My Vision on a Preamble to

The ďLittle BookĒ of Revelation 10

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This July 24th, 2016, I was given a vision regarding the Little Book of Revelation 10 which John was told to take and eat, but was to be sealed up until the time of the end. I was shown that the subject matter of the Little Book is a full revelation of Lucifer/Satanís use of the secret societies to enthrone himself after he ascends out of the bottomless pit which occurs after the 42 month (3 Ĺ year) reign of the antichrist. The little book will be a detailed account of Lucifer/Satanís attempts to assist his agents in the setting up of a New World Oder, and the futilities of that quest.


I was shown that all Lucifer/Satanís plans were doomed from the beginning because of his lack of knowledge and understanding of the real forces at work in the universe and the delicacy of the balance involved in these systems. Because Lucifer/Satan lacks the intricate knowledge possessed only by the Creator God, Satan is attempting checks and balances that further exacerbate conditions in the already threatened world. Were Lucifer/Satan God, as some are wont to worship him as, he would not have permitted the world to incur the imbalances of nature we witness. God has a motive in letting Satan prove his ineptness in the Great Controversy between Him and Satan, but Satan has no such motive that would explain his allowing the world to deteriorate to the degree it has.


I was shown that the fears Isaiah chapter 8 counsels us not to fear are the fears Lucifer/Satan and his agents fear, such as global climate changes, biodiversity (massive extinctions of an average of 200 species per day), the need of the churches to confederate ecumenically in order to survive, bee decline which affects the pollination of about one third of our food supply, bat decline and the serious implications involved, pandemic diseases that are resistant to antibiotics, biological/nuclear terrorism, the effects from super volcanos, asteroid/comet impact, earthquake and tsunami increase, fires and flooding, the increase of large hail, robots replacing humans in the labor force, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, and nuclear war. These are just a few of the things that are contributing to the fears of man in todayís world. I was shown that Godís people should not fear these fears because God will intervene before they become an existential threat to the world and Godís people.


The Preamble to the Little Book of Revelation 10


Though the full prophesying of the Little Book of Revelation 10 will not be revealed until the seventh angel begins to sound, I was shown that there are four books available that give a large amount of data concerning Lucifer/Satanís agenda that the Little Book will deal with. The Little Book will explain the full details about the beast the whore of Revelation 17 rides upon, which hates her, and is powerful enough to burn her, verse 16.


I was shown that just as Jesus told His disciples there were many things He wished to tell them, but they could not understand at the time, there are many things that we would not understand until now, and the end of time. Also, that another reason for forestalling the knowledge of the Little Book, was to give the beast upon which the woman sits the secret environment Satan desired in order to perfect his craft to his ideal of perfection, that he would have no cause against Christ, by being limited in his ability to pursue his quests to the utopia of his ability.


Ellen White has told us that all that is not as open as the day is of the devil, and the pursuits of the secret societies of Lucifer/Satanís elitists will prove this charge. The Little Book will be a complete revelation of the evils the following books only hint at. But the Lord has shown me that His 144,000 will be familiar with the advanced knowledge contained in the following books which give greater insights into why Jesus referred to the apostate Jews as the Synagogue of Satan and as being of their father the Devil. This becomes all the more important when one considers that Ellen White said that the SDA church is following exactly in the footsteps of the ancient apostate Jews! These preamble books are designed to give Godís bride, His 144,000, a good foreknowledge of what they will be up against during the little and great time of trouble.


Those books are:

       Holy Serpent of the Jews by Texe Marrs (Order from Texeís Website):

       Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great by Edward Hendrie | Tracking the Beast from the Synagogue to the Vatican Free online pdf book:


       The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (Minutes of the meetings of Zionists which by accident fell into the hand of the populace.

The authors of the first two books make the great mistake of intimating that something can be done about the evils their books depict, but we know that the only means of thwarting Lucifer/Satanís elitist agents is when Christ destroys them without hand by the consuming fire of the glory of His brightness when He comes. This is another proof of His coming, versus the personation of Christ by Lucifer/Satan.

In the Name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

Ronald William Beaulieu