Dr. Walter Martin's First Question

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Dear Reader,

After Dr. Martin and company sat down with our brethren, the first question to us was this: "What do you folk believe about the trinity?" (Adventists and the Trinity, Sept. 8, 1983 by Roy Allen Anderson, the representative of the church who was asked the first question.)

After the brethren successfully satisfied the Evangelicals on that question, which took some doing, the other questions were perfunctory in answer to that first question primarily that kept us out of Martin's popular cult book "Kingdom of the Cults."

I have read that Anderson and Froom got together the Ellen White statements on the Godhead that appear in Evangelism 615-16, to try to establish that she believed and taught the trinity doctrine. They did the same with a few statements about the human nature of Christ, in order to try and establish that she believed Christ took the nature of Adam before the fall. Both of these attempts are the worst examples of scholarship among supposed professionals that I have ever witnessed. They took only a few statements to try to prove each stance by Ellen White, to the total neglect of other statements which would have been totally contradictory to what these men concluded that Ellen White taught on either subject. They also added the word trinity to paragraph headings in the book Evangelism, because the White Estate says that Ellen White never used the term.

Ron Beaulieu