John the Baptist's Baptism and the Recent Cave Discovery

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Dear Folks,

This is my response to an item on ABC's evening news tonight. I invite you
to forward this to your friends--and also to ABC.

God bless,

Forwarded Message:
Subj: John's Baptism Date: 8/17/2004 8:52:08 PM Central Daylight Time
From: _CAllenDoudna_ (mailto:CAllenDoudna) To: _netaudr@abc.com_

Dear World News with Peter Jennings:

This evening, August 17, 2004 you aired a piece about a cave where you
report John the Baptist performed his baptisms. You should have at least opened a

1) Matthew 3:6. John baptized in the Jordan River, not in a cave.

2) Mark 1:9. Jesus was baptized in the Jordan.

3) Luke 3:7. Multitudes came to John to be baptized. Multitudes cannot fit
in a small cave. They had to be outside on the banks of the Jordan River.

4) John 1:28. The location was the east side of the Jordan well east of
Jerusalem, not your cave west of Jerusalem.

These are obvious passages and not difficult at all to find.

You might also have bothered to familiarize yourself with the millions
of Evangelical Christians who baptize by immersion. Some of them are even
called the Baptist Church which should have caught your attention had you
bothered to investigate at all. They would have told you that "baptize" comes
from the Greek word "baptizo" which means "I dunk under water", "I sink", "I

You should also have sent some of your archeologists to Europe. They would
very quickly have told you that as recently as the 1300s Christian churches
still had baptistries large enough to completely immerse an adult under water.

I am really amazed you would show such great ignorance of such a common and
easily investigated topic.


C. Allen Doudna
Grand Island, Nebraska