Prophecy Unfolding Before our Eyes

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Looks like prophecy is unfolding right before our eyes. This one is too good not to pass on.

Will you be faithful to Jesus?   Deb


Hello Everyone,


This past Sabbath a Korean pastor from America preached at our church.  He was the speaker for the university week of prayer last week.  A small man, with broken English, but what a powerful sermon!  He told us that there are already Sunday laws in parts of Mexico and Canada.  He told us a story about a group of Sabbath-keepers in Mexico who have had to move to a remote mountain place because of the Sunday laws.  There were about 600 of them living there together.  One day a Catholic priest with a whole lot of soldiers came to their village and told them they were breaking the law by keeping Sabbath.  He said they were all going to be killed, but those who wanted to change their mind could stand to one side.  About 300 people surrendered to their fears and stood aside.  The other 300 were tied together with a rope and doused with gasoline.  The priest then took a flaming torch and gave them one more chance to give in.  But the group started singing "All to Jesus I surrender" and stood firm.  The priest was furious, and threw the flaming torch at them.  A huge fireball went up, but not one person was consumed!  The priest and all the soldiers turned and fled (maybe they saw the angels!)  The other 300 who had not stood firm came and knelt in front of their friends and apologised to them for their weakness.
This story really shook me up.  I wondered which group I would have been in.  I know that in my own strength I would never be able to stand, but Jesus can take away my fear and help me to be strong even in the face of death.  I pray that He will give each one of us the strength we need to stand for Him when the time comes.  May we learn to be faithful and obedient in the small things so that one day when the big tests come we will be able to put our trust in Jesus.  Time is short - but let us not be fearful.  Jesus says, "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh."  (Luke 21:28).
You are all in my prayers.
Love Alison