A Happy and Blessed New Year

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Dear brothers and sisters in the faith,


I want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a blessed and fruitful new year in the Lord. Also, I want to thank those who have supported our ministry of truth to the church and the world this past year, and those who have supported it for many years now. To date, our message has gone to nearly every country in the world and many around the world have thanked us for the truths we have presented via this website and other venues.


We are living in most sobering and tumultuous times. Even the world senses that momentous events are imminent. It is past time to order our lives according to the will of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with the aid of His Holy Spirit who has unlimited power to empower us in doing His Will.


We never know when our number will be called and our life will cease. Many die in their sleep or in accidents. Many die suddenly and unexpectedly from serious illnesses and pestilences. We must be ready, sober and vigilant at all times. My prayer is that we will all determine to be better watchmen on the walls of Zion in this coming year.


Our small and short trek on this earth is inconsequential except as we do Godís Will, and only such things as become His Will are of any lasting consequence. God has promised to send His Holy Spirit to teach us all things that are important to our best welfare.He can teach us more worthwhile knowledge in a moment, than all manís educational facilities can teach in a lifetime. Let us determine in this new year to learn at the feet of our greatest mentor, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, which is given freely by His grace to all who subscribe to the Desire of Ages.


I would like to present for your reading a happy new year greeting by Ellen G. White, which was penned one year before her demise in 1915. My you be blessed by its content.


A most God blessed New Year to all who will follow our Lordís leading,




Ron Beaulieu


Thoughts for the New Year (1914) by Ellen G. White


January 5, 1914 Thoughts for the New Year


†††† Although in one sense the first day of the new year is no more to God than any other day, yet He often puts into the hearts of His children at that time a desire to begin the new year with new resolves,--perhaps with plans to carry out some worthy enterprise,--and with purposes to depart from the wrongs of the old year and to live the new year with new determinations. {AUCR, January 5, 1914 par. 1}


†††† In God's plan for His ancient people, He gave the command, "On the first day of the first month shalt thou set up the tabernacle." We have no tabernacle to set up as had the children of Israel, but we have a work of building to do, the importance of which all need to understand. Let us remember that character is not the result of accident, but day by day it is forming for good or for evil. Great importance attaches to this work of character building; for it is far-reaching in its results. We are builders for time and for eternity. Few realize the power of habit. Examine your own heart and life in the light of God's Word, and ask yourself, "What has my record been for the year that is just closing? What advancement have I made in the Christian life? What victories have I gained? And what have I done to help others, and to lead them to Christ?" {AUCR, January 5, 1914 par. 2}


†††† God has not placed you in the world to lead an aimless life. He designs that you should be useful, and reach a high standard of moral excellence. To each one some work is given. During the old year have you performed your appointed tasks with cheerfulness and fidelity, having an eye single to the glory of God? Opportunities and privileges have been granted you; what use have you made of these gifts entrusted to you by our Heavenly Father? Have you made yourself a blessing to those around you? Have you done what you could to make them happy and win them to Christ? {AUCR, January 5, 1914 par. 3}


†††† All this is a part of your appointed work. God also requires each of us to subdue self, not giving the rein to self-indulgence or appetite, and to form characters that will stand the test of the judgment and go with us into the future life. {AUCR, January 5, 1914 par. 4}


†††† Shall the close of the year find you further advanced than you are today? Will you put away evil habits? Will you be considerate of others, faithful to do the work of a Christian? If you will carry the principles of right-doing into all the affairs of life, you will find that it will promote health of body, peace of mind, and prosperity of soul. You will have a strength, dignity, and sweetness of character that will have a transforming influence upon others. {AUCR, January 5, 1914 par. 5}


†††† We are now entering upon a new year, and may it prove a beginning of years to us. If in the old year we have made failures, let us commence the new by rectifying these errors as far as we can. If the old year has borne into eternity a spotted record of opportunities neglected and privileges slighted, let us see that that of the new year is free from these blemishes. Its days are all before us; let us begin now to make the history of each as it passes, such as we shall not tremble to meet in the judgment. Let us fill each one full of loving, helpful work for others. Let us develop all our powers, and make of ourselves all that God designed that we should. {AUCR, January 5, 1914 par. 6}


†††† In the keeping of God's commandments there is great reward. A reward awaits the overcomer in the great day, when he shall hear from the lips of our Lord, "Well done, good and faithful servant"; and there is also a present reward in the peace and happiness that flow from the conscience at rest, from the sweet assurance that we enjoy the favour of God. "All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth unto such as keep His covenant and His testimonies." To all who walk in His ways the new year will be crowded with goodness and blessing. Mrs. E. G. White. {AUCR, January 5, 1914 par. 7}