Reestablishment of  Mosaic Law Temple Worship Economy and the Final Destruction of Romanism

Eze 7:19 They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

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  Foreword: The Bible speaks of a time when silver and gold will be worthless. That time may be a bit closer than some invision. In their innate hate for the whore (Rome), Rev. 17, the 10 horned beast, the ten world divisions of the Kingdom of Free Masons, feigns that the Roman monetary system is the cause of all corruption and intend to return us to the Mosaic economy whereby we will be given barter credits   for work performed and nothing else so that no one but the elite, ruling class will deal in currency of gold and silver and these commodities will be outlawed for all others. This way no one would ever be able to save up money and aspire to power that would permit them to challenge the ruling class. So under this system, gold and silver would be outlawed for the proletariat slave class who will serve the elites. Thus, a time will come when gold and silver will be worthless to all but a world Jewry elite.

What follows is an excerpt from The Union Jack, the discloses this goal of the architects of the New World Order that will return man to serfdom, and how Evangelical Fundamentalism is aiding and abetting the cause of Free Masonry. The term British Israel is used in application to the British London, England base of World Free Masonry and its doctrine of a thousand year millennial reign of THE Christ (their Lucifer) on earth beginning at the time Satan personates the second coming of Christ.

The good news is that in the Great Day of the Lord, even the gold and silver of the elite will be worthless.

Jam 5:3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.—rwb

“It is an intriguing question as to why high finance

with its foundations and its partners in giant

industry are engaging in sedition and subversion.

To a straight thinking American these people

would only be undercutting themselves to destroy

the system that has given them life and

prosperity. The reason is simple in that the

financial power sees in British Israel an

opportunity to sacrifice the freedoms of the

American people in exchange for control and

domination of world commerce under the

proposed New Age economy which they tell us is

supposed to be based on the Mosaic Economy.

Americans generally think in terms of competitive

business but the giants of finance and industry

see in British Israel a scheme for complete

monopoly and complete power. They see in

British Israel a scheme to monopolize the wealth

of the world. They then can have peace because

all power and all wealth is in their hands and the

freedom of Americans under the Constitution

means nothing to the possessors of the world.

What the smaller business men do not realize is

that they are through once the dollar goes and the




Union Jack becomes the World Flag.


Again we say the doing away of our tariff walls in

the name of free trade is a trick to do away with

the principal bulwark of a scale of wages and a

standard of living far above those of other

countries and reduce the American people to the

common level of the rest of the world. They use

the sophistry that Americans are too material

minded and have strayed from God (which God?)

to justify the coming collapse of the economic

system under which we have prospered. In this

regard it is the task of the "kingdom message"

propaganda to put over the idea that we have

sinned with the economic system of "Mystery

Babylon" and have become materialistic and that

God will relieve us of our property so that we can

share it with the rest of the world "each according

to his needs" in the New Age kingdom now being



To the greedy American business men who care

not for their country and the American people we

give a word of warning that in your delusions of

grandeur don't forget your junior status in the

organization of the Master Planners of an

eventual totally British dominated world.

This game of power politics permits no enduring

friendships and anyone who knows the British

contempt for America knows that it is an

everlasting hate and at best the American

business man is participating in his own



And too are the American people not better off

than ever? Americans are temporarily given

prosperity while they are drugged with the

kingdom message and few of them realize that

inflation is calculated to take back what seems

like prosperity now. After all we must be lulled

while we are abolished for world government in

the interest of Universal Peace. Under the British

Israel economic system, which they claim is

according to Mosaic Law, theirs is a system for

production for use and not for profit. This is the

plan of Karl Marx and this is the plan of British

Israel and they are identical because the kingdom

message is Communism and Communism is the




kingdom of God on earth. Under this economy

which capital and industry is striving for there is

no profit for the workers. All profit is in the hands

of a few and this is the crux of the matter. If

people cannot have profit they cannot have

savings and they are slaves to the state. People

are fighting this politically and believing it

spiritually, and it is through the spiritual that the

scheme is being put over. World Evangelism is

building the spiritual foundation for what is

called "a better world," and which is a British

World in which America is only a plundered



We go back to Mrs. Baldwin for her further

explanation of how British propaganda is worked

to lead this nation to ruin. Mrs. Baldwin stated

that Douglas McArthur said in a private

conversation to her after he was removed from

Korea that he was aware that the British were

behind his defeat and the unleashing of the Red

Chinese from Manchuria. The doubting Thomas's

of course would not believe that the British

control China but indeed they do. The red star of

Red China is the red star of the Shrine. Here is a

definite tie to those who understand how

Freemasonry is being used in world revolution.


Communist China and free China are puppets for

our consumption and entertainment. McArthur of

course was made a 33! Mason and when he tried

to win the Korean War he was removed by 33!

Harry Turban who took his orders from other 33!

Masons. There is no mistaking this net of

subversion once the British are recognized as the

"nigger in the woodpile." Is there one voice in the

U.S. Government raised against the British

supplying the Viet Cong? Not one! Is there any

protest from the F.B.I. about British Communism

and their widespread kingdom message

propaganda in America? NONE! Do they know

about British Communism via British Israel? You

tell them!


Certain carefully laid obstacles have been placed

as blinds or fronts so that the American people

cannot discover that Communism is more

synonymous with Britain than Russia. It reminds

one of a soldier trying to get through a mine field

to get at the enemy. Of course the greatest decoy




or front is Russia (under the same Red Star) and

from there everyone can choose his own kick. We

have the left wing revolutionaries, the right wing

anti-Russian Communists. We have the Viet Nam

War. We have domestic problems and social

upheaval. Last and certainly a most important

disarmed and deflector is the press of the world

playing down the role of a supposedly bankrupt

British Empire. Certainly anyone could see the

necessity from the British point of view, for the

propaganda mills playing down constantly the

strength and might of the British Empire. All this

smoke can be penetrated by a quick analysis of

the spiritual plot and how religion and prophecy

are being used to disguise World Communism by

the one real villain in all history -- the British

Empire. American churches have become social

institutions preparing the people for a political

Messiah and it so happens that this Lord is to

reign from the Throne of Britain. Do the "anti-

communists" reveal this plot as a Communist

plot? Read EMPIRE OF THE CITY by E. C. Knuth

(address at the back of this book) for a study in

British power politics and their system of fronts

and decoys and subversion.


No one need believe this because we say so. Turn

on your radio and listen to the "prophecies" of the

world tomorrow and how the millennial kingdom

will be an end to Communism and a beginning of

a paradise earth. This is the greatest deception of

history to get universal cooperation in building a

universal Communism through religion.


Let us quote Mrs. Baldwin again to enlarge upon

our explanation of British Israel. Keep in mind

how political events today are being worked to

harmonize with the much publicized prophecies.

On page 31 of AND MEN WEPT, I quote: "Based

on the statement that Abraham was the starting

point of a chosen generation, that this generation

was to develop into a ruling race, a dominant

race, highly spiritual, interpreting in its life and

administration the supreme spirit of

righteousness in the earth. That this ruling,

righteous and dominant race should be organized

into God's Kingdom of Priests in the earth and

that by their activities all the families, all the

nations of the earth should be blessed, that this




Kingdom should be a model Kingdom. The

Constitution should be the ideal preached

throughout the Mosaic and Christian eras."

"The British Israel adherents claim that "'the

Babylonian System of Empires came to an end in

1918 and that now the Kingdom of God is to be

reestablished on earth and must become

universal. They claim it is a step forward in

Anglo-Saxon history and world history."'


