How Pantheists Violate every Commandment

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From: rob sterbenc


Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 2:53 PM

Subject: [AdventistHotIssues] Pantheism violates every single commandment of the Law


Dear Forum,



        Here is how pantheism and its teachers can be shown, like the papacy, to violate every single commandment individually:


        1.  The creation is worshipped as God, as pantheism teaches that God is everything, and God is in everything.  Thus since the    creation is worshipped as God (Romans 1),  another god is worshipped, so violating the first commandment.


        2.  The graven images of idols from a variety of false religions are embraced in pantheism, since the god of pantheism

            embraces all religions, and the pantheistic god is in all, and is all.  Commandment number two is thus broken.


        3.  The teachers of pantheism take the name of the Lord God in vain by proclaiming that they themselves are

            Gods (see Psalm 82:6) but they will die like men.  Thus, they use the name of the Lord in vain by misusing

             the title and applying it to themselves, in a similar manner that the Roman Papacy does (2 Thess 2:4).


        4.  Pantheism exalts nature above nature's God.  Thus the sun, moon and the stars as well as ''mother earth"

             are God, according to pantheism.  Since the sun is God according to pantheism, it prepares the way for

             the inhabitants of earth to accept SUNDAY as the sabbath, the papal mark of the beast.  Thus the very

             character of pantheism will lead the multitudes to accept the mark of the beast (Rev. 14:9, 10). Therefore

             in a seductive but very real way the teachers of pantheism violate the fourth commandment.


        5. Adam and Eve were our first parents (Gen 3:16; 4:1, 2; Gen 1:28).  They did not worship nature.  They still

            worshipped God even after disobedience.  The sacrificial service was taught to them prior to begetting their

           second son Abel, following Cain. Abel offered a slain lamb and the fat of lambs as an offering for sin.

            The teachers of pantheism, however, exalt nature above the God of nature; thus they dishonor our first

            parents even after they fell.


       6.  The teachers of pantheism, in a real sense, seek to ''kill'' the personal God, the Creator, the Almighty.

            By seeking to destroy the personality of God and replace Him with a pantheistic God that seeth

            not, they have violated the sixth commandment.


       7. By following after other gods, the teachers of pantheism, many of whom may have been former Christians,

           have committed spiritual adultery against God (Hosea 7:4, 9:10) and His Son.  These teachers prophesy falsely, and

           the people love to have it so (Jeremiah 5:30,31).  Such false teachers violate the seventh commandment.


       8.  The teachers of pantheism have stolen the name of God and have applied it to themselves, since according

            to their doctrine, they are Gods and God is in them. The ninth commandment is thus broken.


       9.  The teachers of pantheism are false prophets who divine lie after lie, with falsehoods built on top of other

            falsehoods.  Bearing false witness against the Lord and even their neighbor who might believe in the true God,

            they violate commandment number nine.


     10.   The teachers of pantheism covet God's name just like the papacy does.  They proclaim with a loud voice,

             ''We are God!  God is in us!  God is in you!'' and the like.  Just as Lucifer coveted the position of God in

             Isaiah 14:13,14, so do these false prophets covet the title of God.  Thus the tenth commandment is




       All praise to God and His Son Jesus Christ, the Everlasting Wisdom, begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.


       Blessings to all of you - RS