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Is this why Ellen White said:

 “There is need of a much closer study of the Word of God; especially should Daniel and the Revelation have attention as never before in the history of our work.  We may have less to say in some lines, in regard to the Roman power and the Papacy; but we should call attention to what the prophets and apostles have written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God.  The Holy Spirit has so shaped matters, both in the giving of the prophecy and in the events portrayed, as to teach that the human agent is to be kept out of sight, hid in Christ, and that the Lord God of heaven and His law are to be exalted.  Read the book of Daniel.  Call up, point by point, the history of the kingdoms there represented....

The light that Daniel received from God was given especially for these last days.  The visions he saw by the banks of the Ulai and Hiddekel, the great rivers of Shinar, are now in process of fulfillment, and all the events foretold will soon come to pass.

Consider the circumstances of the Jewish nation when the prophecies of Daniel were given.

Let us give more time to the study of the Bible.  We do not understand the Word as we should.  The book of Revelation opens with an injunction to us to understand the instruction that it contains.  "Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy," God declares, "and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand." Revelation 1:3.  When we as a people understand what this book means to us, there will be seen among us a great revival.  We do not understand fully the lessons that it teaches, notwithstanding the injunction given us to search and study it. Testimonies to Ministers, 112-113.


It was apostate Jews and the Romans who conspired to crucify Christ. Will it be a conspiracy of these same powers who crucify Christ afresh in the person of His saints?


European-American Evangelistic Crusades, Inc.


July 1999 Newsletter


John S. Torell


In my June 1999 newsletter, I disclosed that the Russian revolution was in reality a Jewish Zionist takeover of Russia. I am sure this must have shocked some of the readers, who have little historical knowledge. In order to correct this possible lack of knowledge, I will use this month’s newsletter to inform you more about this matter.



For many years, how the World Government rules the nations has been a secret that I have not been able to discover. I have been able to understand the moves of this secret ruling elite, but no one outside of their circles has been able to understand how national governments can be forced to turn against themselves and do the bidding of these evil people.


During the last two years a number of books have come into my possession, including documents from different places in the world. The books have been written by different kinds of people, a number of them are Jewish and their books are only distributed in Jewish circles, and not available to Gentiles. Others are strongly antiCommunistic, having access to earlier closed records in the Soviet Union and in former East European communist nations. Then there are written records by former government officials and intelligence officers, who have used declassified records to tell the world what really happened behind the scenes during the last few hundred years. There is also the work of historical scholars, who have spent a lifetime digging up the facts and presenting them in book form.


It has taken me some 27 years of research, and then praying over the information, before I have come to what I consider, THE MOST DANGEROUS TRUTH OF WHICH TO HAVE KNOWLEDGE! God has strongly impressed upon me that the believers in Christ must have access to this knowledge, as we are rapidly moving to the time in which the Antichrist will reign.



Any born again believer in Christ, who reads the Bible from Genesis to the book of Revelation, cannot escape the teaching that God has written down. God has told us in the Bible, that someday before Jesus comes back to the earth, there will be a period when the earth shall be ruled by Satan himself, through a man who is called "The Beast, The Son of Perdition, the Man of Sin, the Wicked, the Antichrist, the Abomination of Desolation, and a Vile Person."


God began to speak to the prophet Daniel about this coming time on the earth some 550 years before Christ (Daniel 11:21-39). From the writings of Daniel we are given some insight on this last world ruler. He will be of Jewish descent and a practicing homosexual. Jesus tells us that this wicked ruler shall descend upon Jerusalem, and that he will occupy a Jewish temple in that city (Matthew 24:1-24). This is detailed by the apostle Paul in II Thessalonians 2:1-12. Since the temple in Jerusalem that Jesus visited when he walked in the flesh on the earth was destroyed in 70 AD, we know that one of the signs of the Antichrist will be that a new Jewish temple will once more be built in Jerusalem.


The kingdom of the Antichrist will be a political alliance of many nations that will give their power to this evil man (Revelation 17:1-18). Its financial strength will come from global trading (Revelation 18:23). The Man of Sin will receive his power from Satan, he will use war to enforce his rule; he will mandate Satan worship as the state religion and there will be total control over all business so that no human being can buy or sell without having taken the mark of the Beast in their forehead or right hand (Revelation 13:1-18).


Knowing these facts from the Bible, we can now set forth the following definitions for the kingdom of the Antichrist:


  • Its leadership and core group must be Jewish.
  • They must be able to have their own people in all nations of the world.
  • They must have physical political control over the land of Israel.
  • They must be working on world control over all commerce.
  • They must be working on world control over all banking.
  • Somehow they must be able to rule the leaders of all nations in the world.
  • They must be working to merge all religions in the world into one mega religion.
  • They will be very hostile to true believers of Christ.
  • They must develop a military force which no nation can resist and still survive.