"Citing the 'fall of the remaining Continental

Empires and that the children of Israel should

take the Kingdom on Earth and that this Kingdom

should become universal in the earth; that a new

covenant is to be made with the House of Israel,

Britain should take the Kingdom on earth and

that it become universal in the Earth, that the

Middle East should come into the hands of

Britain, including Egypt, Ancient Israel, and

Ancient Assyria or as we know them Egypt,

Palestine, Transjordania and Iraq. The Turkish

Empire should be removed, the British Naval and

Military base for Palestine should be established

at Haifa and should be called Armageddon, that

Abyssinia should be involved under its old name

Ethiopia and Tripoli under its old name Libya.'"

"Thereafter Russia and her allies should invade

Palestine from the North and Ethiopia and Libya

from the South, Egypt will be lost to us for a time

and Jerusalem will be taken for a time." They

predict all sorts of pestilence, famine,

earthquakes and so on, finally:--"

"'Sick of war and utterly bankrupt, perforce of

economic circumstances, the WORLD WILL WIPE


ANEW, (emphasis mine). That the world will be

unified into one universal nationality, Britain or

Anglo--Saxondom will be the center of the Unity.

The Common Law purified will be established

universally with centralized administration. Thus

the world will be reorganized into the universal

Kingdom of God, under our Lord's own

administration of the Common Law.'"


"'In other words European Empire rule is being

transferred to Anglo-Saxon rule, under the New




Covenant made with the House of Israel.'" end of

quote within the book AND MEN WEPT, but

continuing to quote from the book itself:


"This, then, is the basis of the World Government

project that is costing the lives of many American

boys. The United Nations was but a step along the

way to the real objective. But remember Andrew

Carnegie said, 'do it by little steps one by one, by

peaceful means, if possible, if not by war, -little

steps rather than by one big move.'"


"This seems to be a good time to relate the

situation in Egypt;--the revolution was on, the

British wires were cut, the Americans were

approached and asked to send through the

British messages. To do this the British code had

to be broken. The message that went through:--

'break the revolution at all costs, use bribery if

necessary.' I omit the name of my informant, out

of courtesy. I can assure you that it is factual,

reliable and witnessed."


"Can you honestly believe that men can foretell

the events of the world from the measurements of

the Pyramid of Gizeh? . . . . If so then why have

the former predictions failed? Is it not rather that

the prophecies of the Old Testament have been

used to fit the picture and by this hoax brought

men's minds to the unthinking state that we are

in today?"


"Recent issues of the National Message print the

aims of the British Israel Federation; in the

February 23, 1932 issue, as follows:--"To spread

the knowledge of the origin, mission and destiny

of the British race. To demonstrate that the

British Commonwealth of Nations represents the

national basis of God's Kingdom on Earth. To

show that Britain is the lineal continuation of the

Israel Nation (as distinct from Jews) and that

every mark of identification is possessed by the

Anglo-Saxon race as a whole. To reveal the role of

the British people as the inheritor of Israel's

Charters, the possessor of her immunities from

destruction, and the executor of her commission

to develop the new order of civilization." This

needs no explanation, it plainly states that Britain




is to rule as the Kingdom of God on Earth."



"In the 'Youth Message' (issued as the organ for

the Youth of the British Israel Federation, May

1938, we find these words --'He would produce a

deliverance through a NEW DEAL, a new

economic system, one freed from the Babylonian

principles'. By this it meant the forgiveness of

debts." If you would question that this country is

being run on the pattern of the British Israel plan

then it will be of interest for you to read this

passage from the National Message, October 12,

1935, page 679:--quote:--'It was told to me by a

heavy weight American financier before the crash

came, that the crash was coming, that it would be

permitted to run to the danger point, and that

when the danger point was passed it would be

reversed by measures "Carefully prepared in

advance to meet the situation. I carefully noted

what he said and left it for events to prove the

value of his statement.' Did you lose your money,

your all in the stock market crash of 1929, did it

occur to you that this was a premeditated crash,

a deliberate act against the American people?"

"We are now facing World War III, not because

Russia is the bad boy but because it is part of the

plot to enable Britain to control the whole world.

This coming war will be in the Middle East, it will

be for the control of the oil of the world. The plan

was put in print, emanating from 6 Buckingham

Gate, London as far back as 1935 from the record

I have."


"The Middle East, destined they claim, to be once

more the center of the Kingdom of God on earth,

is, therefore, 'Crown granted by the King of Kings

to Israel, Britain, with whom is or shall be united,

Israel-America, Israel Judah and the remnants of

Israel to be found in other lands.'"


"'As the power appointed of God to be responsible

for the Middle East, God has given to Britain-

Israel, Ancient Bosra, now Basra on the Persian

Gulf. He had given to us Akaba, the taking of

which gave us the power to turn the flank of the

Central Powers in the Great War. This port is now

in our hands and will be of the utmost




importance to us later on.'"


"'The open roadstead of the Bay of Acre into a

defensive harbor for the fleet together with the

transformation of the undefended Plain of

Megiddo into the defended and occupied plain of

Armageddon, these shall become the G. G. Q.

forces in the East.'"


"This is the British plan, the plan for the final

battle in the Middle East, World War III, this is

where American boys will be sent to set up what

they call the Kingdom of God on Earth-- ruled

over by British-Israel." end of quote from AND



Mrs. Baldwin goes on to tell how Britain disguises

its New World Order by calling it God's plan and

only through His wisdom are the British people

the center of that Great Plan. They claim it is not

Communism but the antithesis, it is not

Socialism nor Capitalism, it is the Kingdom of

God. World Rule they claim, now reverts to the

Kingdom of God, and Britain must proceed with

the establishment of the Kingdom of God. In truth

it is British Communism and tyranny. In the

political realm Britain is spreading the

propaganda of Communism from Russia in the

United States and thus conditioning the minds of

the American people so that they will be willing to

fight Russia. While doing this Britain does not tell

the people that the British Israel World

Federation had put in print in 1933 and repeated

in 1937 the fact that they would use the Soviet

System to establish their British Commonwealth

of the world; nor does she tell of the statement on

page 95 of the book "THE THREE HEADED

EAGLE" wherein is written that Communism

would be the tool that they would use to

overthrow the countries in Europe, that they

would do this under the power of Russian Victory

prestige. Thus we find one country, Russia, being

pitted against the United States while Britain

plays with both. Thus does she weaken this

country with so-called Russian Communism

while she gains the domination of the world

through British Israel and their Kingdom

Message. Using Russian Communism as the goat

and decoy is only used to bully, bluff, bribe,




besmear and bewilder the American people by

being able through control or intimidation of

public sources of information to accuse each of

the successive challenges of "One World" and its

(British Israel's) own ideology of world rule and

exploitation; and to convict them of its own lies

and crimes. We must continue to bear in mind

that in recent years all "One World" schemes are

creations of the British Empire and they are used

by the Empire under different names such as

Communism, etc., to further the Master Plan of

the British Israel political spiritual super-state

which seeks control of the world through the

spiritual deception that God has established His

kingdom upon earth. This is how we accomplish

nothing for America when we fight British

Communism in the streets and accept British

Israel Communism under the name of God's

kingdom on earth in our churches. This is, as has

been demonstrated, how we actually promote this

false messianic scheme when we are beguiled into

a ruckus with Russian Communism as such.

