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From: Christine Guardo

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Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2008 7:51 PM

Subject: [TheAdventTimes] Just received this...You all need to read what is truly happening and get ready for the Crisis..


I got this from a personal friend and was told to pass it along..I know the person who sent this...Here is her email....

Christine G. (Please read below)

Heard yesterday from a friend up in Kalama (on I-5 past  Vancouver and Woodland going North incase you don't know where it is) some interesting stuff. They were going to go up to Fountain View or wherever Walter Veith is this week end, and meet and hear him in person.  They got up past Centralia and were involved in a 5 car pile up.  Had been a fatality much earlier in the day with an 18 wheeler and a small car and still some residual from that I guess.  Slick roads and all sorts of stuff. They called me and told me about it as we were just finishing getting the PUD ready for today.  Right behind them in the accident was a military transport with machine guns at alert manned by military in full dress behind the guns pointing out at the traffic and etc.!!!!   (we heard under  military law did we not just a couple of days ago?


Anyway, no one in that pile up even needed a bandaid, but of course all the firemen and ambulance drivers are out in full force.  Well, when the guy came to Roger and told him he needed to check them over for injuries, he told them they were not hurt and not going anywhere.  They went back and forth a little and the guy told Roger he needed to sign this paper.  Roger refused, and the guy persisted and insisted.  Roger still refused and asked WHY they needed to sign anything.  The fella replied, 'Because we are under full military alert'!  And went on his way.  Well, Roger pondered a little and since they could go nowhere for a while in this mess (their car was totaled), he went over and asked the guy why he said that we are under full military alert, and his reply was ,' I never said that!!'  Others had heard as well.   Consequently, they were waiting for a ride home and decided maybe they are supposed to be HERE today and are planning to come (in one of their other cars).  Hope they make it safe.  They had wanted to hear Bob anyway, but they are friends and are always at his meetings and had thought it would be nice to go to BC for Walter Veith while we can still travel.
Just before they left to be on the road to BC, Joyce was checking some things on the Internet and found information that the banks MAY close TODAY (October 4)...for up to 3 weeks or ATM, no checks, no credit card activity.....?????  That would be reason enough to have the full military alert going on if they DO indeed close and no one knew (or not many) and no cash on hand.  And what good cash anyway if no trucks will be able to run and deliver food stuffs to the stores and ......get the scenario?  I could not get out to let anyone know with my Internet down.  I think it safe to be prepared INCASE since everything else we have been hearing on the Internet is coming to pass in QUICK succession so far.  And if they do not, it is answer to prayer.  Stopped and talked with our State Farm gals yesterday and had prayer with them.  Great gals, and listening to what is happening and explanations of how things are fulfilling prophecy.   We all HOPE this is no the case yet.....but we know the final movements will be rapid ones, and the government is going to do something to cause riots so they can put us under martial law.  We just do not know how and when but I think it is close!  I pray the angels hold back the winds of strife a little longer.  I think we all have heart work to do with the Lord before Jesus breaks through the clouds!
Gotta run along and get myself ready for the day.  Take care and you are in our prayers...with love,