The Role of Maitreya?

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From: Ron Beaulieu


Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2010 11:03 AM

Subject: Re: [AdventistHotIssues] Re: Jesus HAS RETURNED!!!


Brother Steve,


As a teenager in Florida, I saw full page newspaper ads advertising the coming of Maitreya so it is not a hoax! Satan will attempt to kill all who separate from his agenda. Thus the "crime" of Sabbath-keeping will finally be met with a death decree for it will be a separation from Satan's delegated day of worship--Sunday.


Please suggest items about Maitreya that you would deem important to put on my Website and I will include them. Maitreya will be the "god" of all non-Christian religions. Satan will "appear" as a different "god" to all factions.









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From: Steve


Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 4:10 PM

Subject: [AdventistHotIssues] Jesus HAS RETURNED!!!


Yes it's true and the Master is working hand in hand with lord says satanic website Share International's Benjamin Creme. They think that Jesus is just one of maitreya's disciples. So....maitreya is not only equal to God but above??!!!? BLASPHEMY!! A Pharisee should strike them in the mouth!


The CLAIMS by Maitreya are growing BOLDER EVERYDAY!  Jesus is OPENLY MOCKED and his divinity and position degraded and lowered. Where are all the articles exposing Maitreya?.....everybody is too busy with world events while the anti-Christ RISES PREACHING THAT SEPARATION IS CRIME and threatening those who disagree that they will soon PERISH! (Brotherhood by the master:  ). The prelude to Sunday Law is clearly eluded to by maitreya in no uncertain terms, separation is crime, and hence unity ( in Sunday worship of course) and sharing (an old communist experiment by the illuminati) are the GRAND SOLUTIONS by the master!!!!!!!!!


For over 30 years Benjamin Creme has preached the coming of.....satan! Now, FINALLY, MAITREYA has boldly stepped forward to deride and insult Jesus and to proclaim the soon announcement of the Day of Declaration; a gigantic ginormous mass brainwashing hypnosis of the world population to INITIATE them into satanism, simultaneously gloryfying the devil and sealing them with the Mark of the Beast!


PAY ATTENTION!! Benjamin Creme has already hinted the Day of Declaration WILL BE ON A SUNDAY!!!!!


Q. You say that the Day of Declaration will happen throughout the world simultaneously? Will it be during the daytime? At night? Will it be the same time whether it is day or night in some places?


A. Exactly. Maitreya lives in London. Now, it may happen that Maitreya will decide that it will be, let's say for example, on a Sunday at three o'clock in the afternoon, perhaps. In Tokyo that would be about 11pm; that's not too bad. In some places like Australia and New Zealand people will have to get up at 3am. In some places people will have to set their alarm clocks or stay awake. They will have to work out when it will be for them, locally. It depends on where you live.




Help at hand


Dear Editor,


(1)   One morning in a coffee shop I saw a little old native woman with few teeth and gleaming eyes. I was at a rough point financially and afterwards found a wad of cash with the exact amount for my rent! Who was she?

(2)   My car battery had died and no one was around when all of a sudden a really nice looking gentleman with yellowy eyes came forward to save the day. By his presence I knew he was special: a light-skinned black man with a little greying hair, odd clothes. We had no jumper cables so he took his battery out of his orange Plymouth and somehow started my car. Who was he? (3) I printed out the `hand' of Maitreya sometime ago, and now I notice a face in the palm. Is that coincidence?

K.L., Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.


(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that (1) the `old woman' and (2) the `nice looking gentleman' were both the Master Jesus. (3) The face on the `hand' is an illusion.)


Meeting of minds


Dear Editor,


I was with my boss in a restaurant on 14 January 2010, we were eating lunch and talking about Jesus and spirituality. My boss is Christian and sometimes doesn't see that we can have many ways to reach God. I just said what I feel and said: If Jesus is so high a being he certainly doesn't see if we are Christians, Muslims, Atheists and so on. He just loves us as brothers. In that moment I saw a man, not so tall, but he seemed to me very "big". He was looking into my eyes so fixedly. I was only thinking this is very weird, and that I didn't see him before when we came in, and suddenly he was going out. From that moment our talking was different, my boss seemed to understand that Christianity isn't the only way and also found out that I saw in my heart the same things as he did.


Was that person Master Jesus or Maitreya, or my experience was influenced by my soul which inspired me in that conversation?


N.M., Vendryne, Czech Republic.


(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the man was the Master Jesus.)


Lost property service


Dear Editor,


I was waiting at a bus stop to go to work. As usual I walked up and down, looking in the shop windows. Suddenly, I noticed on the narrow window shelf of an ironmonger's just by the bus stop, a glove, which looked to be carefully and neatly placed, just fitting the space. With a second look and a bit of a start I realized it looked just like mine I felt in my pocket and found I had only one glove. I took it out and it matched the other, it was indeed mine. I quickly put on the glove, slightly embarrassed. It was odd because I hadn't passed that shop earlier and the night before had walked along the other side of the road. I had a fleeting sense that the glove had been placed there as if waiting for me to spot it in my usual morning waiting place. Could it be true that I had been helped, even about something so small, as I had been before with my absent-mindedness?


P.P., London, UK.


(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms the glove was found and placed there by the Master Jesus.)