Russian Communism is only one of the many

created antagonisms our opposition to it serving

to foster misunderstanding and a cover up of the

source of this power. Communism is not sourced

in Russia but the British Empire and more

specifically London, which is also the source of

the British Israel plot which we recognize in the

kingdom message which is so universal today.


This dual thrust is designed to seduce the faith of

Americans to a worn out Pharisaism and through

this deception relieve them of their country, their

property and their freedom while telling them that

their enemy is Russian Communism.


Any time we find the promotion of

internationalism, we are face to face with

Communism. Rhodes Scholars are

internationalists who want a world order and a

World Government. Somehow, these traitors who

are brainwashed at Oxford, are not recognized as

British Communist Agents. We recommend that

you read the series of articles which are now in

booklet form and which first appeared in the

CHICAGO TRIBUNE July 15, 1931-1951, under

the title, "RHODES' GOAL: RETURN U.S. TO





International finance based in London with

branches and agents in New York did not finance

the Russian take over to give it away. The British

Empire and the Pharisee Jews who own it

conceived in so-called Russian Communism an

opportunity to use Russia as a base of operations

to destroy any opponent and to put the world

under stress and strain and while the world fights

Russian Communism they are put in chains with

British Communism in the form of the "Kingdom

Message" promoted from our churches. The Jew

Pharisees killed Christ because He would not

serve their lusty desires for control of the world

under a political theocracy and now they still seek

this wealth and power as they use British Israel

to justify it spiritually. British Israel is a spiritual

lie called the kingdom of God on earth which the

"masters of deceit" are using in the name of

Christ to steal the commerce and wealth of the

world and then rule over the subjects which they

have put in spiritual darkness. With this British

Israel propaganda they excuse their crimes

against humanity while they build the "better

world" on a war torn earth which they have

drenched in blood under the guise of

righteousness. This is the truth about "what's

wrong in America." It is the British Empire riding

the old Pharisee dream of rulership of the world

and the very elect will be deceived almost. All that

is necessary that the plan succeed is that through

British Israel the people can be brought to believe

that the kingdom of God on earth is Christian.


Through this propaganda the people are made to

believe in things fleshly instead of things spiritual

and they change spiritual Israel back to physical

Israel and so once having freedom they turn again

to bondage. If a man believes this British Israel lie

he cannot be free but he will imagine that he is

and so goes America if they believe it.


The ultimate goal of the British Empire of course

is absolute domination of the world both physical

and spiritual and it is through the spiritual that

they are gaining this control. With the use of the

Kingdom Message they are turning the beliefs of

the people into Pharisaism by causing them to

center their hopes on a coming New Age

Millennium. As Christ warned they neither go in

the kingdom or suffer us to go in. With British




Israel they are deceiving men to believe that God’s

Kingdom is yet future and thereby keeping them

out of God's true spiritual Kingdom now.


That British Israel is sourced in London and is of

the British Empire is conclusive. British Israel

heresy begins with the idea that the so-called

Jews are God's chosen people according to the

flesh and that they are yet to receive the physical

blessing that God promised Abraham and that

they shall receive these physical blessings in the

Millennial Age. Many people believe this much of

British Israel and this much is all that is

necessary to cause them to place their hope in a

future kingdom of God on earth. This segment of

Millennialists in most cases violently deny they

are British Israel and most of them are honest but

spiritually blind as to the true nature of God's

Kingdom. In this we see the limited power of

Satan in the form of British Israel to deceive the

nations. This proves that if men can be made to

believe in the fleshly kingdom of the Pharisees

then they become enemies of Christ in His name.


The British Israel heresy is also an enlargement of

the Jew Race myth, making the twelve tribes of

ancient Israel include all of the Adamic Race

which has its modern manifestation in Anglo-

Saxondom centered in the British Empire with

the throne of Britain being the throne of Christ

which He shall sit upon after it is removed to

Jerusalem and He returns to earth to rule the

nations in an earthly paradise. This is only a

political scheme derived from the very people who

crucified Christ because He did not conform to

their expectations of a political theocracy on



According to this "Kingdom Message" America is

to participate in this glorified earth as co-ruler

after she has been cleansed of her selfish

nationalism. The only sin America has according

to the British Empire is their independence from

their masters in London. American finance and

big business is a partner to this conspiracy and

they should know that their lot will be no better

under the New British World than that of the

American people whom they are now helping

subdue thinking they will participate in this world




grab. They are getting fat now financing both

sides, but when the Communist angle has served

its purpose and the kingdom angle begins to

dominate politically, these fat cats will be skinned

alive and they should be for their part in this

Satanic plot to steal the wealth of the world and

destroy the faith of its people in the true Christ.


No one should question why American finance

would participate in this when they look at the

stakes. It is simple that they intend through

British Israel to have their profits and ours too, as

well as the whole world. Then the Satanic angle of

this money power is that they control the beliefs

(spirit) of the world at large as well as its wealth.

We emphasize that it is with this spiritual

darkness that they have confused the world today

and that they expect to completely control it in

the future. The only defense against this

conspiracy is truth and this Americans do not

have because they love darkness more than they

love light.


In our identification of British Israel we have

sought to prove its dual nature of political and

spiritual. At the same time we have sought to

demonstrate that the British Expire is very much

alive both politically and geographically and that

the United States is completely subdued already

so much so that the United States appeared on

the list of Commonwealth Nations of the

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Meeting held at London, England, 1961.


While the propaganda mills grind out the theme

that the British Empire is gone it is the major

trouble maker in the world. It has lowered its flag

many times to support the myth that the Empire

is dead while it keeps the power in foreign lands

through its Rhodes Scholar Agents and power of

the press. It reaches its tentacles into every town

and hamlet through its Masonry controlled from



As they decrease the Empire from the eyes of men

they have increased it with the cloak of

Christianity in the form of the "Kingdom Message."

In this Kingdom Message we see how

they justify the apparent chaos of the United




States and Britain.


The task of the "Kingdom Message" propaganda is

to make the people believe that only Divine

intervention can save America and Britain.


Therefore they are mangling our social order so as

to destroy our independence so that after the final

cataclysm of World War III it will look as if the

British Empire and its American colony were

miraculously saved by God. Then Anglo

Saxondom can rule the world for a thousand

years for the "good of the world." In truth then,

the world will be under British Communism.


While the British beguiled us into self destruction

fighting their Russian Communism, they trick us

into British Communism under the cloak of

Christianity. This is the meaning of British Israel

for America.


Britain and America are now being cleansed of

their national sins and being made ready for

rulership in the New Age, they say. And how will

they again be made so powerful as to control the

world for a thousand years? Of course it is with

this power that they are saying that they do not

now have, and we shall go on to prove that the

power IS there and how it is at this time using

nations (including our United States) and armies

as mere pawns in the game. The Empire with the

control of the United States is now strong enough

to dominate the world and set the stage of events

to fit its scheme of British Israel while at the same

time it subdues its own personality and conceals

its identity. Only complete power is invisible and

only an invisible power is complete. Russian

Communism is not invisible. Spiritual

Communism is. No small power could do this as

the press of the other powers would expose it but

the press of the world is now under the British

Empire and it therefore supports its propaganda.

No power or state or combinations of states has

the military and economic power of Great Britain

and the United States to force the Kingdom

Message propaganda on the rest of the world. In

our identification of the work of British Israel we

remind our reader not to overlook the use of

created fake nationalism to hide British Israel.

