Christian Coalition Proposes National Day of Rest


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Dear Adventist Friends,

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of the United States about perhaps the most important issue to date that could impinge upon your religious and economic freedoms and could virtually remove them overnight. My immediate concern and priority is "THE NATIONAL DAY OF REST" movement that is gaining momentum with the Christian Coalition, Religious Right and others meeting Ocober 11-13 in Washington D.C. It will infringe upon the exercise of free speech, press and religious activities that are guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. It is reported that the President will meet with them October 12 -13. Whether this is a hoax or fact the stakes are high for those of us who are giving earth's final warning.

We believe that everyone is entitled to a day of rest but in this diverse society each should make that choice based on his and her own convictions and not Sunday as proposed. According to the letter from the Christian Coalition in circulation this is potentially a dangerous proposal for Jews, Seventh-day Adventists, Seventh day Baptists who worship on Saturday or for Muslims who worship on Friday or for those who have no religious conviction. The implications are enormous for those who worship on a day other than Sunday and for economic reasons must work on Sunday. Once Sunday is set up as a day of rest as proposed and it gains national recognition it could lead to a National Sunday Law shortly thereafter, especially during the deepening crisis facing this nation. Remember the National Holiday established on Sunday by Constantine in 321 A.D. which later became a National Sunday Law and on the fifth decree the death penalty was inflicted. Sunday as a National Day of Rest was promoted 114 years ago in 1888 which was known as the BLAIR AMENDMENT. It was defeated on the Capitol floor when under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, A.T. Jones appeared before Congress with irrefutable arguments. E.G. White was appalled by the lack of interest shown by pastors and laity.

Since it is reported that there are 33 Capitol Hill Legislators who have signed on to this proposal - now is the time to present our concerns to all Legislators while we virtually have the floor of the House and Senate, before millions write, email and call to influence their Representatives to support their proposal. Once it has been introduced as a Bill and subsequently sent to a Sub-Commitee for consideration our efforts may be hardly noticed. Because of present freedoms and other victories of the past lets not fall back on a false sense of security. If we hesitate we will lose our opportunity. Since we are no longer a true Republic but a Democracy where the majority rule and the minority get squashed we should take nothing for granted that would encroach on our Religious Liberty. Write, call, email and FAX your district Senate and House members in D.C. now -- as we need to inform them before they become committed. We are not chasing rabbits - this has the potential for being the real wolf.

EXTREMELY URGENT! You may want to base your letter on your own observations or use thoughts from this letter expressed in your own words without reference to your faith. First, make 5 or more copies of the blank petition enclosed and circulate among your neighbors, friends and churches. Have thought leaders and professionals in your community sign a copy also. Place petitions on store counters and doors where granted permission. Solicit signatures on the street and in parking lots where allowed. Xerox your petitions when completed and make enough copies to be sent with your letters to each DC House Representative and Senator, and to their main state office as well. Be sure your name and return address are legible for their reply. Since it will take up to six weeks to do a anthrax scrub on your letters it will be extremely important for you to locate a fax, then FAX your personal letters and petitions to D.C. and to your state district office to get ahead of the pack. Call your state office for the DC & state FAX number and address. I can't over emphasis the importance of everyone doing this immediately upon receipt of this letter to give legislators enough time to evaluate our concerns before Oct. Everyone should call the President's White House line and leave a message. 202-456-1111 Lord Help Us!

Reuben Teske


Re: National Day of Rest Proposal by the Christian Coalition