Food, energy, water, clothing and shelter must be controlled by the forces of the antichrist before they can have control over all people on the earth.



Most people become emotionally hysterical when the subject of the Jewish people is discussed. Great fear of being "ANTISEMITIC" rolls over the Christians, and they begin to shudder and flee. This is exactly what you have been programmed to feel through the public schools and the media. Asking questions and studying the Bible does not make any person anti-Semitic. As Christians, we should study the Word of God and learn the truth.


Note by Ron: Not to mention the Arabs who are waiting for their Madi, but Satan will make the antichrist “appear” to be all things to all peoples. End note.


There are only two types of people on the earth who believe in the concept of a Messiah. First, the Jewish people have believed this and have been waiting for the Messiah since the day of Abraham. Secondly, the Christians, who are the spiritual children of Abraham, have been waiting, ever since Jesus walked on the earth, for their Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, to come back. What is the difference between the two groups?


When Jesus was born on the earth some 2000 years ago, he was rejected by the Jewish leadership as the Messiah and crucified. His Jewish disciples believed that he was the Messiah, and when he was resurrected on the third day after his death on the cross, the Christian church was born. Thousands upon thousands of Jews living at that time believed that Jesus was the son of God, the Messiah, and they were converted to the Christian faith. Later these Jews spread their faith into other nations, thus bringing the Gentiles into the Christian church.


Judaism, as a religion, is teaching its people that the Messiah they are waiting for is:


A.  Going to be a World Dictator who will set up his throne in Jerusalem and that only Jews are going to be in charge in his kingdom.

B.  Has only come to save Jews and make them, as a nation, world rulers over all Gentile nations.

C. Will make slaves of the Gentiles whose task in the kingdom will be to serve the Jews.


Christianity teaches that Jesus is the Messiah who first came into the world as the "SUFFERING SERVANT" and who came to die for the sins of all people in the world. Jesus is a Messiah to all nations on the earth, including the Jews. Christians are now waiting for Jesus to return and set up his reign in Jerusalem, but his kingdom will consist of all believers. At that time Jesus will not arrive as a Suffering Servant, but as the King of kings and Lord of lords, and he will take control over all nations, which he shall rule with a "rod of iron." (Revelation 19:15)


Judaism is divided up into many groups, just like the Christians are. Orthodox Jews believe that the Messiah is going to come in his own divine power and set up the kingdom. Reform or Conservative Judaism does not really believe that there will be a Messiah. Cabalistic Jews believe that there will be a Messiah, but that he can only come if the Cabalistic Jews prepare the way for him.


Most Christians believe that Jesus will not need any help from them to return, but that he shall return with divine power when the appointed time is here.



Jews in general do not believe in an Antichrist, despite what the prophet Daniel said. This teaching about an Antichrist is strongly revealed in the New Testament of the Bible, and it is clearly stated in the first letter of John:


Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby know you the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof you have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. I John 4:1-3


If you are a born again believer in Christ and believe that the New Testament is part of the Bible, there is only one conclusion that you can come to, and that is that Judaism is the vehicle that Satan will use to bring the Man of Perdition to the world as its dictator.


To those of you who do not know what Judaism teaches, here are the facts: It was the leaders of Judaism that demanded the crucifixion, rejecting Jesus as the Son of God. (Matthew 26:3-5) All Jewish leaders today in the religion of Judaism are strongly rejecting Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God. They are rejecting that Jesus Christ in the flesh was God. ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, THAT PLACES JUDAISM IN THE CAMP OF THE ANTICHRIST!




Absolutely not! Of the some 13 million Jews living in the world (1998), only a small percentage are actively working to bring their messiah to the earth. Most Jews are like most Christians; they have never read the Old Testament, many do not attend synagogue services and they are Jews by birth only. However, most Jews have a very strong feeling concerning the physical, political state of Israel and will go to any length to support Israel, regardless of their religious status. Also, having been brought up with a strong teaching emphasis on the killing of Jews by the Nazis during World War II, the average Jew believes that he must support and preserve Judaism as an ethnical and social movement in order to preserve his own life and identity.


Most American Jews belong to either Conservative or Reform Judaism, neither of whom teaches that there is a divine God. Rather, Judaism has become their god and there is no life after death. Since American Jews (some 6 million) make up about half of the Jewish world population, it has a great impact on Judaism.