The cardinal example to demonstrate this truth is

Adolph Hitler and his National Socialism. Hitler




was also put into power because of his opposition

to so-called Russian Communism and had the

right wingers or patriots of Germany stopped to

analyze what was happening, they might have

seen that there is no difference in Communism

and National Socialism; only the name. As Hitler

rose to power under the symbolism of Masonry he

did that which was planned. He destroyed the

German Nation and the German people and today

the political situation in Germany is developing in

the same manner if the people of Germany, like

the people of America, could only see it. And if the

radical left creates too big a reaction and tends to

backfire then a fake nationalism under the right

wing will come to political power in the United

States for the same reason Hitler did in Germany

-- that is, to preside over the final destruction of

the United States of America! Americans should

seek a true nationalism but they should beware of

the British Israel Masonic candidates who give

allegiance to a supreme being who is not Jesus

Christ while they lead the country to destruction

with pet phrases of Americanism and Patriotism.

Another fake nationalism comes to mind--that of

Rhodesia under the much heralded Ian Smith.

Ian Smith is an acknowledged British Israelite

and "independent" Rhodesia is saturated with

British Israel propaganda just as America is. The

people of Rhodesia have no independence under

the British stooge Ian Smith. Through British

Israel teaching they too hope for a worldly

Communist Kingdom under the throne of Britain.

They do not expect it to be Communism as is

generally understood, but they do not understand

the trickery of British Israel. They already have

Communism in their hearts.


Here is a small nation who has been led to believe

they are now independent. Surely there are some

in Rhodesia who understand the cloak and dagger

power politics of British Israel. This

"independence" maneuver adds up to the big lie

that the Empire is gone. How stupid we mortals

are and how long shall we be betrayed because of

our ignorance? No country can be independent

and free with the seditious propaganda of British

Israel educating its people for World Government.

Somehow people cannot come to the reality that a




conspiracy through religion is the most

invulnerable and subtle scheme that can befall a

victim nation. Conversely if the religious plot can

be detected it can be shattered. British Israel is

the religion of Communism. How simple, but oh

how deceptive and how unwilling people are to

hear the truth!


After many years and a terrific beating Americans

cannot get the meaning of this forked tongue

power politics which carries them to new lows

after every election. These stalking horses with

spurious issues to take over the opposition is a

trick well used in Machiavellian politics and they

may well raise up such a man in the United

States so that he can "kill" some of their

Communism thereby raising the prestige of this

invisible power and adding to its power in the

eyes of the people. Destroying created opposition

is a method of solidifying power. The case of little

George Wallace of Alabama is an example of

created opposition based on spurious or false

issues. Now many Americans have reached for

this forked tongued little man who has

accomplished both York Rite and Scottish Rite

Masonry to the 32!. George is a little man with big

ambition and he has sold his soul and his fellow

countrymen. If he ever had any good intentions

for the people, he is helpless to carry them out as

he well knows the power of British Israel. He

would not dare open his mouth against British

despotism that controls this land from the court

system to the Armed Forces. Yes, George attacks

Communism as all so-called Conservatives do but

he does not attack British Israel Communism. He

is only stooge opposition. With this same idea a

crisis is created and is solved with more controls

and increased power over the people as they

cannot perceive the real meaning of the crisis in

the first place. The final destroying of created

Russian Communism which has caused the world

so much heartache is the event which will

inaugurate the new communism under the name

of kingdom of God. In the minds of the deceived

the kingdom of God, British Communism, will

have saved them from total annihilation from

Russian Communism. In the vernacular they

swap the devil for the witch and they jump from

the frying pan into the fire which will only be




realized when the fire of this new kingdom begins

to burn their fat.


The Machiavellian nature of the British

government permits no written policy and to

survive it must dominate commerce, control the

seas and acquire the world. Before the world can

be made safe for British control of commerce, the

British Empire must bring all competitors under

its control. To acquire this complete control they

are butchering the world order now with their

communism while setting the stage for World War

III in which the Empire expects a final

annihilation of the United States and all other

would be national states. The plan is to get them

to eliminate each other leaving the British Empire

sole owner of the world. This giant steal is called

in pious language "the reconstruction of the moral

order" into the kingdom age. For this great event

the British Empire has been preparing the way

almost since America won its independence. In

the last one hundred years they have multiplied

their propaganda through the establishment in

this country of a rash (numbering into the

hundreds) of religious cults designed to prepare

the people for this millennial age. The Plymouth

Brethren were organized in the early nineteenth

century to expand the propaganda of

Millennialism. Then came Rutherford and Russell

with the same anti-Christian Millennialism which

has now been expanded worldwide through the

cult of Jehovah Witnesses. Mormonism under

Joseph Smith with its Masonic symbols has

grown into a mammoth New Age cult actively

preparing for the worldwide kingdom to come.


Then in later days since 1900 this peculiar

kingdom message has infiltrated the biggest part

of Protestantism moving the churches in the

service of British Israel away from the faith of the

Reformers and the true Apostolic faith. As has

been said many different church groups appear

different in their ritual ceremony and independent

church doctrines and they disagree with each

other but the "modus operandi" of the maze of

churches, unknown to their members, is the

preparing of the people for this New World Order

in the name of Christ. There is a church for

everybody and they are encouraged to go to the

one of their choice because the deception is now




so complete that one is likely to get the kingdom

message in almost any of them. Americans do not

sin because they go to church. Their sin is their

unbelief in the living Christ and the fact that all

power has been given Him in heaven and earth.

With this powerful, British Israel force the people

have become imbued with the spirit of the

kingdom so much so that they fight communism

with their hands and establish it with their

hearts. Man cannot strive against his beliefs. This

is the deceit of British Israel and it has made us

enemies of the land of our freedom. Americans

cannot have the British Israel world kingdom and

have an independent and free America at the

same time. They must understand this and

choose sides.


That the British Empire and its infinite number of

agents in the United States control this country

and are steering it to collapse is seen in the mass

dissemination of the kingdom message

propaganda. No sane people aware of their enemy

would allow such a campaign to reeducate the

people toward world government, which

necessitates their own destruction; But this is the

fact about the condition of America today. We

charge that the United States is being raped and

ravished and its Constitution torn to bits and the

final tumult is to remove the outward appearance

and form of American institutions of government.

Out of this chaos America will be resurrected only

to be part of the land mass that comprises the

new British World. Then those who have worked

so hard for the New Age can behold their serfdom

to their masters whom they have served so



Other stages in this process toward world

government are seen in the regional world

governments such as SEATO, NATO, and the

Common Market, etc. These are but steps which

will be the components of world government in

the British Israel kingdom of God on earth.

If Americans will read the literature and listen to

their radios they cannot deny that the whole effort

is propaganda, through the spiritual, to build the

British Commonwealth of the world over which a

British Sovereign would rule. It is British political




communism which is battering the civil order of

America while the British Israel spiritual explains

it and leads the people into the New World Super

State. Communism is British and its design for

Americans is the same under any name, whether

it be exported Russian Communism via the

British Empire or the kingdom of God on earth. It

is the same force with the same source, all made

in London. It is a British-Jew-Pharisee scheme to

control the world and enslave its people. It means

the rulership of the elite with the combine of a

giant monopoly built upon the ashes of

competitive enterprise. These mad men do not

want competitive business, they want monopoly

and they are perverting the Word of God to get it.


They are mixing things sacred with things profane

to gain the kingdoms of this world. Is Satan

loosed for a little season to deceive the nations?

