Bible and Spirit of Prophecy Truth on the Subject of Nature

by Laval Picard

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The bible truth on the subject of "nature and nature's God" is an extremely important one for the people of God in these last days of this earth's history.

In the book Education, p.14, Mrs. White refers to it as the knowledge of God. "
In a knowledge of God, all true knowledge and real development have their source. Wherever we turn, in the physical, the mental, or the spiritual realm, this knowledge is revealed. Whatever line of investigation we pursue, with a sincere purpose to arrive at truth, we are brought in touch with the unseen, mighty Intelligence that is working in and through all. The mind of man is brought into communion with the mind of God, the finite with the infinite."

We would do well to read these words again and again until the Holy Spirit impresses the truth of God into our souls. Then we will not let it go easily!

And in the book Selected Messages ,Vol.1, p.293 she refers to it as the true knowledge of God. "
Those who have a true knowledge of God will not become so infatuated with the laws of matter or the operations of nature as to overlook or refuse to acknowledge the continual working of God in nature."

Instead of seeing that God, through His Spirit, is working in nature, we talk about  the laws of matter or the operations of mother nature! This way, nature is deified. However, "The laws of nature are not self-acting. Nature in her work testifies of the intelligent presence and active Agency of a Being who moves in all things according to His will." Ministry of Healing, p.416. This "intelligent presence and active Agency" is the mind of God, His Spirit.

In Volume 8 of the Testimonies, we read these words: "Those who judge of God from His handiwork, and not from the suppositions of great men, see His presence in everything... The real evidence of a living God is not merely in theory; it is in the conviction that God has written in our hearts, illuminated and explained by His word.
It is in the living power in His created works, seen by the eye which the Holy Spirit has enlightened." p.325.

This should help us better appreciate why Mrs. White "
was called upon to rebuke those who were presenting the doctrine of an impersonal God pervading all nature." p.293. She was called upon to rebuke those who presented pantheistic sentiments, who were teaching that the power we see manifested in nature is a mere impersonal essence. This impersonal essence, they call it, God! The result is that there is no personal God, no personal Christ. This teaching sweeps away the whole Christian economy! Pantheists are actually atheists! They do not believe in a personal God, a living God, who, by His Spirit, is moving in all things according to His will. What they do is "deify" nature. Therefore, to them, nature is God. The universe is God. But "Nature is not God, nor wast it ever God." 1 S.M.293.

Note by Ron: The Trinity Doctrine sweeps away the entire Christian economy as well by denying the sacrifice of the Testator of His Divine Nature Holy Spirit in the heavenly Sanctuary as part of the Atonement and the Sanctuary message. Without that sacrifice there would have been no Atonement for it was that sacrifice that met the prescribed limits of a sacrifice. End note.

Mrs. White often refers to this pantheistic teaching as false science which was introduced by Satan in the heavenly courts. "
False science is one of the agencies that Satan used in the heavenly courts and it is used by him today. The false asserstions that he made to the angels, his subtle scientific theories, seduced many of them from their loyalty... By every device at his command he seeks to prevent men from obtaining that knowledge of God which is salvation... The path of error often appears to lie close to the path of truth. It is hardly distinguishable from the path that leads to holiness and heaven. But the mind enlightened by the Holy Spirit may discern that it is diverging from the right way. After a while the two are seen to be widely separated." Testimonies, Vol.8, p.290,291.

Thus, "God being removed from His position of sovereignty, they place their dependence upon human power, which, without God, is worthless." p.292.

No. The living power working in and through all of God's created works is the mind of God, the unseen, mighty Intelligence that is working in and through all. "
It is through the immediate Agency of God that every tiny seed breaks through the earth and springs into life. Every leaf grows, every flower blooms, by the power of God." 1 S.M.294. "Take your children into the garden and explain to them how God causes the seed to grow. The farmer plows his land and sows the seed, but he cannot make the seed grow. He must depend upon God to do that which no human power can do. The Lord puts His own Spirit into the seed, causing it to spring into life. Under His care the germ breaks through the case enclosing it and springs up to develop and bear fruit." Testimonies, Vol.8, p.326.

"The fruit is first seen in the bud, and the Lord develops it in its proper season because it does not resist His working.
So the birds fulfill God's purpose as they make their long migrations from land to land, guided through trackless space by the hand of infinite power." p.327.

Now we can better appreciate these words: "
Above, beneath, beyond, abides infinite love working out all things to accomplish the good pleasure of His goodness." Education, p.134.

"To those who
thus acquaint themselves with Christ, the earth will never more be a lonely and desolate place. It will be their Father's house filled with the presence of Him who once dwelt among men." Education, p.120.

This knowledge, brothers and sisters, is the knowledge of God, even the true knowledge of God. We do not know Him aright until we discern His presence in all created things, until we discern that by His Spirit He is continually at work in and through all. For those who receive this light, "
nature is again illuminated." 8 T 325.

His name is, "I AM." Christ is not a Saviour afar off but very nigh, at hand. "
The Lord is at hand." Phil.4:5. "The Lord is that Spirit." 2 Cor.3;17. If  the Lord, "that Spirit," was separated from us even by so much as a moment of time, we would be instantly crushed under the burden of sin. "The heaviest burden we bear is the burden of sin. If we were left to bear this burden, it would crush us." D.A.328,329.

There was a time when men knew God but they did not like to retain Him in their knowledge, so they deified names. Everything known was a god; and there was a god of the wind, a god of the fire, a god of the waves, a god in the tree, etc, etc. Every manifestation of power was a different god. And we have gone on, and the world has gone on, for these hundreds of years, devising names, putting names in the place of God.

Now, what true education is, instead of giving these all names in the place of God, and defying them as if the name did the thing, (cohesion, adhesion, gravity, electricity, magnetism, etc, etc,) it is to put there the Name that is above every name and worship that, and see the Spirit of God there, moving in all things according to His will!

Well, it is wonderful to me, every day I live, and the longer I live the more wonderful it is to me, into how small a space, and how simple a truth, all the truth is resolved. Whoever comes to the recognition of this fact, and holds himself to it, has all the truth there is in the universe. God is, and there is no other. "
He who comes to God must believe that He is." Heb.11:6. That is His name. "I AM." Ex.3:12. God is. Where? He is. Go where you will in the universe, and there it can be said, He is. His name means "eternal presence". D.A.469. "Where shall I go from Your Spirit? Where shall I flee from Your presence?" Psalm 139:7.

God is an ever-present God!  "
Do I not fill heaven and earth?" Jeremiah 23:23,24.