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In spite of the abominable efforts of SDA leaders in trying to get you to believe that the SDA church is not in MEMBERSHIP liaison with the World Council of Churches, via "representatives" who are MEMBERS, which is a double-speak abomination in and of itself, fact is that the church is A MEMBER via certain "representative MEMBERS," and MEMBERSHIP in certain National Councils of Churches around the world.

Proof absolute that the church is a MEMBER of certain National Councils of Churches around the world, which is the only requisite for MEMBERSHIP in the WCC, is that certain countries will not let any church operate within thier borders unless they are a recognized MEMBER of the World Council of Churches. In some of these countries, it was the WCC, that financed the coup that paved the way for the government of that country to take over.

The church has paid large sums in "dues" to these organizations. A few years ago the Conference Treasurer told me how much the General Conference in Washington had paid to the NCC in the U.S.A. Now look below to find that your sacred tithe and offerings is going toward supporting pantheism. Yes, it is just as much an offense to God to support the teaching of pantheism, as it is to teach it yourself:

"Before the opening worship service began at the last general assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC), in Canberra, Australia, delegates passed through the smoke of burning leaves. This was a pagan cleansing rite. The congregation then listened to recorded insect noises and watched a male dancer impersonate a kangaroo. The next day, as two painted, loinclothed aborigines cavorted, South Korean theologian Chung Hyun Kyung invoked spirits of the dead and exhorted the audience of more than 4000 to read the Bible 'from the perspective of birds, water, air, trees' and to 'think like a mountain [pure unadulterated pantheism]." Reader's Digest, February, 1993, issue. Read the entire article found on this WebSite, a few items down on the Menu, and entitled The World Council of Churches and the Gospel According to Marx.

If you have any doubt whatsoever as to whether or not the SDA church is a member of the World Council of Churches via membership in various National Councils of Churches around the world, write to an ordained SDA Minister, Vance Ferrell, who has done an in-depth search into this matter. Request Vance's TractBook entitled "Our Ecumenical Involvement. This book is 120 pages, and is worth every cent you will be charged for it. Vance's address is:

Pilgrims Rest
Beersheba Springs, TN 37305