It is the Cabalistic group in Judaism which is actively working to bring a messiah to the earth. I will give you a brief summary of what they believe, and refer you to several articles I have written in previous issues of The Dove. concerning this subject. (If you have not seen these articles, write us and ask for copies).


It was King Solomon who in his apostasy developed the "hidden religion" within Judaism about 1000 years B.C. It was Solomon who took the number "666" as his identification number (I Kings 10:14), and who built a throne that was designed as "666." (I Kings 10:18-20). It was Solomon who took the ancient occult teachings and began to develop them into what today is known as the "CABALA." (Kabbalah) Today, the Jewish writings known as the "Cabala" consists of some 550 books. (It is important that you do not confuse the Cabala with the Talmud. The Talmud is another set of Jewish writings, consisting of some 650 books, which is a compilation of rabbinical interpretations of the Torah. Jesus strongly rejected the Talmud.) Matthew 23


It is sad that the majority of Christian pastors have never heard of the Cabala. I can personally testify to this fact, having attended a Southern Baptist Seminary where I received a Master's Degree of Divinity. I never once heard any teaching or material disclosing the existence of the Cabala. Thus, the people in the Christian churches will never know, since pastors cannot teach something of which they have no knowledge.


Here is a very short synopsis of what the Cabala teaches:

At the time of creation, the god of creation became confused and depressed, and withdrew himself into himself. The part of him that makes up the "messiah essence" fell from heaven into the bottomless pit, where it took the form of ‘THE HOLY SERPENT." Another part of him, which is the female part, called "Sophia," is in charge of wisdom.


When Moses went up on the mountain to meet God, the Cabala states that in reality Moses met "the evil part of God" while the 70 elders at the foot of the mountain met the "good part of God." This, they say, is how they received the beginning of the Cabala. They teach that the Holy Serpent is held captive in the bottomless abyss, and there are two ways to bring him out and up to the earth. (1) To make all people on the earth good. (2) To make all people on the earth totally evil.


The Cabalistic leadership under Solomon decided that it was easier to make people evil than good, so they chose what they call "the low road." If they can pervert all people on the earth and make them sin and break every commandment that is found in the five books of Moses, that will open the legal road for the Holy Serpent to escape out of the bottomless pit and arrive as the messiah on earth in the form of "THE HOLY SERPENT."


However, the only people this messiah is going to save will be Jewish, since all other people do not have a soul, but are animals (beasts). The more a Cabalistic Jew can sin and lead others into sin, the "GREATER HE IS SERVING GOD."



Absolutely! First of all, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem there is a full department dedicated to the study of the Cabala. For many years it was chaired by professor Gershom Scholem, who has written at least four textbooks on the Cabala, which have been translated into English and sold in Jewish outlets. They are listed in my bibliography at the end of this article. This Jewish scholar cannot be refuted in his work on the Cabala as he is looked upon by the Jewish people as the foremost expert of this subject.


Secondly, the Bible itself refutes the teachings of the Cabala. The prophet Isaiah (740-700 B.C.) is used by God to issue a strong rebuke to the teachers and followers of the Cabala, and you will find this in Isaiah, Chapter 4, verses 13-23. Here is another statement from God spoken by the prophet:


Wherefore hear the word of the Lord, you scornful men, that rule this people which is in Jerusalem. Because you have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves: Therefore thus says the Lord God, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation; he that believes shall not make haste.


Judgement also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place. And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then you shall be trodden down by it. Isaiah 28:14-18


The prophet Jeremiah, who began preaching in 627 B.C. was told by God that there is a conspiracy found among the men in Jerusalem (Jeremiah 11:9-10). The same word from God was given to the prophet Ezekiel who was a contemporary of Jeremiah. In Ezekiel 22:23-29, God speaks out clearly against the conspiracy of the Cabala among the Jewish people. The apostle Paul defends himself when he is accused of teaching the Cabala (Romans 3:8)


The strongest denunciation comes from the risen Christ himself, when he makes the following statements:


I know your works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but you are rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. Revelation 2:9


Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you. Revelation 3:9


I did not understand these Bible references that I have shared with you were not understood by me while in seminary. It was years later, when I learned about the Cabala, that I understood them. Unless you know what the Cabala teaches, these verses will make no sense to you.



