My Vision on The State of the Church and the World

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Early this Sunday a.m., December 16, 2018, the Angel of the Lord came to me in vision and gave me an overall view of the state of the church and the world. The things I was shown will be an encouragement for those who want Jesus to come, and just the opposite for those who would delay His coming. This vision is not for the purpose of addressing every abomination in the church, but to give an overview of the worst things that are transpiring in the church and the world. I was shown the following things:

The State of the Church

1.    All SDA leaders who are foremost in promoting the greatest abomination possible, The Trinity Doctrine, are either members of secret societies which are all led by Satan, or they rely on those leaders who are members of secret societies. The reason the Trinity Doctrine is the worst abomination possible, is because it is the most subversive teaching against Jesus Christ and the Atonement, by its innate denial of the Atonement of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. How does it teach the denial of the Atonement? It teaches that the three persons to the Godhead are co-ETERNAL. Prior to the Incarnation, there was no third person. The THIRD PERSON of the Godhead accrued at the Incarnation when the Son of God became FULLY HUMAN. Before the Incarnation Christ’s FULLY HUMAN PERSON was no part of the Godhead, so His FULLY HUMAN humanity could NOT be co-ETERNAL with His Divine Nature Holy Spirit which He shared with the Father, the ONE ETERNAL SPIRIT, which is all we know about the essences and substance of the NATURE of God. But we know far more about their personality.

2.    "Had he not been fully human, Christ could not have been our substitute. He could not have worked out in humanity that perfection of character which it is the privilege of all to reach. He was the light and the life of the world. He came to this earth to work in behalf of men, that they might no longer be under the control of Satanic agencies. But while bearing human nature, he was dependent upon the Omnipotent for his life. In his humanity, he laid hold of the divinity of God; and this every member of the human family has the privilege of doing. Christ did nothing that human nature may not do if it partakes of the divine nature." {ST June 17, 1897, par. 8}

3.    All SDA leaders who promote the teaching that Christ came in the nature of Adam BEFORE his fall, are verily antichrist everything He did for man. When the Bible says that those who don’t believe that Christ came in the flesh are antichrist, it means those who don’t believe He came in our sinful human flesh which accrued AFTER the fall of Adam.

4.    Any ONE of the above antichrist teachings sweeps away the entire Christian economy by doing away with the Incarnation Atonement by which a THIRD PERSON accrued in the PERSON of the FULL HUMANITY of Christ, who was ADOPTED into the Godhead of heaven as taught by the Spirit of Prophecy.

5.    Church leaders in the highest places are using double-speak to deceive the members. For example, in the cases of women’s ordination and the October 31, 2017 demise of the Protestant Reformation, what did Ted Wilson do? He took a position AGAINST both, but he lets the various divisions of the church do as they wish. And on the issue of the Evangelical/Catholic dissolvement of the Protestant Reformation, Ted Wilson wrote a Review article on how he would always uphold the Protestant Reformation, and out of the other side of his apostate brain, he approved of one of the worst BOOKS OF A NEW ORDER, THE NEW HOPE, a revision of Ellen White’s Great Controversy, which has omitted all the chapters on the Protestant Reformation. The 1911 version has 42 chapters. The revisionist re-write, The Great Hope, has only eleven chapters. It omits 31 chapters on the Protestant Reformation and any that implicate the Catholics. All this involving a book in which Ellen White said not to change one word!

“They come to me, those that are copying my writings, and say, “Now here is the better revised words, and I think I will put that in.” Don’t you change one word, not a word. The revised edition we do not need at all. We have got the word that Christ has spoken Himself and given us. And don’t you in my writings change a word for any revised edition. There will be revised editions, plenty of them, just before the close of this earth’s history, and I want all my workers to understand, and I have got quite a number of them. I want them to understand that they are never to take the revised word, and put it in the place of the plain, simple words just as they are. They think they are improving them, but how do they know but that they may switch off on an idea, and give it less importance than Christ means them to have.” {Ms188-1907.26}

6.    I was shown that DOUBLE-SPEAK, saying one thing, and doing quite another, is a device Satanic leaders of the new movement are employing to disarm (appease) more conservative elements in that movement. My Angels advised me that we should always remember that in the Jewish apostate system, there were conservative and liberal leaders—the Pharisees and Sadducees respectively, and that we lack nothing by way of these elements in the new movement.

7.    Some of the highest SDA leaders are teaching that Rome has changed. Ellen White said that Rome NEVER CHANGES, and she was right. I was shown that the leaders who say Rome has changed are members of secret societies.

8.    I was shown that any SDA leader who is teaching that Jesuits and secret societies have not infiltrated the church, are either high placed members of secret societies or being led by their influence. One is as bad as the other.

9.    SDA leaders at the top echelon are teaching that there is no Sunday Law in the pipeline. That is one of the biggest lies being divined in the new movement. The Pope is pressing hard for a Sunday Law, as are the Lord’s Day Alliance and the Evangelicals.

10.      So-called “reformer” types who operate within the new movement are not teaching ALL the serious truth. Let me demonstrate how serious this is. The omission of one serious issue will result in loss of eternal life. The one issue I speak of is CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY. Ted Wilson admitted to the reality of corporate responsibility, but he does not apply it in any wise. Why? Because by the teaching of corporate responsibility for ALL THE ABOMINATIONS, one would have to separate from any apostate church to be relieved of CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY. The Lord has shown me that this is the PRIME reason the leaders shun the important issue of corporate responsibility. Any leader, independent or otherwise, who DOES NOT teach CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY for all the abominations, is not teaching all the essential truth, for the reason that those who remain in an apostate church are corporately responsible for all the abominations. Any HONEST leader will deal with the very REAL ISSUE, because Ellen White said that the MARK BY THE MAN IN LINEN will be placed only on those who are separated from sin and sinners. Some, like Andrew Henriques, are teaching that their patrons are part of the 144,000 while still being a MEMBER of an apostate new movement, when God’s Word says that His bride is not defiled with women (apostate churches). This is how you can go to hell unawares, by following an apparently “WITH IT” leader, while he refuses to tell ALL THE TRUTH. This is really an abomination of the most subtle and deceptive kind!

