The Barack Obama--Rick Warren Connection—An Ominous Church & State Agenda!


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The cooperative agenda of Barack Obama and Rick Warren is of serious importance. Some of these links require a bit of time to load but they will load:

illinoisreview: "Warren, Obama: It takes more than wings to fly"

obama warren.jpg This would be like me inviting Ted Kennedy to my pro-life ... By failing to invite a "phenom" like Obama, Warren (& evengelicals) ... - 40k - Cached - Similar pages


An Obama/Warren Ticket = The Number of the Beast « Voice of the Sheep

An Obama/Warren Ticket = The Number of the Beast. Watch out if Barack Obama names as his running mate Purpose Driven guru Rick Warren. ... - 92k - Cached - Similar pages


Weblog: Warren, Obama, the Christian Coalition, and 'the ...

The real losers in the Obama-Warren controversy | Rick Warren's invitation to have Barack Obama speak at his mega-church's AIDS conference has sparked a ... - 51k -


The following article has some "nitty gritty" research! With Obama in the lead position he is currently enjoying, this article becomes most important!