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From: Ralph Myers

Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 9:46 PM


Subject: [seventh-day-adventist] Re: Almost


Hello everyone,

I have just returned home from my trip to California where I gave my
four lectures on my book.

There were about 200 who attended and about 150 at my lectures. What I
presented on the 666 count was very well received. I also sold about 30
more books. The attendees were from all across N America and some from
from Bolivia, Germany, Russia, Canada, Peru, Paraguay, and Mexico.

It has become apparent to them that what I have presented is 100%
correct, and what I have received from the other presenters was double
what I have given them. It was the best week of my life.

The evidences presented by one former pastor from Loveland Colorado,
who is now pastoring a new church in Virginia (The Lighthouse
Fellowship -- with the three angels on the new sign.) gave a report on
the recent papal visit and the plans that are being laid down
concerning the implementing of the Sunday laws. He received a call from
the Home-land Secureity giving him warning to tell our people to
stockpile their water for a minimum of 2 weeks.
No further information
was given, but is suspect of terrorist contamination.

Folks, we are at the very edge of the last days that will rapidly
advance to the final end.

The last meeting was an apparent jesuit infiltrator who used mind
control methods on the audience. If I were the director of the meetings
I would have immediately stepped up and have him thrown out. It was
apparent that he did not know the SDA message, but was feigning it as
though he did, and tried to disseminate errors. His last meeting was
attended by only one third of the people who came.

Nearby in Bakersfield CA, was Leo Scriven, who just finished a series
of evangelistic meetings. I learned this from the lady who sat next to
me on the plane trip home. She was a SDA who was praying for some way
to witness to me. I broke the silence and started explaining to her
about my book and the conference that I went to. We parted with her
feeling more blessed than what she thought to give me.


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From: Ralph Myers


Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 1:27 PM

Subject: [seventh-day-adventist] Re: Almost

The one whose lecture gave evidence that he was a jesuit, also was
noted by others that he attempted "mind control" by having the
audience repeat after him, which consisted of his errors. He also
continues to practice the Catholic tradition of "genuflection" when
entering to take his seat. His lecture demonstrated that he did not
understand the SDA message. At the end, he promoted several products
with his selection of Literature Evangelist books, including
colloidal silver, which if anyone investigates, will know it is
poison, and certainly not a product to advise people to take. Several
people did not attend his second lecture, having already concluded
that he was far off the mark of a true follower of God.

He emphasized also that Christ was coming again in a great "space
ship". The director said to me that he will never be invited back to
give a lecture again. 

His two lectures are not included in the final set to be distributed
from this conference. It was held in California.