In previous articles of The Dove, I have documented how the Jewish Cabalistic leaders were able to establish a control over all world banking through the Rothschild family, and how the political power was captured through the work of Adam Weishaupt. Here is how it was done: Meyer Amschel (a rabbinically trained German Jew who later took the name Rothschild) was firmly established in the German city, Frankfurt am Main, with an emerging banking house as early as 1764. The leader of the Cabala at that time, Jakob Frank (a Polish born Jew with the family name of Leibowicz) lived in the German city of Offenbach (just south of the city of Frankfurt) from 1773. Johann Adam Weishaupt (from a Jewish family that had converted to the Roman Catholic Church) was at Ingolstadt in 1770, a German city in Bavaria. With these three men, the stage was set to ignite a hell fire that would forever bring changes to the world.


At this point in time, it is not known who "supervised" these three Jewish men, but it is obvious that someone directed their efforts. On May 1, 1776, just two months before the declaration of Independence in America, the Order of Illuminati was founded by Weishaupt. At this time Weishaupt was 28 years old, Amschel was 32 years old and Frank was 50 years old. Meyer Amschel financed Adam Weishaupt and Jakob Frank laid the cabalisic theological foundation for the Order of the Illuminati.


In order for the reader to understand that events do not just happen, I want to share the following information: The Illuminati Order was not invented by Adam Weishaupt, but rather renewed and reformed. The first known Illuminati order (Alumbrado) was founded in 1492 by Spanish Jews, called "Marranos," who were also known as "crypto-Jews." With violent persecution in Spain and Portugal beginning in 1391, hundreds of thousands of Jews had been forced to convert to the faith of the Roman Catholic Church. Publicly they were now Roman Catholics, but secretly they practiced Judaism, including following the Talmud and the Cabala. The Marranos were able to teach their children secretly about Judaism, but in particular the Talmud and the Cabala, and this huge group of Jews has survived to this very day. After 1540 many Marranos opted to flee to England, Holland, France, the Ottoman empire (Turkey), Brazil and other places in South and Central America. The Marranos kept strong family ties and they became very wealthy and influential in the nations where they lived. But as is the custom with all Jewish people, it did not matter in what nation they lived, their loyalty was to themselves and Judaism.


The following information is going to be a "shock" to all Roman Catholics. In 1491 San Ignacio De Loyola was born in the Basque province of Guipuzcoa, Spain. His parents were Marranos and at the time of his birth the family was very wealthy. As a young man he became a member of the Jewish Illuminati Order in Spain. As a cover for his crypto Jewish activities, he became very active as a Roman Catholic. On May 20, 1521 Ignatius (as he was now called) was wounded in a battle, and became a semi-cripple. Unable to succeed in the military and political arena, he started a quest for holiness and eventually ended up in Paris where he studied for the priesthood. In 1539 he had moved to Rome where he founded the "Jesuit Order," which was to become the most vile, bloody and persecuting order in the Roman Catholic Church. In 1540, the current Pope Paul III approved the order. At Loyola’s death in 1556 there were more than 1000 members in the Jesuit order, located in a number of nations.


Setting up the Jesuit order, Ignatius Loyola devised an elaborate spy system, so that no one in the order was safe. If there was any opposition, death would come swiftly. The Jesuit order not only became a destructive arm of the Roman Catholic Church; it also developed into a secret intelligence service. While the Popes relied more and more on the Jesuits, they were unaware that the hardcore leadership were Jewish, and that these Jews held membership in the Illuminati Order which despised and hated the Roman Catholic Church.


In 1623 Marranos formed an order in France called "Guerients," which in 1722 was changed to an Illuminati Order.



A baby boy was born on February 6, 1748, in Ingolstadt, a city in the German state of Bavaria, 192 years after the death of Ignatius Loyola. His parents were crypto Jews. The name of the boy was Joseph Johann Adam Weishaupt. The Father of Adam held a position of professor at the city university. Adam was educated in the Jesuit Order where he was exposed to the Jesuit organization and its political agenda. Here is a young Jew, who from early childhood learned that he had a secret allegiance to the Talmud and the Cabala, but outwardly he was a dedicated Roman Catholic.


In 1773, the 25 year old Adam broke all ties with the Jesuit Order and three years later formed the Bavarian Illuminati Order. In 1773, Pope Clemens XIV dissolved the Jesuit order, but 41 years later, in 1814 under Pope Pius VII, the Jesuit Order was reinstated, becoming the most powerful institution, next to the Knights of Malta, in the Roman Catholic Church. (This incident alone should forever destroy the doctrinal lie that a Pope is infallible and that a papal edict can never be changed).


The name of the new order Adam founded was "Orden Der Perfektibilisten." Around 1779 the name was changed to "Orden Der Illuminaten," and its members would bring hell and destruction to the world, the death of millions, the destruction of nations and the formation of the coming "New World Order."



