The Imminent Pestilenceó

Slaughter of the Masses

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You REALLY need to read this!


Ellen White said in regard to a pestilence:

     "What we have seen and heard of the pestilence, is but the beginning of what we shall see and hear. Soon the dead and dying will be all around us. I saw that some will be so hardened, as to even make sport of the judgments of God. Then the slain of the Lord will be from one end of the earth, to the other; they will not be lamented, gathered, nor buried; but their ill savor will come up from the face of the whole earth. Those only who have the seal of the living God, will be sheltered from the storm of wrath, that will soon fall on the heads of those who have rejected the truth." {RH, September 1, 1849 par. 10} In Hope, E. G. White, {RH, September 1, 1849 par. 11} 


Spiritually, there is one antidote: Obedience to God's commandments so as to be within God's hedge of protection. He cannot protect you if you are violating His commandments. Physically, there is one natural preparation called OREGAMAX and Wild Oil of Oregano, that will kill all known viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungus. OREGAMAX is the dried plant and is 16 times more potentómore bang for your buck. You can purchase it on-line or in most health food stores. I have taken this product for almost five years now and have had no flu or colds in that time.


There is no antidote for ethylene dibromide poisoning:


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There is no proven
antidote for ethylene dibromide poisoning. ... Can ethylene dibromide poisoning be treated? There is no antidote for ethylene dibromide ... - Similar

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EDB is also a potent carcinogen. <BR>There is no antidote for Ethylene Dibromide exposure.<BR><a href=""Atmospheric ...;jsessionid=kf97u349g5...s?... - Cached