The British Israel kingdom of God on earth is a

commercial enterprise and has nothing to do with

the Gospel of Christ and His true spiritual

kingdom. British Israel is a British-Jew trick to

grab the world by turning God's truth into

profanity. Many Christians have understood the

evils of Millennialism but they cannot imagine

that it is being used as a political scheme to

establish world government in the name of Christ.

May we be sure that our reader is not swamped

with confusion because of the many names used

to designate, describe and reveal the true nature

of British Israel? Because of the sinisterness of

the monster we encounter, we reemphasize that

British Israel comes to us under many names,

cloaks and movements. Many of them appear

Christian. We have identified the New Age of

Masonry, the Millennialism of Protestantism, the

kingdom of God on earth, political Messianism,

Communism, anti-communism, brotherhood, the

New Order, the New Era, as all being but different

names for British Israel and all of them like the

spokes of a wagon wheel supporting the central

purpose of world government under the British

Empire. And all of the above serve two purposes -

one to destroy this order while they prepare the

way for the next. We perceive one thing common

to all movements whether political or religious




and that is to change this order into a new one.

We have not dealt with the many political aspects

of British Russian Communism such as the

United Nations, the Pilgrim Society, Council of

Foreign Relations, National Council of Churches,

and so on ad ad infinitum. Also we have not

mentioned the many individuals and stalking

horses which are fronting for the British Empire.

These things are advertised daily as a cover up so

we have sought in the main to identify British

Israel spiritual, for here is the main line of our

deception and destruction. British Israel is

Spiritual Communism. It is esoteric (hidden)

Communism and the spiritual counter- part of

Political Communism, also made in London and

exported to Russia. The intent is to drive the

people into this spiritual Communism while they

exhaust themselves fighting the political frauds.

This is the nature of the Jew-British fellowship

and they intend to take us physically by deceiving

us spiritually.


If we have demonstrated that the British Israel

kingdom of God on earth is not according to the

Bible (see section on the Hope of Israel), but that

it is a cover for a political-commercial conspiracy

to dominate the world, then we have

accomplished the purpose of this writing. If this

kingdom message spiritual deception concept can

be understood then we have no trouble tearing

away its mask and identifying it as a scheme of

world government identical to that of

Communism. And in addition we begin to see how

stirring up the political friction's adds to the

confusion and promotes its dual plot of British

Israel by hiding it in Biblical language. British

Israel with its kingdom message "attacks" itself

under the name of Communism while it educates

the world "Biblically" to got ready for world

government. What British Israel says is bad

politically it promotes spiritually which in effect is

saying that God's plan of salvation for the world

is Communism. British Israel has a forked tongue

and a dual nature when seen in its true form.

Communism is British Israel and British Israel is

Communism in all but name. One cannot be a

part of one without being the other. One cannot

be truly an anti-Communist if he is not anti-




British Israel, as he cannot oppose physically

what he believes spiritually and this is precisely

why any proposed expose of Communism must

include at the same time an expose of spiritual

(British Israel) Communism; otherwise he

promotes it.


The British Israel "conservatism" and communist

"radicalism" has America in its claws and one can

be in either right or left and wind up with World

Government under the British Empire. There is

no escape from this pincers movement without

true knowledge of its identity.


Many good people are ever ready to fight

Communism politically, but when shown that the

kingdom of God on earth bunk is the same thing

they immediately defend it because they have

been conditioned in their churches to believe that

the kingdom message is Biblical and of course

they haven't bothered to see that it isn't. So their

good intentions are hopeless and futile and their

frustrations over "what's wrong in America" only

grow. Lack of faith and interest in the true Gospel

has caused Americans to believe in the race of

British Israel instead of the grace of Christ.


It is popular and profitable to "fight" Communism

but it is unforgivable to know about British Israel

and scarcely a radio station in the land would sell

time to expose the intrigue of the British Empire

with their use of British Israel to reeducate

Americans and hoodwink them into World

Government. Anti-Communist racketeers have

used every scheme imaginable to get the wealth

and substance of Americans while deluding them

about Communism. They prey on their victims by

scaring them to death about a takeover by the

Communists. These crooks have all kinds of

investment schemes, hideout schemes, survival

schemes to escape what they call the takeover of

Communism, and these very tactics are confusing

the people and scaring the money out of them

and causing a dismal hopelessness. We have the

fright peddlers who charge our emotions with

their horror stories of life in Russia and as the

patriots bleed they give their money away.

Americans are natural bait for this foolishness.

These so-called anti-Communists are not only




playing a con game, they are promoting revolution

on one hand and blaspheming Christ with the

kingdom message on the other.


If Americans can begin to see through the veil and

fabric of British Israel "Christianity" they will

come to understand that the ancient earthly

figure of the throne of David is a disguise to hide

the coming world throne of the Royal House of



In order for Israel (the meaning of Israel is the

unification of Anglo-Saxondom in the Jew's

religion under the pretense of Christianity) to

dominate the world they must first be united.

According to British Israel, all Anglo-Saxondom

must awaken to their national identity as the

Israel of God. Hence we are bombarded constantly

with the national identity doctrine that we are

God's people in a national sense. The propaganda

seeks to instill the old idea of fleshly Israel's

special relationship to God as a Christian doctrine

by building the belief that America is a Christian

nation, a Christian Republic, and we therefore are

a Christian civilization with a Divine purpose to

be realized in the coming World Government of



T. Robert Ingram says in his book THE WORLD

UNDER GOD'S LAW on page three, "Since we are

a people under God's law, we are a people under

God, or God's people." On page five he says "It is

that legal system which identifies ours as a

Christian civilization and these United States as a

Christian nation." May we remind the above

author that it was "the law" or legal system of

Pharisaism that caused Saul to kill Christians in

the name of God. It was when Saul became Saint

Paul the Christian, that he was persecuted by the

Jew's religion that he once believed. Now it was

this legal system of national Israel (Jew's religion)

that caused the rejection of Christ and blinded

the people to His saving grace.


The grace of Christ is anathema to the race and

national identity of British Israel Pharisaism.

Americans must discern the spirit that would

steal their faith and leave them a promised land

in its stead. If Judaism alias British Israel




"Christianity" can merge the concept of racial

origin and national identity with the Christian

faith, the world state is established already under

and in spite of the independence of the stars and

stripes of Old Glory.


In "PROPHECY ON PARADE" we find this quote

on page 157-8, "Inherently we call this 'God's

Country' and, whether we know it or not, we do

so on the authority of the Bible for truly God has

given it to us as our inheritance as a part of the

tribe of Joseph. The Bible is our abstract of title.

Time has arrived in the world's history when our

title is challenged. We now must establish our

claim or abandon the property. Thank God for a

title that goes back to the World Supreme Court

of last resort, the unconditional contract

(covenant) of God. If we hold this land as God's

country, then it necessarily follows that we are

God's people. Then let's tell the world who we are

and return to our Father's house."


Then we must conclude that the slogan "For God

and Country" alludes to patriotism, but in

essence and in fact promotes the concept of

identity with the other "Israelite" nations which in

turn leads to their fusion with total loss of

national sovereignty. Therefore, the concept

betrays us under its pretense of conservatism.


"The object is to re-establish mankind into the

kingdom of God on earth, a perfect relationship

between God and certain of mankind who are of

the Adamic race. This certain group is the whole

house of Israel, whom He will cause to accept His

son and return to His land and laws. Those who

know the identity of Israel know that this will be

done through the leadership of Ephraim (the

British Commonwealth) and Manasseh (the

United States of America)." Quoted from pages 66

and 67 of PROPHECY ON PARADE, by W. C.

