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Connecting some dots about Oct 1st




Post this before the internet gets shut down on us.


I just connected some important dots.....things happening on Oct 1st, NEXT WEEK!


1)   Oct 1st: Basel II Banking reforms required to be completed by US banks.....requiring
them to have more capital to be in line with European banks.....which are already
compliant....no doubt this will cause a stock market collapse reminiscent of 1929's.....which was also caused by the banksters.

2)   Oct 1st: Bush will deploy US Army HERE IN THE UNITED STATES.....for Martial Law!


This is NEXT WEEK folks!.....and yes, expect the Internet to be taken down at or
near the same time to end "alternative viewpoint" communication (to end
free speech) during martial law.






This is NO Rumor!!






Date: Thursday, 25 September 2008, 8:33 a.m. Why the Crooks (Fed) are in a Panicked


Why the big panicked rush to pass the bailout? Two clues:


1.)   the U.S. fiscal year ENDS on Sept. 30th and a NEW one starts on Oct. 1st. and
2.) The Basel-II deadline for U.S. banks to be "Basel-II compliant," originally
Sept. 1st, must surely come due on Oct. 1st, 2008.


Basel-II compliant banks in Europe and elsewhere will be forbidden to do business
with non-compliant banks in the U.S., effectively bringing the non-compliant banks


from Wiki:


A fiscal quarter is 3 months (1/4 of a year). For example, the United States government
fiscal year for 2008 ("FY08", sometimes written "FY07-08") is as follows:


* 1st Quarter: October 1, 2007 - December 31, 2007

* 2nd Quarter: January 1, 2008 - March 31, 2008

* 3rd Quarter: April 1, 2008 - June 30, 2008

* 4th Quarter: July 1, 2008 - September 30, 2008


The U.S. government's fiscal year begins on October 1 of the previous calendar
year and ends on September 30 of the year with which it is numbered.




Also from Wiki:


Basel II is the second of the Basel Accords, which are recommendations on banking
laws and regulations issued by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The purpose
of Basel II, which was initially published in June 2004, is to create an international
standard that banking regulators can use when creating regulations about how much
capital banks need to put aside to guard against the types of financial and operational
risks banks face.


Advocates of Basel II believe that such an international standard can help protect
the international financial system from the types of problems that might arise should
a major bank or a series of banks collapse. In practice, Basel II attempts to accomplish
this by setting up rigorous risk and capital management requirements designed to
ensure that a bank holds capital reserves appropriate to the risk the bank exposes
itself to through its lending and investment practices.


Generally speaking, these rules mean that the greater risk to which the bank is
exposed, the greater the amount of capital the bank needs to hold to safeguard its
solvency and overall economic stability.




On July 16, 2008 The federal banking and thrift agencies ( The Board of Governors
of the Federal Reserve System; the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; the Office
of the Comptroller of the Currency, and; the Office of Thrift Supervision) issued
a final guidance outlining the supervisory review process for the banking institutions
that are implementing the new advanced capital adequacy framework (known as Basel
II). The final guidance, relating to the supervisory review, is aimed at helping
banking institutions meet certain qualification requirements in the advanced approaches
rule, which took effect on April 1, 2008. http://www.occ.gov/ftp/release/2008-81a.pdf




The European Union has already implemented the Accord via the EU Capital Requirements Directives and many European banks already report their capital adequacy ratios according to the new system. All the credit institutions will adopt it by 2008.




Apparently a 90-day extension was given for U.S. banks to get their books in order.
That extension expires on Sept. 30th so by Oct. 1st U.S. banks MUST be compliant


I would guess that the REAL REASON for the sudden big PANIC and RUSH has to do with these deadlines. Nothing else makes sense. And the blaming of "bad mortgages"
for the whole mess is totally disingenuous.




Basel-II has been a long time coming, and NOW is the due date.


If we consider C. Story's reports we realize that major U.S. banks have been
involved for years in illegal off-the-books hanky panky involving vast sums (trillions)
from various trusts. I think Basel-II would put an end to that.


Take a look at Story's report about this at:






The US Dark Forces led by Godfather Bush Sr., George Bush 43, Mk-Ultra ('Himmler')
Cheney, the 'late' Henry M. Paulson, the late Robert M. Kimmitt, and their
collaborators and partners in High Crimes and Misdemeanours, former President William
Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodomski Clinton, have been desperately seeking, with
the enthusiastic assistance of their co-conspirator Robert Rubin at Citibank, and
the other US criminal financial institutions led by the CIA's Bank of America,
to torpedo the implementation of Basel II, since it defangs their corruption at
the source, causing the criminal kleptocracy immense problems for the future.




Summary: the panic of Paulson, Bernanke, Bush, Cheney is because their crimes are
close to being exposed. Those congressmen who have been bribed to ignore these crimes
are also in a panic.


Sorcha must be reading George Ure's UrbanSurvival website about webbot predictions
of a major calamity to hit on Oct 7th. Personally, I think we are in our major
economic calamity right now!....its a slow train wreck but its a wreck!