It is hard for a born again Christian to understand how evil operates. A truly born again Christian does not have a "Criminal Mind Set ." The Jesuit Order is not just bad, IT IS A VERY EVIL ORGANIZATION, hidden from the public. Its first publicly known terror project took place in South America in 1609, when the Jesuits created a slave state in what is now known as Paraguay. For 158 years the Jesuit Order ran a brutal slave encampment of more than 150,000 Guarani Indians who were divided into 30 concentration camps, called "reducciones." Indians were lured to the settlements where they were received with festivities, music and plenty of food. Once the free Indians had entered the area to be entertained by these friendly Jesuits, the trap was sprung and they were overpowered by soldiers. They were then chained and taken to the camps, where they lost all freedom and had to work for no pay to produce for the Jesuit order. In 1767 enough information had filtered back to Europe to cause a political backlash. The Spanish king, Carl III, issued a decree and drove the Jesuits out of all Spanish colonies. The brutal murders, the rape of the women and the terrible working conditions were part of the daily routine in these concentration camps. If the reader has any doubts that this really took place, he should first do some research and then come to an intelligent conclusion.



A huge area had been fenced in, similar to the Iron curtain in the 20th century. Jesuit priests (many of them crypto Jews) from Italy, England and Germany made up the camp leadership. The system was called "encomienda," which means task or protection. The Jesuits used soldiers from Europe to make sure that the Indians were held in subjection. Once Indians had been subjected to the rule of the Jesuits, and their will power was broken, they were forced to form "councils," which were used to make sure that the rank and file Indians carried out the slave work. The Jesuits would pick out certain Indians, who were given the role of supervising their own people. By giving these Indians some privileges, they became brutal oppressors in order to keep their own status. Both men and woman had to work in the slave camps. They were not allowed to own any property. The Jesuits enforced a work quota, if an Indian did not meet his quota, he received less food and clothing. The entire camp system was totally centralized. Punishment was swift and without mercy. If an Indian was going to be executed, he first had to kiss the hand of the executioner, thank him for the punishment and repent of his crime. Then the Indian was killed in front of the masses of people. Specialized Jesuit priests were used to politically and religiously indoctrinate the Indians and to forever break their ability to think for themselves. The result was that after one or two generations the Indians born in the slave camp accepted their lives as normal and were willing to die for their slave leaders. In the Communist countries they are called "politruks."


It is clear that the model built by the Jesuits in Paraguay was used by Lenin when he set up the "Gulag system" in the Soviet Union, and by Hitler when he built the concentration camps in Germany. It is currently (1998) in use in China, North Korea and some day it will be used by the kingdom of the Antichrist.


The blame will forever be laid to Adam Weishaupt and his followers, who were responsible for the French Revolution, the American Civil War, World War I, the Russian Revolution, the rise of Adolf Hitler to power in Germany, World War II, the Communist takeover of China and many other nations after World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the list goes on and on.


It is noteworthy that the Jesuit Order is busy in all areas where the Roman Catholic church is operating, and that they have developed an elaborate educational system. Most people who have attended Jesuit schools do not know the dark secrets of the Order, since they are today forced to operate on a more benign scale. But that the Jesuits have not changed can be seen in the atrocities they had a part in during World War II, in what was then known as Yugoslavia. When the time for the rise of the Antichrist comes, expect to see the Jesuits with their leader, "the Black Pope," take control of the people and set up camps once again.



Centuries earlier, the foundation for a World Government organization had been laid when Free Masonic lodges were formed in Europe, Russia and in the North American colonies. With these in place, Weishaupt moved very swiftly, and in 1775 Adam Weishaupt (now a professor of law) became a member in the Theodore Lodge in Munich, which was part of the Ekletical Masonry.


The Illuminati Order is organized very similarly to the Jesuit Order, since Weishaupt was educated by the Jesuits and was 20 years old in 1768 when the slave camps in Paraguay were closed. The Jesuits have four degrees, the Illuminati has three. The lowest degree consists of initiates, which are classified as the least illuminated. The second degree is made for Freemasons, including the Scottish Knights. The third degree is called "the degree of Mystery" and is reserved for priests, royal rulers and magicians. The supreme ruler in the Jesuit Order is called "General," in the Illuminati he is called "King." Adam Weishaupt became the first Illuminati king. In conjunction with these degrees, Weishaupt also founded a secret service which had members infiltrated into all degrees. They were called "Stealth Brothers," and their job was to inform if there was any disloyalty. They used blackmail, provocation and terror. All members of the Illuminati Order had sworn a death oath to eternal silence, total loyalty and subjection to the Order. Any member who would betray the Order was promised a swift death. The Order does not joke; many have been murdered trying to leave the Order and expose it.



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