Nabors, and published by Destiny Publishers,

Haverhill, Mass., which is the front headquarters

for the British Israel World Federation in America.


Now there are many good people who will

immediately deny that their faith includes the

divine national origin propaganda of British

Israel. But any belief in national or racial




salvation such as the "Jew's" being the chosen of

God, supports to the maximum British Israelism.

Hitler used the same propaganda with a reverse

twist which most Germans never understood. He

promoted the spirit of national socialism which

said in its propaganda that it was anti-Jew and

anti-communism, but he established the same

Jew-communism under the name of National

Socialism with the Aryan or super race fiction to

support it. If Americans can decipher the anti-

Communist crusade in America they can

understand that behind the fine sounding term

"For God and Country" is the merging of "Israel

America" with "all Israel" into a world state NOT

under Christ, but under the Union Jack.


It is the task of the British Anglo Israel Kingdom

Message propaganda to extol Americanism and

build at the same time a world government

religion under the cover of Christianity. After it

builds the spirit of World Government in the

name of Christ, it can justify national and

international calamity with the simple

explanation that God's judgment is upon us.

Of course the real meaning of international

"tribulation" is to disguise the British Empire's

desolation of the United States, subverting us into

a New Order of the Ages under the pretense of

Divine Destiny.


World Communism by way of the British kingdom

of God is now being built upon a spiritual

foundation. Here we coin a phrase which

accurately describes what British Israel is striving

for with a false Christianity--that is Protestant

Judaism. With the Kingdom Religion (Jew's

religion) they are working through all the

Protestant churches until now most all

Protestants teach Judaism under the notion that

they are teaching Christianity. They talk about

the fulfillment of prophecy and the coming

kingdom of God. Any kingdom of God on earth is

materialism and it is the Jew's Religion and a

false hope. It is easy to see (if one does not believe

in an earthly kingdom) how a millennialist is a

One Worlder and an alien in his own country.




Despotism has no equal to British Israel. All of

Protestantism has been skillfully changed to a

crypto Judaism completely unaware.


Americans clap their hands at every Israeli move

in the Middle East as in expectation of the

fulfillment of prophecy. Every Arab knows more

than "educated" Americans, to wit that Zionism is

British Communism with the Jew's Religion, and

that Judaism is a tool for establishing a

Communist World Order under the name

Kingdom of God. An excellent example of Zionism

or as we have more accurately termed it, Spiritual

Communism, is found in Richard W. De Haan's

September 1969 Bible Booklet, ISRAEL AND

GOD, and I quote from page 21, "When the nation

of Israel accepts Christ as Messiah and Savior, it

will be restored to the place of favor with God.

Paul speaks of this event as 'life from the dead.'

Some Bible teachers believe that in these words

he refers to the physical resurrection of all Israel

at the beginning of the millennial age. Others take

this expression to mean that the nation, which

has been dead in the sin of unbelief, will receive

spiritual life. Both ideas are possible because the

resurrection of Old Testament saints will take

place at the beginning of the millennium and also

because a vast majority of Israelites living on

earth at that time will be saved, spiritually

passing from death to life. Furthermore, the entire

earth will undergo a transformation which will be

like 'life from the dead.' It will be marked by

universal peace, prosperity, and justice. Isaiah

declared that 'the earth shall be full of the

knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the

seal (Isaiah 11:9). Yes, the small nation called

Israel, struggling for survival in the Middle East,

is destined for spiritual renewal and restoration to

God. When this takes place, the whole earth will

experience unimaginable blessing." End of quote.


Not a Christian that ever lived could fail to detect

that De Haan is teaching Judaism with their

national salvation scheme and a communist

millennium. This is sedition that boasts of a world

wide ministry of radio, television, and literature.

Of course De Haan will not be hindered with his

Political religion. His pretext is Christianity; his

purpose is




treason whether he knows it or not. He holds out

a false hope to the "Jew" and leads many from

God's grace to an earthly materialism which he

calls the millennium. Of course the "Jews" are for

this messianic millennial worldly order, and this

apostasy is keeping them blinded today as it

caused their rejection and crucifixion of Christ.

The synagogue Jews are not offended by

Christianity as they believe but by their own

leaders and proselyte Jews such as Richard De

Haan who keep the chosen nation myth as a hope

for Jewish exaltation and world peace. Synagogue

Jews are like Protestant or Proselyte Jews. They

are held in bondage by their own religion of

millennial communism. The New World Order will

do away with private wealth accumulated under

the American system. The Jews will not like this,

but they are helping promote it because of their

false religion.


British Israel is the perfect crime and once an

individual comes under its spell, he immediately

becomes a spiritual communist. He is seditious

just by virtue of his kingdom religion, and is in

fact his own worst enemy. This is bondage of the

spirit and bondage without chains. It is the plan

of British Communism and it is a battle for the



British Israel enlists hundreds of thousands in its

religious army and most never suspect that they

are a part of British Communism, The Jehovah

Witnesses is a case in point. They say they have

no country and least of all Britain, but their

kingdom religion promotes the British Empire and

not their Jehovah as they believe. It is perfect

trickery how British Israel can use so many

kingdom cults by disguising the Empire with the

pseudonym kingdom of God. When one begins to

add up all who have the kingdom religion, he can

quickly see that Her Majesty has more loyal

subjects in America than in Britain, and what's

worse it will take an act of God to convince most

people that they are citizens of the world by virtue

of their millennial religion. Her Majesty has an

imperial cult within the nation which is as fatal to

America as cancer is to the body. This is the truth

about British Communism and Russia means




nothing by comparison.


British Israel builds a nation within a nation and

creates a definite immunity against patriotism

and nationalism. It actually steals the loyalty of

the people under the precepts of their own beliefs.

British Israel can acclaim Americanism while

destroying it with its kingdom religion. This

trickery is hard to comprehend unless one

understands British Israelism. There is no other

way to truth. There is a direct relationship to

treason and one's religion. Ironically, a nationalist

religion as De Haan teaches destroys nationalism.

Hitler's Germany is our classic example.

We hear so much from the Right Wing that

"America is a Christian nation." This of course is

promoting a national religion by confusing

Christianity. All this propaganda fits the British

Israel scheme of "divinely chastising" America for

her national sins and "saving" her again in the

New Order with glory in the new kingdom. Such

catch phrases were originated for mind control.

They always sound innocent and Christian. There

is no difference in saying America is a Christian

nation than in saying Germans are the Master

Race. Both ideas came from Internationalists not

nationalists. This is psychological warfare and

Americans certainly do not understand it.

British Israel simply appropriates multiple

meanings to expressions of Americanism and the

unthinking quickly pick up hybrid and false

patriotism. Thought expressions and clichés are

promoted which have inherent contradictions

which cannot be readily detected. This neutralizes

real patriotism. Likewise British Israel promotes

moral degeneracy with Christian concepts and

Bible expressions.


Satan will not be outdone and what he corrupts

with "evolution" and "God is dead,' he uses as

faked persecution to his pagan Christianity in

order to build and solidify the spirit of the

kingdom of God on earth in the name of Jesus

Christ. What he creates with his "left" hand he

uses to promote his creation of his 'right" by

feigned attacks upon the latter. The victims of

deceit are caught up in the planned reaction,




which moves the conflict into the emerging New

Order. What seems like an honest life and death

struggle between Communism and Americanism

develops into the preplanned "World Under God's

Law." The crime is made perfect through the

invention and use of a grotesque "Christianity"

which merges race with the grace of Christ.