September 16, 2008


US To Declare October ‘Economic Emergency’, Suspend Elections



The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) is reporting in the
Kremlin today that the Bank of England has received from the United States Federal
Reserve Bank a ‘notice’ that President Bush is preparing to declare an ‘Economic
Emergency’ during the week of October 5th and will further announce that the American
Presidential election due to be held on November 4th will be ‘indefinitely suspended’.


These reports state that the Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, had expressed
his ‘shock and outrage’ to his American counterparts at the US Federal Reserve after
the catastrophic collapse of one of the largest financial banks in the World, Lehman
Brothers, and which caused both the Band of England and the European Central Bank
to rush $42 billion into the European economy yesterday to keep it from collapsing,
and their own banks from running out of money, necessitating the response from the
US Central Bank leader Ben S. Bernanke.


As Prime Minister Putin had previously warned, and as we had reported on in our
September 13th report “Hurricane Ike To Completely Destroy United States, Says Putin”,
the horrific hurricane storm that has devastated the State of Texas, and where a
humanitarian crisis is presently unfolding, has, indeed, proved to be the proverbial
‘straw that broke the camels back’ as the catastrophic damage from this storm raced
beyond the Gulf of Mexico coast and ravaged the heartland of America to such an
extent that the Governors of Ohio and Kentucky have declared States of Emergency
as millions have been left without power.


The significance of this historic storm damage to the American economy, these reports
say, led to the unprecedented pressures put upon the World’s largest insurance company
American International Group (AIG) and its halt in negotiations, during a rare Sunday
meeting in New York, to support the near bankrupt Lehman Brothers on Sunday, but
which was then allowed to collapse and is now threatening to also destroy AIG itself.


Not being explained to the American people is that AIG, the World’s largest player
in the $45 Trillion derivatives market, during the past two weeks had bet heavily
on the World Markets against the damage from Hurricane Ike exceeding $2 billion
in property damage, lost oil and gasoline production, lost wages and payments to
companies forced to close, etc., it is obligated to pay, but which the actual damages
are now being estimated will exceed $1 Trillion as the damages throughout the United
States are finally tallied.


[Note: Derivatives are financial instruments whose value changes in response to
the changes in underlying variables. The main types of derivatives are futures,
forwards, options, and swaps. The main use of derivatives is to reduce risk for
one party.]


Such a calamitous action by AIG has basically shattered the Western economic system,
and as we can read as reported by The Australian Business News Service in their
article titled “Global banks brace for derivative blow-up”, and which says:


“So here we are on the morning of D Day. The world's major couterparties on
the $US455 trillion derivatives market go into technical default and no one is sure
what is going to happen.


Lehman Bros yesterday formally petitioned the State Bankruptcy Court of the Southern
District Court of New York for Chapter 11 protection.


Lehman would also have filed what are called "first day motions", which
allow the bank to pay salaries and wages, while it continues to market its non-toxic,
broker-dealer operations and work out what on earth to do with its highly toxic
$US53 billion residential and commercial mortgage portfolio.


But, as scary and Spartan as it might sound, failure is as essential to the workings
of an effective marketplace as is success.


Which means only that, given this shattered, battle-weary investment bank is unable
to find itself a new owner or think its own way through the current calamitous circumstances,
then one of the legendary brands of Wall Street should be left to fail.


In a weekend of unprecedented drama, the Fed seems to have been forced to play Solomon
and choose between Merrill Lynch and Lehman. Both were facing mortal threat. But
it seems only one could survive intact.”


Even worse for the American people during this unprecedented crisis is that one
of their top economic experts, Wilbur Ross, chairman and CEO of WL Ross & Co,
is now warning that over 1,000 US banks are nearing collapse, and one of their top
economists, Nouriel Roubini, of NYU's Stern School and RGE Monitor, is further
warning that “there is already a "slow-motion run on retail banks" occurring


Russian Military Analysts commenting on these reports state that though it is unlikely
that the American President can suspend US elections solely on the basis of an Economic
Emergency alone, it is entirely probable that he could do so should their Nation
suffer another 9/11 type attack, and which they ‘cryptically’ observe could place
as early as September 22nd as American Military Forces begin to conduct their World-Wide tests of their new nuclear alert system as they conduct another test of their so-called
Star Wars Missile Defense System.


It should be further noted that as their once great Nation continues sliding towards
the abyss of total ruin, these American people still refuse to acknowledge the substance
of the many warnings being issued to them from all corners of the World as if even
with eyes and ears they do not see and do not hear anything other than what they
are programmed for by their masters.


How sad for these people, how much sadder for the rest of us these people are now
all but lost.


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and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government
and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one. No interviews are granted and
very little personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources,
to protect their safety.]


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Subj: Bailout Outrage Races Across the Web: Consequently Web to be Attacked...


Hmmmm.....a thought just occurred to me......Will the Internet (and free speech)
be taken down this weekend???


Payback for flooding CONgress for "Hell, No! to bail-out/give-away" this
past week.


Without the internet......how would we have free speech? Game would be over for
the sheeples. Hmmm.....just wondering if the one of the impending false flag terrorist
attacks will be to cripple the internet.


We'll see....




Bailout Outrage Races Across the Web
The Internet is flooded with angst about Treasury Secretary Paulson's proposed
$700 billion bailout—and inspiring old-fashioned street protests