Progress or Regress?



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Man has taken great pride in his so called progress which he attributes to positive evolution of the species, but every so called progress which deviates from Godís original plan for man has serious negatives associated with it. Read the data at these links and consider whether man is progressing or regressing. And of course, this is only two examples of thousands that could be cited:

Satan has proven so thoroughly that his ways lead to death and destruction. Were it not for Godís final intervention, Satanís so called progress that he has lead man to imbibe, would lead to the ultimate extinction of every species of living matter. Sin not only hastens our death, but the death of the universe. Yet, man continues to build empires on this earth. What folly! What foolish vanity! Were it not for God and our dear Saviour Jesus Christ, man would be like so many lemmings marching into the sea to certain and eternal death of himself and all the species!

As far as lifestyle is concerned, the native Indians and the Amish live closer to Godís intended lifestyle for man, but modern man still considers his inventions that are killing himself and all nature to be progress. Solomon, the wisest man, concluded that all was vanity in his day. What would he say today?!