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The Organized Apostasy and Tearing Down of the Faith in Seventh Day Adventism

The Organized Apostasy and Tearing Down of the Faith in Seventh Day Adventism

Introduction: To the faithful brethren of the Seventh Day Adventist Church

Elder Tim Arnett

Elder Timothy Lee Arnett
7th Day Christian Church of Adventist Believers
Eastlake, Ohio
Screename-Brother Blue
Website: The Seventh Day Adventists NAD


Brother Blue,

I received a call from the Ohio Conference secretary Elder Hubert Cisneros to come
out to Ohio and pastor one of seven churches.  Two of the choices were
Madison and Ashtabula (sp?).  I know that Pastor Hitchcock was the former pastor
for those two.  During my phone interview with Elder Hubert I came to
realize what direction the Ohio Conference wants to take their churches. 
They are:
1 - stop using the hymnal and replace it with modern christian music
2 - teach that the decalogue and the levitical law were all one law
3 - suppress christian reform in the area of dress, ie, wear all the jewelry
you want
4 - minimize the Sabbath
5 - abandon important pillars of the church
6 - try to bring more people in with a use of lax rules and more
entertaining elements

The things Elder Hubert was saying to me were an abomination.  They totally
usurp Biblical standards and SOP admonishments and counsel.
On one hand I could come out and try to work a congregation back to the
Bible; however, I would have a life of frustration and constant battles with
the conference administration.  And I know full well that they will just
relieve pastors of their duties if the pastors don't go the direction that
the conference administration wants the conference to go.

On a side note:  there is an elder from the Ohio conference who is on the
1888 Study Committee who was told, by a conference officer, that they
(Conference administration) are waiting for the old conservatives to die off
so they can move the churches in a new direction.  This was referred to as a
paradigm shift.  That is sick.

Well, I thought you would be interested in this since you had stood up for
Biblical truth against the same people who want to hire me.

In His service,

Brother Ron Christman

Subject: (no subject)
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 00:01:29 EDT

Dear Ron, I am on vacation in New England.  Currently I am in Vermont, and
tomorrow A.M, I will be traveling into New Hampshire and Maine.