11.      Another reason leaders within the new movement refuse to teach corporate responsibility is because it demands corporate REPENTANCE and/or Separation if the corporate repentance is not forthcoming, and the leaders have absolutely no inclination to repent of their evil, especially in light of the fact that the Spirit of Prophecy says that they DELIGHT IN THEIR ABOMINATIONS. I was shown that the new movement moves largely by force from its Catholic and Evangelical liaisons. The new movement is thus a slave to the master it chose when it removed God. (1SM 204-205). Satan, the master hypnotist, has cast a spell on the new movement we were never to join.

12.      The very message to Laodicea demands CORPORATE REPENTANCE, which would involve a complete turn-around from all the abominations committed. I was shown that the leaders are totally antithetical to the very mention of repentance. This is why the Spirit of Prophecy defines Laodicea and the foolish virgin state of the church.

13.      More than one SDA preacher is now teaching that Allah is the same God Adventists worship. Any leader who teaches this is either a member of a secret society or deeply influenced by those who are. I was shown that Jesuits and Masons are rife in the new movement and that they indeed launched the new movement, forming it “among,” within the once SDA church militant. It is pure foolhardiness for any SDA leader to say that there is no evidence of infiltration by Jesuits/Masons, when these elements have infiltrated every church via the World Council of Churches and its subsidiaries. Isaiah 56:10-12 is most apropos in this case.

14.      The pulpit-swapping between Babylon’s leaders and the new movement is an abomination. Especially since Ellen White once told an SDA preacher, Baker, in the Baker Letter, that it is impossible to give the truth in the fallen churches. This pulpit-swapping is quite regularly imbibed at the colleges and universities of the new movement. Satan aims for the youth, and especially the theology students.

15.      New movement leaders are saying that professing SDA churches holding the divine service on Sunday is “NO BIG DEAL!” This is priming their subjects for the time they will instruct them to keep Sunday Sacred, which is what Ellen White prophesied they will do.

The State of the World

1.  The Pope and all Satan’s agents are using the supposed threats of global warming due to the use of fossil fuels, in an effort to stop all work on Sunday, and ultimately force people to worship on Sunday in an effort to stop the calamities that Satan is causing and blaming on Global Warming.

2.  Ellen White says that Satan has been given power over the forces of nature so that he might demonstrate his character to the world and the universe. Satan is using the manipulation of the weather to cause disasters on the sea and on the land. I was shown that he and his agents now have the ability to increase the number and the severity of storms and earthquakes by the employment of a number of installations of H.A.A.R.P. around the earth.

3.  Satan is very able to cause earthquakes! His design is that God will be blamed! And that goes for all the catastrophes that result from sin inspired by Satan.

4.  I was shown that annual fires and hurricanes are being planned by Satan in order to impose a universal Sunday Law, under the guise of relief from catastrophes. As the personification of all evil, Satan thus causes the catastrophes, and will then cause them to subside after he has gained his objective.

5.  I was shown that the ever perennial fighting between the liberals and conservatives of all government bodies around the world, is designed by Satan, toward the objective of causing the populace to become so disgruntled with the democratic form of government, that they will welcome his attempt at the world’s worst bully-dictatorship ever known to mankind.

6.  Satan and Satanic proponents of the New World Order, are being given more freedom every day to wreak the havoc they believe is a requisite to installing their world dictatorship. Meanwhile, God’s Spirit is being withdrawn from the world that Satan might better demonstrate his character of being a murderer from the beginning. The increase in the calamities of the world are because of increased sin such as blatant flaunting of the LGBT movement and every sin the imagination can construe.

7.  Satan is hypnotizing the world, as well as the church, to fall as prey for all his myriad diversions and temptations at this end-time. Television and Movies have subliminal messages displayed over those mediums, is one of prime devices for capturing and imprisoning his prey. God’s people should be alert and aware to this deceptive device and warn others of it:

8.  Ten hidden subliminal messages in movies and Television:

9.  Pornography is one of Satan’s most successful means of leading God’s children into debauchery and total degradation.

10. Foul language is now strewn over the airways, that at one time would have been cause for disbanding a station.

11. By beholding, man is being changed into the image Satan has designed, rather than in the image of Christ. Folk spend hours every day watching the devils agenda, while they shrink from beholding the life of Christ even for one hour. The result will be followed by the effect. We are daily being molded after the image of Christ, or the image of Satan.

12. We will soon enter upon a situation in the world that will enhance either the worship of Satan, or the worship of Christ, depending upon our choices now.

13. Character is not developed overnight. Character is the summation of all our choices over a lifetime. Our characters won’t miraculously change when the time of trouble comes upon us. The character we are building NOW, is the character we will display when the worst time of trouble every known to mankind envelopes the earth, and that time is not far distant.

14. America is waging a secret war in Syria. After Syria will come Iran. This is prophesied in Daniel 8, as the war with Persia. Modern-day Persia is Iran. When that war begins, there won’t be much time left, Iran is the last country on General Wesley Clark’s list of 7 countries to decimate. The effort is to get rid of Israel’s enemies.

15. Tass Press Review: Russia to set up Caribbean base and meet Israeli brass to discuss Iran: Putin is in on it all. He is a 33rd degree Mason. All the world leaders are part of Satan’s confederacy of Secret Societies.

In the Name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

R. William Beaulieu