What Laval Picard Teaches on Matthew 22 and New Movement Adventism

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Dear Reader, 

That you might know the teachings and the methods of one Laval Picard, I am posting this letter Laval wrote to Paul Tulla, the Tunisian professor. Laval has misrepresented my character on SDA Internet forums based on one meeting with me in the 1980ís. He misaccused both me and my father of things that are totally untrue. When he could not disprove my message, he began to attack me. Here is his message to Paul Tulla.


Laval Picard <forerunner000@yahoo.ca> wrote:

Dear professor, a friend of mine just made me aware of some letters you wrote to Omega Countdown Ministries. I know Ron Beaulieu personally. I met him some13 years after I graduated from theology in 1981. I am not writing to you to defend the church in any way, shape, or form, for I myself have been aware of the leaders' rejection of the 1888 most precious message and of the compromises the leaders of the GC made with the Evangelicals in the 1950s. I know what Ron is talking about when he makes reference to the "new movement" as far as what they did with the pillars of our faith in order for our denomination to be recognized as a Christian denomination and no longer as a cult.  I am convinced that since 1957 the present organization is that "new movement" Mrs. White warned us about and which tolerates no opposition. 1 S.M.204,205. I came to an understanding of this before I met Ron Beaulieu.

Ron teaches that the church has sealed her rejection of God's mercy. But doesn't it stand to reason that in order for that to happen the leaders of the church must reject the latter rain message when it is proclaimed one more time, for the last time, in demonstration of the Spirit and power of God? That hasn't taken place yet, or has it? Before the crucifixion, the leaders of the Jews rejected the first call to repent and to accept the Gospel. Christ sent the twelve and the seventy with the message, "The time is fulfilled. Repent, and believe the Gospel." Mark 1:15. But the message was made light of. C.O.L.308. Then Christ was crucified. And yet after the crucifixion, which was the ultimate apostasy, the Lord poured out the Holy Spirit in the fullness of divine light and love and power upon the disciples to offer pardon to those who were responsible for the crucifixion. This was the last call, not a call to come out of the Jewish church but once again it was a call to repent and believe the Gospel. But the call was not heeded and the leaders of the church turned upon the bearers of the message. There was a great persecution. The disciples were forced out of the Jewish church and then they turned to the Gentiles. This was the third call of the parable. This is the prefigure. This parable has a double meaning. When Jesus spoke it, His was looking down the ages, His eye was fixed upon our time! It was spoken more for us than for the Jews. 1 Cor.10:11.

When the leaders repudiated the pillars of our faith in 1957, they "crucified" the messages. This was the "omega" of apostasy. But before it is all said and done, the church is to receive another call, a final call, just as the Jews received another opportunity to repent and to accept the Gospel after crucifying the Messiah, and that was the "omega" of apostasy at the time. If this call is resisted again and the bearers of that last message of mercy are persecuted as the disciples of old were, then the church will seal her rejection of God's mercy and "persecution will spread the message" (D.A.354) and it will swell into the loud cry to the world. This is the third call of the parable.

The time after the crucifixion was a time of "added probation" for the Jewish people. See C.O.L.218.  Jesus left the temple just before His crucifixion, saying, "Your house is left unto you desolate." Ron uses that as evidence that it was all over for the Jewish church then. But in Christ's Object Lessons, p.308, 309, we read that it was not until the rejection of the second call which came after Pentecost in A.D.34 that the Jewish church sealed her rejection of God's mercy.  Please, brother, read these pages again, 307-310 and you will see that Pentecost was the second and final call to the Jewish Church and that call ended in A.D.34, not at the crucifixion as Ron claims. Then they were forced to turn to the Gentiles, this was the third call of the parable.

This parable had another fulfilment for the Adventist Church beginning in 1844 when Jesus passed from the Holy to the Most Holy Place. Jesus went to the Wedding. G.C.427.  But the marriage was not consummated. Because of unbelief on the part of God's professed people. See The Great Controversy, p.457,458. Therefore, the Lord sent His servants to call the bidden ones (Adventists) to the marriage. The first call was sent to the church in 1888. It began in 1888 and ended in 1901. The call was rejected. 1 S.M.234,235. In 1901 the Lord sent this testimony: "We may have to remain in this world because of our insubordination many more years as did the children of Israel." Evangelism, p.696. This first call of the parable was resisted by the Advent people as the parable predicted it would be, just as it was rejected by the Jewish people in the first fulfilment before the crucifixion of Christ. This meant that before the church would seal her final rejection, it would require another call, the final call, which is the second call as shown in the parable. But between the first call and the second call, there is a crucifixion. The crucifixion took place when, in 1957, we "crucified" the messages, the pillars of our faith. We held 18 conferences with the leaders of "the churches which have taken sides with the first great apostate." 1 S.M.222. Therefore, the next event in the unrolling of the prophetic scroll is the second call of the parable and that will be the final call to the SDA church. If that call is rejected and the bearers of the message are persecuted, the church will seal her rejection of God's mercy and the bearers of the message will be forced to go out to the Gentiles, that is, to the world, and the message will swell into the loud cry. This means that the "new movement" will have gone beyond the point of no return and probation will have closed for the church as it did for the Jewish church in A.D.34.

