that the Holy Spirit will impress you to contribute to this endeavor to prepare a bride for Jesus Christ, and give His gospel to the world.


There are ministries that are proposing to do this work, but they charge thousands of dollars in tuition fees and many who have willing spirits to engage the work don’t have the means for expensive training. That is why our ministry provides all necessary knowledge and training free of charge. Not only do other ministries charge thousands of dollars for tuition for their training services, they are not teaching the truth on the Godhead. They are teaching that women’s ordination and the LGBT is the worst abomination in the church and the world today. Those abominations cannot begin to approach the real worst abomination which involves the Omega Heresy involving the Godhead, the Trinity Doctrine, which sweeps away the entire Christian economy. The Alpha involved the personality of God and Christ, so the most important part of the Omega must involve the same, as well as all the other apostasies that wax stronger until Jesus comes.


God knew what the SDA church would do in 1980, and before the General Conference World Session adopted the Trinity Doctrine, the truth on the Godhead was given to this ministry through the gift of prophecy. God had His messengers trained in the truth before such serious omega apostacy. J. Wilfred Johnson was taught the truth on the Godhead in vision before the 1980 Omega heresy committed by the church, and my ministry has continued the teaching of that truth with greater insights given me in vision that have made it clearer and more simply understood.


Again, friend, we need your support in order to furnish free instruction and financial support to willing and aspiring evangelists in addition to those we have already established in the world field. Give to the ministry that has the priorities concerning the abominations we are to sigh and cry for in their proper order, for the Godhead is the most fundamental doctrine in all of God’s Word. He that thinketh he stands, take heed lest he fall. Those who assume the role of John the Baptist, must also exhibit the humility of John the Baptist.


Please support our ministry which has taught the truth on the omega heresy since the 1980’s. God has shown me that those who support this pure truth final message, will be greatly blessed. God has also shown me that He cannot bless any who are either not teaching the truth on the Godhead at all, or teach a false rendition that is just as evil in implications as the Trinity Doctrine. Please remember our world ministry in your prayers and in your tithe and offerings."


Many people of God are wondering what should they do with their tithes and offerings. As you know, ministers of God do not receive pension because they have themselves asked for membership removal or were removed by the apostate SDA new movement. They depend on the support from their brothers and sisters. It is the same with minister's widows. Brother R. W. Beaulieu's wife is now a widow. The gift of God to his church, the Spirit of Prophecy, has left us with these instructions:


"Let us remember that God is a God of justice and equity. There would today be many more ministers in the field, but they are not encouraged to labor. Many workers have gone into the grave heart-broken because they had grown old and could see that they were looked upon as a burden. But had they been retained in the work, and given an easy place, with a whole or part of their wages, they might have accomplished much good. During their term of labor these men have done double labor. They felt so heavy a burden for souls that they had no desire to be relieved of overwork. The heavy burdens borne shortened their lives. The widows of these ministers are never to be forgotten, but should, if necessary, be paid from the tithe." {Echoes June 21, 1905, par. 6}


Until further notice, all the questions on where to send the support in tithes and offerings should be sent to: - Shirley Beaulieu


We also accept free will offerings of every man that giveth it willingly with his heart, for the Omega School of the Prophets and establishing more people to work in the Lord's vineyard. God will bless any such unselfish giver for he is advancing the Lord's cause.


God wants his people to know that he did not leave them blind to stumble in the dark. The Great Controversy is not yet over and He has promised gift of prophecy to his church till the end of the time. We will continue with the mission of preparing the bride for the second coming. We are building the temple and God has show us in vision that this starts with the pillars of the faith. God used this period to test his people; to show them that they need his leadership; to show them that they are not ready and to stimulate his people to a higher degree of self-sacrifice and soul searching. He would like his people to better understand the words of Jesus, "for without me ye can do nothing." John 15:5.


I will be glad to answer any questions you might have. Contact me at this email:


2Pt 1:12 "Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth."


In the name of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob


Dejan Meznarić