An Omen of Things to Come

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Dear Reader,

The following item was sent to an SDA forum on the Internet. Please read it in connection with the E.G. White statement I recently quoted in the Menu item entitled Sage Words from a Sage Prophet. This is truly an omen of what is to come and what Ellen White prophesied:

"I thought I would share a few quotes from our local weekly English very secular newspaper. The paper is "News On Sunday" comes out on Fridays and is the only English paper on the Island of Mauritia. I could not find an online edition. I wrote these quotes directly from the paper itself. Maybe some of you would have the same concerns I had reading these articles concerning the tsunami tragedy. All from only one paper. Here are the articles:

How we have been saved when the calamity struck so closely, is probably in the domain of miracles.

Yes, it is a miracle. How else do we explain our close shave?

And the miracle is an act of God. Once again, it has been proved that Mauritians [of the Island of Mauritia] are God's beloved, His chosen ones.

Maybe it is the combined prayers of the various components of the population that have pleased God.

Thats enough reason why we should be for ever thankful to God.

and another article: The recent seaquake and tsunami that has devastated our part of the world is a manifestation of God's wrath. What terrorists have not achieved in decades, God has accomplished in hours.

All religions urgently need to unite in order to check the downward slide in values so that a new and better world can emerge.

continues on in this vein and ends with: It might be a tall order, but it is up to you to bring back God to the earth.

Now from the 2005 predictions (Chinese, 2x Hindi, French) which the newspaper calls "an integral part of our lifestyle. That's astrology."

However there is a silver lining because 50 per cent of these problems can be controlled by prayers and good deeds, says Mrs. Kwok.

she also says: Our country is protected because of the amount of prayers showered by its multi-cultural population. With a diverse culture there are so many festivals, and each religious festival is accompanied by prayers. However, says Mrs. Kwok, people should couple prayers with hard work and that too is unity.

Pundit Darshan Sharma-Ramphul states: The tidal wave which caused so much damage a few days ago was just a trailer. Mauritius has been spared. It suffered to a minimum, and that is related to the amount of prayers being said by the diverse religions existing here. But the message was clear: "Nature reacts to man's atrocities. Through such natural calamities, we are reminded of the existence and power of God. If God wills it, He can turn the world upside down in a second." The pundit reminds us that Mauritius is truly a Star in the Indian Ocean, and that is due to continues prayers said on a permanent basis here. " We have to continue praying for the protection of our island. We must all work hard for further progress."

He ends: The ill-effects of the planet on Mauritius, says the astrologer, can only be prevented through prayers, trust between brothers and sincerity of the population.

Anyone else see the implications of end time Prophesy, with talk such as this being made?

Further Commentary by Ron Beaulieu:

Friends, we have a prophet who enlightened us concerning the momentous tragedies that are just beginning to fall on this earth. Notice:

God's Retributive Judgments Seen in Vision.-- God has a storehouse of retributive judgments, which He permits to fall upon those who have continued in sin in the face of great light. I have seen the most costly structures in buildings erected and supposed to be fireproof. And just as Sodom perished in the flames of God's vengeance, so will these proud structures become ashes. I have seen vessels which cost immense sums of money wrestling with the mighty waters, seeking to breast the angry billows. But with all their treasures of gold and silver, and with their human freight they sink into a watery grave. Man's pride will be buried with the treasures he has accumulated by fraud. God will avenge the widows and orphans who in hunger and nakedness have cried to Him for help from oppression and abuse. {3SM 418.3}

The time is right upon us when there will be sorrow 419 in the world that no human balm can heal. The flattering monuments of men's greatness will be crumbled in the dust, even before the last great destruction comes upon the world. . . . {3SM 418.4}

Only by being clothed with the robe of Christ's righteousness can we escape the judgments that are coming upon the earth.--Letter 20, 1901. {3SM 419.1} Many Children Will Be Taken Away

Ere long we are to be brought into strait and trying places, and the many children brought into the world will in mercy be taken away before the time of trouble comes.--Manuscript 152, 1899. (See Child Guidance, pp. 565, 566; Counsels on Health, p. 375.) {3SM 419.2}

Happy New Year everyone!