The Perfect Manner for Conducting Church Service

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Dear Reader,

The following is a post I read by an individual on an SDA internet group. I believe that it serves as a perfect model for a mode of worship. The only think I would add is Ellen White’s instruction as to the proper mode of church service below:

 "There are times when it is fitting for our ministers to give on the Sabbath, in our churches, short discourses, full of the life and love of Christ. But the church members are not to expect a sermon every Sabbath....Let the church members, during the week, act their part faithfully, and on the Sabbath relate their experience. The meeting will then be as meat in due season, bringing to all present new life and fresh vigor.. When God's people see the great need of working as Christ worked for the conversion of sinners, the testimonies borne by them in the Sabbath service will be filled with power. With joy the will tell of the precious experience they have gained in working for others." Testimonies, Vol. 7, p. 19.


Internet SDA Group Testimony—A Good Model to Follow

In fact it is happening every Sabbath here in North Dakota. No formal church service, no one leader etc. We all discuss whatever topic anyone wants to bring up, Bible or last day events. It is very fluid we have lunch and then more discussions.  We have time for prayer and songs whenever someone feels the desire.  Nothing prearranged and scheduled out. No one is afraid to ask questions and to interject thoughts or scriptures.
We do not have "sermons" someone will just say that they would like to talk about a topic or that they have a question about a topic and the whole groups gets involved.
The kids are asked to respond and to give us "old" people their thoughts and insights. You should see the looks on their faces when adults ask them for their thoughts.
The fellowship is wonderful, out of all the churches that I have been to over the years nothing comes close to this fellowship and this type of study.
We have 12 year-olds looking at the meaning of words either Greek or Hebrew, then comparing that meaning with what the words mean in today's language and loving every minute of it. New doors are opened to the children and adults alike.
We have no names or titles for there is no need in such things. End


Another good model was proved by Dave Westbrook. Go to the following link and scroll down to the link entitled Worship Wars in Adventism. Download by right clicking on the icon and save. Ron