If the substance of our faith is a future world

peace under the rulership of God, we are spiritual

communists dedicated to self destruction. If we

return to spiritual freedom we can return to

political freedom. We cannot be spiritual

communists and political patriots at the same

time. Americans cannot be divided against

themselves! To reestablish political sovereignty we

must publicly expose the intrigue of the British

Empire and its kingdom propaganda to build the

World State in the name of Christ. We must

expose political communism and spiritual

communism and not be tricked into either under

any name or pretense.


Any attempt to restore a sick America to good

health without correcting or removing the cause

of our consternation is pure idiocy. We have

shown here a correct identification of

Communism so that it can be recognized under

any cloak or front. We can now clear the fog and

deal squarely with it. If we aren't willing to face it

or believe that our "patriotic" leaders have

deceived us, there will be a time when it will be

too late to question anything. Then what will you

say? --Why didn't someone tell us??

Yes, all subversion is traced to British

Communism inspired by the billions of Cecil

Rhodes and Andrew Carnegie who planned a

British World Empire which includes both Russia

and America as component parts. The "masters of

deceit" hide most their own identity and the

source of their power which originates in the

British Empire and promotes the Jewish Kingdom

Religion as Christianity to cover the Empire grab

for world dominion of mind and property.

Right political action in America must be

predicated upon an accurate understanding of

British Communism which is being promoted as




Christianity. Right political action can never come

by way of the hands of Masonry and Rhodes

Scholars or any of the Jewish Kingdom

Religionists. We propose first to expose the British

Anglo Israel Communist spiritual plot to educate

the American people for World Government with a

false Bible interpretation and a false Christianity.

We must recognize that the origin of the United

Nations is British, that the origin of the

withholding tax (income tax) is British, that the

kingdom cults are British, that phony anti-

communism is British and that Masonry is

British, and so the cause of world unrest is

British, and Russia is only the instrument.


Communism is a creation of the British Empire

and is its weapon of world revolution. Its Judas

Goat for political, military and economic

Communism is Russia. Its Judas Goat for

spiritual communism is the kingdom of God on

earth alias Christianity, which is hidden in

American churches; World Evangelism and its

"Crusade for Christ."


If Americans divest themselves of the spiritual

propaganda which prophesies a coming thousand

year political government of Christ on earth, they

can identify in one second the spiritual plot to

unify the world into absolute despotism. They can

understand the meaning of Communism versus

Christian Civilization and the dual nature of the



Americans must decode the spiritual communism

of the kingdom of God on earth. If they

understand the kingdom of grace of Jesus Christ

they can translate the kingdom message

propaganda to mean the rulership of the world by

the British Empire. If they cannot they are a part

of it, promoting anti-Americanism and the religion

of Satan. This they will not believe until the

monster they help promote shackles them.

The best way to cover conspiracy is to create

phony opposition. This principle we must

understand so as not to get trapped in a false

patriotic movement or a flag-waving anti-

communist movement. The people behind these

movements know very well how to twist them into




treason without even one participant being aware.

There is great objection to labeling so-called

patriotic groups and their books and literature as

subversive. When they do not name the enemy

they hide him and which one of them has taught

us that the origin of Communism is British? Or

that Soviet Communism is a front for British

Imperialism? And who has told us of British

sedition through the kingdom cults that now

controls millions of Americans? This brings to our

attention a recent effort to twist patriotism into

treason in the form of a book called PLOT

AGAINST THE CHURCH which we have already

named as sedition. Let us here analyze this artful

ruse for all to see; with the following analysis of

this book:


"It does not take one long to discern that the book


Pinay is indeed itself a plot against the Catholic

Church and against any individual of the

Christian faith. It is at once recognizable that the

intention of the publishers of this instrument of

revolution are seeking to destroy with a

vengeance the very institution which they claim to

defend against the enemies of Christ. With

cynicism and sophistry the author(s) describe

how the clergy within the church defend the

Jews, their Masonic marionettes, and "Jew

communism", immediately identifying the

Catholic Church with Communism, Judaism and

Masonry. He plainly states on page 296 that

Catholicism is responsible for Castro's victory in

Cuba. He strives to make Communism and

Catholicism arm in arm companions in order to

make Communism and Catholicism appear

decadent and beyond recovery from the

insinuations of a nebulous disease called

Judaism. This is a clever trick designed to help a

bleeding victim die. The whole vile thing is a Jew

bait trap aimed at dissident Catholics and others

in order to entrap them into a reactionary

movement of anti-communism (antiCatholicism)

which itself is the fake opposite of its blood

brother Communism, has the same masters and

direction and the net result being the total

destruction of the Catholic Church."


"Who are these 'defenders' of the Catholic




Church? Are they not preparing the Church for

destruction by aligning her with Communism,

thus manipulating her into the role of 'Mystery

Babylon' in order to 'prophetically' destroy every

spiritual and physical vestige of the Roman

Church. The 'plot' is to cast the Church in the

most distorted light possible in order to more

effectively destroy it."


"The author indeed makes Catholicism

synonymous with Communism. Therefore it

becomes a simple deduction to come to the

understanding that those who are drawn into the

'anti-communist' sham are necessarily anti-

Catholic. Here is the subtlety of Satan and those

Catholics who are fighting Communism in order

to save their church are in fact the worst enemies

of it. This fact cannot be understood until one

sees Communism and anti-communism as one

force and not two. They are only fake opposites

working as a pincers movement toward the same

goal of the Universal Masonic Republic alias

kingdom of God on earth."


"Communism is Judaism according to the author

but he fails to mention that anti-communism is

its fake opposite. Therefore he is a part of the evil

conspiracy which he proposes to expose. He

elaborates at length to prove that Communism is

Judaism but he carefully avoids mention that

anti-communism is equally 'Judaism.' It is a

pitiful fact that anti-communism is anti-Christian

and escapes detection because it wraps itself in

the American flag and quotes the Bible (Scofield

Bible) from the Church altars. Only those who

know the plan of salvation can see the deception."

"The author claims over and over that the Jews

(those who say they are the Jews) are the source

of evil Communism and strife, but he

dogmatically and persistently honors them with

such titles as 'descendants of Abraham, Israelites,

sons of Israel and Hebrews.' This is the grossest

contradiction and insult to the faithful ones of

Christ Christians) who are the sole heirs to these

titles. Does he not condemn the Jew Pharisees in

name but embrace them in fact with all the force

at his command? These perpetrators of iniquity

have never been 'the chosen ones' as he so states.




The author is the epitome of the big lie and with

the forked tongue of a rattle snake he seeks to

Jew bait honest Catholics into helping destroy

their own Church.'


"Ironically if the Jews have such absolute control

of everything and are so opposed to the book

PLOT AGAINST THE CHURCH, why and how has

it been boastfully printed in four or five languages

and spread around the world? Ponder this.


spearhead attempt to quicken revolution by

helping build the reactionary 'anti-communist'

movement and Jew is the bait. The time and

setting has changed but the scheme is not new, it

is only for us to recognize what it is. I submit that

the author is a Luciferian Mason and that he

despises the Catholic Church and the Christian

faith. His subtlety of identifying with the Church

gains a vantage point from which to war against

the truth of Christ."


