Is the New Age

New World Order

Just a Passing Fad?

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In an Adventist Review, June 10, 2010, article at this link associate editor Roy Adams says: New Age ideas are generally seen to have been a passing fad.That is tantamount to saying that the final “foot and toes” kingdom of Daniel’s vision depicted in Daniel chapter 2 and 7 is a passing fad! This is about as dumb-dogish (Isaiah 56:10-12) and (Testimonies, Vol. 5, p. 211), as the Adventist ministry can get! This is either wilful ignorance or manifest unbelief and there is no excuse for either. In the latter reference, 5T, 211, Ellen White indicts the “ancient men” leaders with unbelief and Roy Adam’s statement is the epitome of just that.


New age thought is commensurate with the New World Order as the following ads in Google depict. I Googled New Age versus New World Order.


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The article by Adams is about the Emergent Church movement. Adams proves just as ignorant about that movement as he does about the New Age/New World Order. Even non-Adventists are warning their people about the heresies of the Emerging Church Movement. But Adams brushes off the Emerging Church Movement as nothing to get concerned about. Here are his words from the Adventist Review article in question:


“As an Adventist, I struggle to avoid the knee-jerk reaction to every religious event or development. We shouldn’t see ourselves as the beginning and end of all good things spiritual. The Spirit, after all, moves where the Spirit wills. It’s possible that—misguided or not—the emerging church movement is an attempt to discover new ways “to do church” in a cynical, postmodern climate. And that’s a common struggle for all Christians.


So where do we come down on this one?


I remember the New Age rage some years ago. And I remember one Adventist woman’s repeated requests that Adventist Review confront the issue head-on. For some reason, however, we weren’t convinced we should go there. To us, the phenomenon seemed too fluid, too slippery, too difficult to pin down. In retrospect, I think we made the right call. Today—unless I’m misreading the situation, New Age ideas are generally seen to have been a passing fad.


Is the emerging church phenomenon different? Has the movement peaked and, like so many things modern, already begun to wane, giving way to the next excitement? We don’t know. But we considered it wise in this case to sound an alert—not an alarm. And the fact we’ve devoted a two-article cluster to the issue (see pages 16-22) suggests we think it’s something important to watch. What we intend here is not to present the last word on the subject, but to provide readers a handle on what may still be—no pun intended—an emerging phenomenon.” Adventist Review, June 10, 2010.


Adams is suggesting that the New Age movement seems to have been a passing fad and that the emerging church movement may be no different. In the broad view of what is transpiring as regards the church as it is viewed by New World Order proponents, neither that order nor their ideas for an emerging one world church will merely pass off the scene as a fad! Even the Council on Foreign Relations is in on this crusade and Rick Warren is its stool pigeon for thrusting this evil upon the churches. A bit of study into this issue and the roots of its advocates will confirm what I am saying about it. These heretical movements are not a passing fad and more than Daniel chapters 2 and 7 are a passing fad!


Other Adventist Review articles on this issue appear at the links included below (scroll down). These articles suggest that we do not know where the Emergent Church movement is headed. Some of us do know and there is no reason why SDA church leaders should not KNOW the objective of these movements and that they are not going to just pass off the scene of end-time events. But like the Celebration Movement, the leaders advocate a “wait and see” attitude while they have imbibed all the elements of that evil movement to the eternal detriment of the church and its youth. That movement has been a precise fulfillment of the following prophesy by Ellen White:


"The things you have described as taking place in Indiana, the Lord has shown me would take place just before the close of probation. Every uncouth thing will be demonstrated. There will be shouting, with drums, music, and dancing. The senses of rational beings will become so confused that they cannot be trusted to make right decisions. And this is called the moving of the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit never reveals itself in such methods, in such a bedlam of noise. This is an invention of Satan to cover up his ingenious methods for making of none effect the pure, sincere, elevating, ennobling, sanctifying truth for this time. Better never have the worship of God blended with music than to use musical instruments to do the work which last January was represented to me would be brought into our camp meetings. The truth for this time needs nothing of this kind in its work of converting souls. A bedlam of noise shocks the senses and pervert that which if conducted aright might be a blessing. The powers of satanic agencies blend with the din and noise, to have a carnival, and this is termed the Holy Spirits working." Selected Messages, Vol. 2, p. 36.