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 What is happening on this Site? Nothing "(:-( )
 WAKE UP!I need y'all. To get my blood going again.
 I guess we will have to invite Brother Bill Mickelson back.LOL




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Its because sda church members are as asleep as this group.
They've lost their first love.
They're hearts are with the world and the cares of this life.
They don't feel the urgency to tell others of what is coming.
They aren't even making any preparations for whats to come.
I have searched the sda church nationwide
and can't find any single male farmers who make a living growing
fruits n veggies.
I don't know what is wrong with this church
but, the Mormons are better prepared than sda's.
EGW has warned us over and over and over again
But most just keep living there
I feel really sorry for them when the fan hits
Most don't even know what to do with a shovel and hoe
They think food will always be on the grocery store shelves.
They aren't even preparing for living in the wilderness
let alone finding places in the country to live.
Pastors are teaching smooth sermons
so as to not step on any toes for fear of losing their money
and having anybody to preach to
If pastors would preach what they ought to be preaching
and how IMPORTANT it is to get the sin OUT OF OUR LIVES
and if people would truly know what repentance is
Jesus would have come by now
We need hell fire and brimstone sermons to WAKE PEOPLE UP !!!
Not shouting sermons, but SERIOUS sermons to make people THINK !!!
Making them feel ashamed for continuing in sin.
And how we give the power of the devil over us
by choosing to continue to sin
when we KNOW what we do is WRONG.
Members do more knocking down of members than
encouraging and building them up
helping them overcome their sins.
This USED to be called the "caring" church.
But it certainly is NOT anymore !!!
Not many care about others, I mean REALLY care.
The majority of sda members are
rich and increased with goods and in need of nothing.
How many dirt poor people do you see going to sda churches ?
Not many
Thats because they don't feel welcome there
They are looked down upon
and feel unwelcome and don't fit in amongst the
established "cliques".
Don't believe me ?
Try visiting other sda churches around your area.
How many homeless, dirt poor members do you see ?
Unless sda's WAKE UP and start reaching out to
poor people in their communities
they will never get the passion Jesus had within Him
to help others, and care about others
and discuss the urgency of the times in this group, as well.