"The serpent always devours himself. For those

who know the meaning of world revolution the

author(s) is quite revealing on page 292 where it

states 'that the re-enlivement of Arianism in the

East coincided with the persecutions of

Catholicism and with a preferential treatment of

Jewry.' He admits Arianism alias British Israelism

is united with those (those who the British

Israelites claim are the Jews) they claim they

hate, to destroy the Catholic Church. In fact he

states on page 296 that 'the Jews were the

initiators and propagandists of the Arian heresy.'

This somewhat allies Hitler with so-called Jews of

which he was supposed to have killed six million."

"Even the most vain fool can see how the author

has the greatest praise for those he pretends are

the arch enemy of the Roman Church. Over and

over he usurps titles long ago used to designate

only the people who believe in Jesus Christ as

God and Saviour, even referring to Graetz as an

'outstanding Israelite.' This is not to say that

Graetz did not write a book, but to say that he

was not an Israelite anymore than Hitler was.

"Again and again the author relates the




decadence of the Catholic Church, stating that

the Fifth Column from within has almost totally

corrupted the Church and at the same time he

further degrades and spits upon the Church by

using the Church to propagate a myth called

Jews and Judaism. True Christians in the Roman

Church are keenly aware that 'those who say they

are the Jews are not' and therefore do not give

them recognition that they do not deserve by

carrying on fake anti-Jew warfare and



"Christians in and out of the Roman Church do

not recognize anyone as being a Jew except

themselves, and all others who have been

regenerated in Christ. Paul the apostle taught

that only those who have faith in Christ are true

Jews. This disqualifies Maurice Pinay's definition

of Jew and indicts him as a propagator of an age-

old lie that makes devils a special people of God

or a special people against God when the so-

called Jews he speaks of are no more than a

segment of the unsaved people of the world and

deserve only recognition as such. The author

relegates Christian Catholics to ignorance and

seeks to entrap them by claiming that they

recognize his fictitious Jews as a special enemy of

the Church, let alone that Christians are

propagators of the heresy of anti-Jew or pro-Jew

hogwash. This in fact would be his best

accomplishment as subtle as it might seem."

"If then the author's mythical Jew does not exist

as Hitler did not then his accusations that the

Roman Church is infested with the peculiar

vermin makes him a gigantic liar and leaves him

a member of the cesspool of unbelievers in Christ

he calls the Jews. The truth of the matter is that

Christian Catholics are not concerned with the

mythical Jew heresy but are concerned that

Christ is their Saviour by His atoning blood and

that it is their duty to preach His saving grace to

all unbelievers whatever sect they be."

"The only difference in Christian Catholics and

any other Christian is that the Catholic Church

has been selected as 'Mystery Babylon' by

workers of iniquity in order to be destroyed so

that it might fulfill the perverted prophecies of




premillennialism and British Israelism. THE PLOT

AGAINST THE CHURCH is no less a part of this

scheme to destroy the Roman Church and all

Christians of any church anywhere."


"Pinay would fain hope that he could succeed as

the devil's advocate by urging Catholics to attack

and disrupt their own Church by getting them

side tracked into a sham fight called Jew. He

wants them to make a Jew where none exists. He

strives to instruct the reader that the foundation

of the Catholic Church is based on a negative

absurdity of anti-judaism. This is a rank

misrepresentation of the efforts of Christian

Catholics who have based their faith in Jesus

Christ instead of some cocked tale Jew heresy."

"If the vendors of this trash have read it then they

must be aware that the author gives as his

solution to the bugaboo Jew, world government

through union of national states and alliance of

all religions. He says we must 'unite in a brotherly

way' page 637) and 'National and racial rivalries

should be laid aside...' Further he states that

world peace can only be obtained by the political

uniting of all peoples (page 637). On page 638 he

states that we must bring about unity to save

ourselves and that 'all lands of the earth can form

a world organization.' Perhaps this is another way

of propagandizing the British Israel attempt at

world government in the name of Christ. Read it

for yourselves. In black and white it advocates

World Government. Is this patriotism?" End of

quotes from analysis of the book PLOT AGAINST



This is only one example of false patriotism and

deception used by the enemies of America to hide

the identity of the largest underground movement

in history.


The most one can say for this garbage is that it is

an insult to the common sense of an idiot, let

alone the mass of Christian Catholics who believe

the Gospel of Christ.


We read in PROPHFCY ON PARADE, page 16-20,

"The enemies of Israel, who are the Gentiles (sons

of Japheth) nations of Europe, will reveal




themselves as the desolators and attempt to

displace the nations of Israel from any national



"Charted here are the moves of the three unclean

spirits: Nazism, Facism and Communism (Rev.

16:13). Do not overlook the work assigned to

these unclean spirits by the 'little book' from

which our understanding is to come, for they

were 'to gather them to the battle of that great day

of God Almighty.' (Rev. 16:14). And do not

overlook the fact that Communism is our last and

greatest enemy who brings together and heads

the 'Great Confederacy' of which God's Word

warns us and from which we hold His sure word

of promise and protection when we inquire of



These are not the statements of an isolated nut,

but a propagandist who knows the spiritual plot

to build a world slave state in the name of Christ.

And who has not heard the same thing called

"God's judgment of the enemies of Israel" in

almost every church in the land?


To those who understand the British Empire plot

to dominate the world under the aegis or God's

kingdom, the above quotation reveals the buildup

of a new Nazi Germany and a "revived Roman

Empire" to be used to destroy the United States

under the Biblical pretense of Divine Judgment

upon America.


In fact the destruction of the United States is the

meaning of all the "prophecies" of British Israel

and its army of soothsavers and diviners. This

propaganda neutralizes any genuine effort to

defend our country. It is the master stroke of

twentieth century power politics.


1985 UPDATE: British Israel never operates in its

own name and it is not an organization. It is a

religious organism and a super cult that crosses

religious affiliations and denominations. British-

Israel is the Kingdom Message, i.e., the teaching

that there is coming an earthly kingdom of God

for a thousand years.

British Israel is a religious organism that has no




membership list and no visible organization. No

one really understands how he is being silently

guided and directed right into Communism

through this false Christianity.The Kingdom of God

on Earth is the propaganda of this subversive



Today we have many identity cults, all of them

denying that they are British Israel but they do

not deny that they are propagandists for the

Kingdom Message. Some say "We are not British

Israel; we are Anglo Israel" or, "we are Christian

Identity or Israel Identity". They are all the same

because they all toot the Kingdom Message. This

they will not and cannot deny.


How has this Spiritual Communism covered our

land with the help of the American people without

their knowledge? The answer is religion. A

doctrine of World Government Socialism has

insidiously been introduced to them and they

have swallowed it under the name

Fundamentalist Christianity.


You should be able to see by now how

Fundamentalist Christianity with its doctrine of

racial and national salvation and its coming

earthly kingdom is nothing more than Nazism

under a Christian cloak. Whereas the Nazism of

Germany was used on the country of Germany,

Fundamentalist Christianity is being used on the

whole world through World Evangelism.


Fundamentalism is that stratagem or deception

that neutralizes, blinds and divides a man against

himself. Is this indeed the beast that all shall

worship both great and small save those elect

who have the spirit of God to keep them from

spiritual deception?


If you understand this book, stop where you are

and give thanks to God that He chose you to

reveal it to you. If you do not understand this

book, search the list at the back of this book and

do as we are commanded in Matthew 6:33: "Seek

ye first the kingdom of God,..."


Even though Scripture warns over and over of the




Judaizers, Fundamentalist Christians have given

themselves over to Jewish fables.” An excerpt from The Union Jack -- (Allow time for download of this pdf book).