Did Ellen White not Live What She Preached?

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What would Ellen White's critics say of her if she had been personally taught by Jesus Christ for three and one-half years, and then pulled a sword out and chopped someone's ear off as Peter did? What would they say about her if she swore at Jesus' trial that she did not know him as the disciples of Jesus did? What would they say if, like Elijah, she ran from Jezebel? What would they say about her, if, like Moses, she disobeyed God and struck the rock twice? What would they say if they found out that James White killed a man, as Moses did? Now James White never killed a man, but what if like Moses, he had? What if James White had taken a concubine in order to have children, and Adventist thereafter referred to him as the father of the faithful as Christians now refer to Abraham? Are you beginning to see my point, friend. Every vessel God has ever chose has been weak at times, and made mistakes. Ellen White herself said that God chooses weak and erring men. Here are some of her statements regarding whom God chooses:

"None of the twelve [disciples] was chosen because of perfection, either in character or in ability. Christ selected men who were willing and able to learn, whose characters might be transformed. All had serious defects when called, but these, by His grace, were removed (except in the case of Judas), and in their place Jesus planted the precious seeds of the divine character that germinated, grew to maturity, and later produced the fruit of a Christlike character (Gal. 5:22, 23). Christ takes men where they are, and, if they are willing and submissive, He transforms them into what he would have them be. He appoints men and women to positions of responsibility, not because He considers them fully prepared for the demands these positions make of them, but because, in reading their hearts, He discerns latent abilities that, under divine guidance, may be encouraged and developed to His glory and to the advancement of His kingdom." E. G. White Comments, Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, Vol. 5, 592.

Some of the more aggressive critics of Ellen and James White have delved into the "purported" record of their early years and "allegedly" found what a record of some "extremes" practiced by James and Ellen White, that they apparently believe should disqualify them for service in God's vineyard. But God holds the record of every man and woman, and if a record of their early lives could be recalled. how many lives would not be marred by errors and mistakes that may well have been privately confessed and forgiven and forgotten by God. What right have men to expose the errors of those whose lives have testified mostly on the side of Christ and Christian living? Is this not the spirit of Satan, the accuser of the brethren?!

I once read the following critique on Peter, but failed to record the reference:

"....Peter was pre-eminently a man of action; his enthusiastic disposition was his strongest personal character trait. He was a man of pronounced extremes, and his strong personality was a source of marked virtues and serious defects. In him, diverse and contradictory traits of character existed side by side. he seems always to have been eager, ardent, warmhearted, generous, bold, daring, and courageous, but too often impulsive, inconsistent, unstable, rash, undependable, boastful, overconfident, and even reckless. In a moment of crisis he was likely to be weak, cowardly, and vacillating..."

So how many are ready to criticize Peter, and Christ for choosing Peter?

"Enoch, Noah, Moses, Daniel, and the long roll of patriarchs and prophets,--these were ministers of righteousness. They were not infallible. They were weak, erring men; but the Lord wrought through them as they gave themselves to His service." E. G. White, Gospel Workers, 13.

Might we say the same of every servant of God? How many Pastors have a past history they might well abhor? Do you know what Christ would say to the critics of James and Ellen White, based on their lives of mostly exemplary behavior? He would say: "Let he who is not guilty cast the first stone" and the critics would be forced to crawl away with their computers between their legs! We all are supposed to be prophets or representatives of God, which is one definition of a prophet. We all are supposed to be a royal priesthood! Who will abstain from the calling because of his/her erring past? All who do will be lost!

Ellen White's critics condemn her for any mistakes, and then condemn her because she was not infallible! That is the unjust, unfair, spirit of Satan, the accuser of the brethren. Intelligent men such as Walter Martin was, have not been able to read widely into Ellen White's writings, and regard her as a demonized product of Satan's deception. Far less intelligent men and women who have not even read much of anything written by Ellen White, except the hearsay criticisms written by her despisers, are ready and willing to "rush in like fools where angel's have feared to trod." I say that it is impossible to prayerfully read much of what Ellen White has written and then refer to and consider her as an ungodly, demonized woman. If Ellen White was a demon, I have never met a Christian. A house divided against itself cannot stand and Ellen White in no way supports the Synagogue or cause of Satan.


From: Thomas R Cusack To: Adventist Issues Cc: Subject: EGW and Hypocracy Date: July 24, 1999 4:51 AM

Thomas Cusack:

Dear Friends,

Was EGW a hypocrite because she ate venison at one point, or ate other things she had spoken against? Let us examine her quotes.

"....those who do not accept the light that God has given on health reform, who SUBSIST on the flesh of dead animals, cannot represent the truth to others. God gave light on health reform, and those that reject it reject God." (Series B, No. 6, p. 31)

Did EGW "subsist" on flesh foods? No. She clearly said that while she believed in vegetarianism, she would eat meat under certain circumstances, such as when there was no food readily available. Willie White explained that she did not view vegetarianism as requiring "teetotaling" in all situations, and that she was faithful in making reforms in her diet, and in generally following them.

If she did eat oysters on one occasion, and it appears that she did, after she was convicted it was wrong, then she sinned. I would like to be able to ask her why she ordered the can. Is it possible that she ordered them for someone else? I simply don't know. I assume they were for her. If sinning negated our ability to witness or use spiritual gifts, then we would all be disqualified. Have you ever gossipped, criticized, shaded the truth, expressed inpatience, overeaten, had an impure thought, etc., after you knew it was wrong? Does that mean you should no longer witness to Christ, or use your spiritual gift? I don't think so.

Did EGW make an "exception" in her case? No. She practiced what she preached, acknowledging that "circumstances alter cases".

She never claimed perfection of character, and neither should we.

EGW believed, taught, and lived the principles she espoused, within the reality that she was a fallen sinner, and within the reality as well that her life is being scrutinized as no other prophet ever was. I suspect that when we meet her, and find out all of the facts about situations that have been discussed, we will end up with a better view of her life and character, while knowing, still, that she needed a Savior too.

Tom C.

Omega Ministries Commentary: Ellen White's critics often overlook certain qualifying words and phrases, such as the word SUBSIST in the above quote. This is an evidence of their wantonness to criticize and condemn rather than any displaying any fair effort and desire to discover light and truth. This is an evidence that the accuser of the brethren, Satan, is at work.