Paulson Plan Could Cost $1 Trillion



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From: Kevin Straub

To: Kevin Straub

Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 2:40 PM

Subject: The mother of all bailouts


The mother of all bailouts is the plan.  We’ve been told that the continued “spiking of the punchbowl” only keeps the party going a little while longer, while ensuring a greater hangover.  I can’t believe that markets are surging on this expectation.  What is going on, here?  This is truly a case of the dog returning to its vomit.  Well, it is good to have a little more time, if that is what will come of it.  We have to use it according to the Lord’s leading.  Those in the cities should be making serious plans to leave.  Stock up a few beans and grains, get spare parts to vital equipment, plus whatever other supplies will be important for you and your family in the coming time of disintegration.  As companies go down, many things that we have taken for granted will be a thing of the past.  Do we think we are in a different world since 9-11?  We haven’t seen anything, yet.


One other thing, I say “watch out” for what they are going to tack on to the legislation that gets rammed through in a few days.  Sunday laws?  I doubt it, but I am suspicious of what gets slipped by on emergency measures legislation.  There is a prediction going around that a Sunday law will be passed on Oct. 16, Tabernacles.  I don’t agree, for the Great Controversy tells us that there will first be a popular clamor for it.  I just don’t see that it is possible for this to foment and ferment in a matter of a few weeks.  ~KS


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