My Most Profound Vision on the Godhead and the Omega

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Early in the a.m. of February 9, 2017, I was given my most profound vision to date on the Godhead and the Omega, re-stressing the truth that as the Alpha involved error that swept away the entire Christian economy, so must the Omega do the same, and just how the Omega does that. There are occasions when the Lord chooses to repeat serious warnings so that there will be no excuse for any mistake in understanding them. This is one of those times! This is one of those most serious of issues because it does involve the most fundamental truth of Christianity, the Godhead. This second vision is more profound because of the additional stress on its importance, as it involves the most serious of all the abominations for which we are to sigh and cry. This warning message is to be studied in conjunction with a vision of February 8, 2017, to wit:

As usual, since all truth is contingent upon a chain of truth, I give supporting facts that I have cited previously, to prove new revelations. Many versions of the Omega are taught, but they do not teach the most important aspect of the Omega. I was shown the following:

·       That as the Alpha involved heresy regarding the personality of God and Christ, with implications that swept/sweep away the entire Christian economy, so the Omega must result in the same consequence—SOMETHING THAT INVOLVES THE PERSONALITY OF GOD AND CHRIST, AND THE SWEEPING AWAY OF THE ENTIRE CHRISTIAN ECONOMY. Any teaching on the Omega heresy that omits this most serious of all implications, is not the full truth.

·       The Omega was to be far worse in scope—the numbers of Adventists affected. By adoption of the Trinity Doctrine at the 1980 General Conference World Session, the entire world church of professing Seventh-day Adventists, teach a doctrine that sweeps away the entire Christian economy. If some truth is admixed to this Omega heresy, that truth will not save anyone while he/she is embracing antichrist doctrine on the Godhead, the most fundamental aspect of Christianity.

·       The only way a person who believes in the Trinity Doctrine could believe that he/she receives the Holy Spirit, would be via pantheism, which is not viable. This is fact because the gift of the Holy Spirit was made possible by the heavenly Sanctuary/Atonement Incarnation sacrifice by which a third person accrued to the Godhead. The Trinity Doctrine blocks the Incarnation/Atonement process by teaching that THREE PERSONS existed eternally, and were that true, the Incarnation would have produced a FOURTH PERSON, the God/Man person of Christ’s humanity, which did not exist eternally. So this is the indirect Omega link to pantheism. The more direct link is the fact that the SDA church is linked to the World Council of Churches via its various National Councils and more local Ministerial Associations, which embrace religions that teach pantheism, thus making the SDA church corporately responsible for supporting pantheism, because the SDA church pays annual dues to at least the National Councils and the more local Ministerial Associations—all in violation of Isaiah 8:9-16.

·       Every MEMBER of the new movement, new organization “church,” (1SM 204-205) is corporately responsible for what you will read at this link for the reason that the church is a MEMBER of at least the National Councils of Churches and Ministerial Associations which are subsidiaries of the World Council of Churches. As for me and my house, we have proved that the SDA church is a MEMBER of the World Council of Churches, via a publication of that council which lists the SDA church as MEMBERS in five countries of the world. But since that proof is not readily available, as the WCC ceased that 1975 publication, I cite only the National Councils and the Ministerial Associations because MEMBERSHIP in these entities is still provable.

·       There is absolutely no eternal salvific virtue to being a member of any church whose teachings remove God, by doctrine that sweeps away the entire Christian economy, no matter how admixed such a church combines some truth with such antichrist error.

·       Even so-called Sabbath observance by a church that teaches doctrine that sweeps away the entire Christian economy, is blasphemous and IMPOSSIBLE, because of God being removed by such a “church.” Only His presence and His Holy Spirit makes true Sabbath observance efficatious and acceptable to God.

·       That the following simple tests will rule out all erroneous theories on the Godhead.


The Tests:


1.    The Everlasting Covenant involved/involves the Law of God. Thus, the Testator of that Covenant must be equal with God, in order to make any atonement for any breach in that law. See Hebrews 9:16, 17.

2.    All who believe in only ONE GOD, must of necessity rule out any atonement for sin, for sin is the transgression of God’s law, and only one equal to God could atone for sin. That had to be the  Son of God, because a ONE GOD entity could not die.

3.    Many believe that there are only two persons to the Godhead, the Father and His Son. This simple test will prove that this position is contradictory to Scripture. I have cited the Bible verse before, but not how it proves three persons to the Godhead:


"And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven." John 3:13


Jesus is telling Nicodemus that the Son of Man is in heaven, while He was speaking to Nicodemus personally on earth. There was another person He referred to as the Son of man in heaven. So count the number of persons to the Godhead from this one verse of Scripture:


1.    The Father in heaven.

2.    The Son of man in heaven. (His Divine Holy Spirit Nature).

3.    The God/man humanity of Jesus speaking to Nicodemus on earth.

I was shown that this simple, but profound proof should be sufficient to prove that there are more than three persons to the Godhead. All who persist in the erroneous teaching that there are only two persons to the Godhead, in actuality deny the Incarnation by which process a third persons accrued to the Godhead. Thus, they become antichrist by denying that God came in the likeness of sinful flesh.

"The spiritualistic theories regarding the personality of God [the Godhead], followed to their logical conclusion, sweep away the whole Christian economy. They estimate as nothing the light that Christ came from heaven to give John to give to His people. They teach that the scenes just before us are not of sufficient importance to be given special attention. They make of no effect the truth of heavenly origin, and rob the people of God of their past experience, giving them instead a false science." E.G. White, Selected Messages, Bk.1, p. 204.

In the Name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

Ronald William Beaulieu



The Eternal Dignitaries of the Trinity—The eternal heavenly dignitaries—God, and Christ, and the Holy Spirit—arming them [the disciples] with more than mortal energy, ... would advance with them to the work and convince the world of sin.—Manuscript 145, 1901. {Ev 616.4}

Dear Forum members, I find the above statement on Omega Ministries web on the article dealing with TRINITY. On the statement above the three dignitaries are eternal yet the notion I am getting from the writer of the article is only God and Son are eternal. Can anybody clarify please for I am kind of confused,

My Regards to you all