Overcoming by the Merits of Christ



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Overcoming: “The creative energy that called the worlds into existence is in the word of God. This word imparts power; it begets life. Every command is a promise; accepted by the will, received into the soul, it brings with it the life of the Infinite One. It transforms the nature and re-creates the soul in the image of God.”  ED, 126.


“We are living in the great Day of Atonement, and it is now time that everyone should repent before God, confess his sins, and by living faith rest upon the merits of a crucified and risen Saviour.” Testimonies to Ministers, p. 224, 225.


“Living faith enables its possessor to lay hold of the merits of Christ, enables him to derive much comfort and satisfaction from the plan of redemption.” 1SM 364.


“Still others who are condemned by the law will repent of their transgressions and, through faith in Christ’s merits, will perfect Christian character.” Ibid., p. 31.


“Those who are loyal to the truth will, through the merits of Christ, overcome all weakness of character that has led them to be molded by every varying circumstance of life.” Ibid., p.85.


“Christ died for us that we might have life. He opened before us the way whereby we might, through His merits, keep the law of God.” Ibid., p. 46.


“Through the virtue of the merits of the blood of Christ we may stand unscathed amid the fire of temptation and trial.” Faith and Works, p. 87.


“When we are clothed with the righteousness of Christ, we shall have no relish for sin; for Christ will be working with us. We may make mistakes, but we will hate the sin that caused the sufferings of the Son of God.” 1SM 360.


This (above) is why we must often fall at the foot of the cross and ask the forgiveness of Christ.


“As we behold Christ, pierced for our sins, we shall see that we cannot break the law of God and remain in His favour; we shall feel that as sinners we must lay hold of the merits of Christ and cease to sin. Then we are drawing night to God. As soon as we have a correct view of the love of God, we shall have no disposition to abuse it.” 1SM 312.


“While the investigative judgment is going forward in Heaven, while the sins of penitent believers are being removed from the sanctuary, there is to be a special work of purification, of putting away of sin, among God’s people upon the earth. When this work shall have been accomplished, the followers of Christ will be ready for His appearing.” GC 425.


“The merits of Christ are the foundation of the Christian’s faith.” Great Controversy, p. 73.


It is the hope that is set before us in the Scriptures. And what a living hope! Heb. 6:18, 19; Romans 3:25; 5:9; Ephesians 1:7; Colossians 1:20; Hebrews 13:12; Revelation 12:11.


“The Saviour was deeply anxious for His disciples to understand for what purpose His divinity was united to humanity. He came to the world to display the glory of God, that man might be uplifted by its restoring power. God was manifested in Him that He might be manifested in them. Christ revealed no qualities and exercised no power that men may not have through faith in Him. His perfect humanity is that which all His followers may possess if they will be in subjection to God as He was.” The Desire of Ages, 664.


“It is the privilege of every believer in Christ to possess Christ’s nature, a nature far above that which Adam and Eve forfeited by transgression.” The Upward Look, p. 18; 1 Corinthians 15:45-49; 2 Peter 1:4.


“We must daily apply to the merits of the blood of Christ that we may become vessels fit for the Master’s use.” Faith and Works, p. 86.


Power to obey: By faith you became Christ's, and by faith you are to grow up in Him-by giving and taking. You are to give all,-your heart, your will, your service,-give yourself to Him to obey all His requirements and you must take all,-Christ, the fullness of all blessing, to abide in your heart, to be your strength, your righteousness, your everlasting helper,-to give you power to obey (SC 70).



Read this statement and decide whether or not Ellen White changed her mind about righteousness by faith after 1888. This statement was penned in 1890, just two years after the 1888 message.



From the pulpits of today the words are uttered: "Believe, only believe. Have faith in Christ; you have nothing to do with the old law, only trust in [the merits of] Christ." How different is this from the words of the apostle [James], who declares that faith without works is dead. He says, "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves." We must have that faith that works by love and purifies the soul. Many seek to substitute a superficial faith for uprightness of life, and think through this to obtain salvation. The Lord requires at this time just what he required of Adam in Eden,--perfect obedience to the law of God. We must have righteousness without a flaw, without a blemish. God gave his son to die for the world, but he did not die to repeal the law which was holy and just and good. The sacrifice of Christ on Calvary is an unanswerable argument showing the immutability of the law. Its penalty was felt by the Son of God in behalf of guilty man, that through his merits the sinner might obtain the virtue of his spotless character by faith in his name. The sinner was provided with a second opportunity to keep the law of God in the strength of his Divine Redeemer. The cross of Calvary forever condemns the idea that Satan has placed before the Christian world, that the death of Christ abolished not only the typical system of sacrifices and ceremonies but the unchangeable law of God, the foundation of his throne, the transcript of his character. Through every device possible Satan has sought to make of none effect the sacrifice of the Son of God, to render his expiation useless, and his mission a failure. He has claimed that the death of Christ made obedience to the law unnecessary, and permitted the sinner to come into favor with a holy God without forsaking his sin. He has declared that the Old Testament standard was lowered in the gospel, and that men can come to Christ, not to be saved from their sins but in their sins. But when John beheld Jesus he told his mission. He said, "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world." To every repentant soul the message is, "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord; though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." {ST, May 19, 1890 par. 10}


Christ Refuted Satan's Boast That No One Could Live a Spotless Life--Christ came to suffer in man's behalf, for Satan had made the boast that no one could withstand his devising and in this world live a spotless life. Clothed with human nature, the Redeemer subjected Himself to all the temptations with which human beings are beset, and He overcame on every point. The record of His life is given to the world, that no one need be in doubt as to the power of the grace of God. To every soul who strives for perfection of Christian character, this world becomes a battlefield on which is fought the controversy between good and evil. And everyone who trusts in Christ will gain the victory.  {11MR 213.2, 214}