I am telling you all of this because I sincerely believe that Ron is going ahead of the Lord regarding the last day events portrayed in the parable. By teaching that the church sealed her rejection of God's mercy when they compromised our pillars, when they "crucified" the messages of the three angels in 1957, he is confusing the crucifixion (omega of apostasy) with the second call. The second call has not yet come. It will come with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon men and women of God's own choosing, men and women whom the Lord is now preparing by having them removed from the assemblies of men to teach them the latter rain message. When they are finally prepared to give this message, the Lord will bring them out in the open and they will proclaim the last message of mercy to the Adventist people. This will be the church's last opportunity to receive the only message which, if received, believed, and acted upon, will enable the people to fulfil their God-given mission.

But we may know that, as in the first fulfilment with the Jewish people, this call will not only be rejected but the bearers of the message will be character assassinated. But nevertheless the message must go to the church first so that in the judgement the people will see that the Lord in His great mercy gave them another opportunity to repent and to believe the 1888 Gospel of the righteousness of Christ through faith in His all-sufficient merits.

I believe the above to be the truth and nothing but the truth.

Furthermore, Ron teaches some strange things about the Holy Spirit. It is not my intention to go into any detail regarding this but suffice it to say that He teaches that the form of God which Christ relinquished before His incarnation has now become the Holy Spirit and in that way Christ has sacrificed His omnipotence and omnipresence for ever and ever. Something of that nature.

Ron also used the geographical method of interpretation to identify who the kings of the east are, what the River Euphrates is, and where the battle of Armageddon will be fought in these last days. This is wrong for the simple reason that the book of Revelation is THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST. Therefore, it is the Gospel method of interpretation that must be used here to decipher these symbolic names in the Revelation. Mrs. White used that method and not the geographical method. In The Great Controversy, p.635,636, 655,656, it is clear that she did to explain the drying up of the "waters" that support Babylon the Great in these last days. These waters are a symbol of all the peoples of this earth who will pay homage to the beast and its image in these last days. The symbolic name for these "waters" is Euphrates. At the time of the fifth plague, as the wicked are about to slay the saints, thick darkness will fall upon the earth and they will lose sight of the saints and then the rainbow from the throne of God will span the heavens and hover over the people of God. It is then that the "waters" of Rev.17:15, whose symbolic name is Euphrates (Rev.16:16)  will be dried up. The wicked will see that they have been deceived and they will fall at the feet of the saints and acknowledge that God has loved them. But then they will get back on their feet and start accusing one another for being lost forever but all will agree to put the blame on the ministers and the leading men for having preached smooth things to them. They will turn upon them with rage and will tear them apart. This is the drying up of the river Euphrates which will prepare the way for Jesus and the saints which are with Him, to return. These are the true kings of the east. And this is the true battle of Armageddon when Christ will be the Victor. He will give the wicked to the sword. This is the sixth plague.

Ron teaches that the battle of Armageddon will take place in the middle east across from the ancient river Euphrates. He says that the nations of the east, Russia, China, Japan, India, and the Arab nations will be pitted against the western nations. The battle is to be fought in the valley of Megiddo, in the plains of Esdraelon.

But this cannot be true since Mrs. White identified the river Euphrates as the "angry multitudes" who at the time of the sixth plagues will turn their backs on Babylon and destroy her with fire.

There are other things Ron teaches that I believe are wrong. His is a mixture of truth and error. So I pray that before you commit yourself to this ministry, that you will pray like you have never prayed before. I myself joined an independent ministry from 1983 to 1987. I learned a lot from that independent ministry but they too were teaching that the last call had been given to the church. But where is the latter rain and loud cry?

I hope this helped you a bit, somehow.

I know Ron personally. I could tell you some things about him as a person, but I will refrain from doing this at this point. My concern at this point is to focus on what he teaches more than what his character is like.

May God bless you and keep you,

looking forward to hearing from you,

your brother in the faith,



p.s. I have written a few booklets. Three of them are dealing with the 1888 message in a fashion i am almost 100% sure you have never heard of before, all based on the writings of Mrs.White. If you wish, I will mail them to you at no cost so you can have a close look at them. Ron liked them so much that he posted them on his website. Thats what he told me anyway.