A Remarkable Prophecy Fulfilled

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Dear Reader,

The following exchange of messages was conducted on October 20, 2002, between me, Ron Beaulieu, and a gentleman named RP. I will not relate the full name for privacy reasons. RP has relentlessly mocked me for my message (especially the trinity part), and my motives for giving that message. He has myriad times publicly accused me of doing what I do out of a motive for monetary gain. I told RP and the forum involved how little I subsist on and how I live in an unfinished house without modern toilet facilities. Then he mocked me for my adversity. I then conveyed a vision the Lord had given to me concerning him, that his day of adversity is coming and that he should brace for it.

It should be carefully noted that I had no past information about RP's wife and her condition. I say that before the Lord and on my salvation. Indeed, when I made the prophecy to RP, the diagnosis on his wife had not even been made. This is double-blind proof that I could not have known of his "upcoming adversity" involving his wife.

To those who have chosen to mock the warning message and messenger, continue to mock at your own risk and peril.

In a message dated 10/20/02 2:35:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
rsbeauli@telusplanet.net writes:


The Lord has shown me that your day of adversity is coming! Brace for it!

Ron Beaulieu


"The Lord that showed that to you is indeed very wrong. I have been dealing with adversity for several years. If your "Lord" was of heaven, he would have known that the testing is ongoing, not upcoming."

Sent: October 20, 2002 10:35 PM
Subject: Re: [AI] RP, Brace Yourself!


What I am speaking of is upcoming! And that is not any form of personal threat. It will be permitted by God.

Ron Beaulieu

The following request for prayer was received from RP, two days later, via the internet e-group forum:

Sent: October 22, 2002 7:55 PM
Subject: Re: [AI] Request for prayer


Back in June, while stopped for a stop light on the main street of our town, a woman drinking out of her water bottle drove into the back of our car. Both my wife and I went to the hospital over this and while she was released, I spent the night.

They are still searching to find the exact injury I sustained, but her's became quite obvious that it was her lower back. Surgery was scheduled for a convenient date for all medical personnel concerned, about the last week of October or first of November.

However, the last week, her pain level dramatically increased and she was taken by ambulance to the ER and admitted a few hours later in excruciating pain. They were able to get the pain under control in a day or so, to the point that she was discharged.

That only lasted about 30 hours and another attack of pain came on, only in her abdomen rather then her back and she was readmitted. When they retested her, they found a fast growing mass in her lower abdomen that was pressing against all of her lower organs as well as her back. The previously moved up surgery date (yesterday) was canceled as they searched for this new development. All to no avail, so tomorrow at 2:30 PDT, she will undergo exploratory surgery to try and discover the cause of this new threat to her health and happiness.

Your prayers for God to stand with her and give her strength will be appreciated.

May God bless.

Maranatha :):):)

Note by Ron Beaulieu:

We cannot mock the greatest sacrifice made by the Son of God, imperviously. Such mocking is actually mocking the Holy Spirit, which was the first estate, original life of Christ. Mocking His greatest sacrifice for us, is like cursing the Holy Spirit, which is unpardonable sin. Beware!

Though we do not rejoice in the afflictions of others, it is truly too bad that some forfeit the protection of God by mocking the greatest gift that God the Father and the Son could bestow on humanity.

Two local ministers who fought my message most vehemently, one the pastor of the Canadian Union College Church, and the other the local Community SDA Church, died of cancer within months of fighting my message. One should be very sure of what he is fighting against. At the same time, I was praying that God would rather take my life if I was teaching error. Twelve years later, I am still alive and those who fought against me so viciously, are in the grave.

In His Trust and Care,

Ron Beaulieu

Update to this Prophecy--March 19, 2003

FROM: Ray Phillips
To: SDA Issues Forum

March 19, 2003

Dear Forum Family:

The wonderful lady that I have known and loved went to her rest this evening at 7:15 PM at the Sacred Heart Hospital, here in Eugene.

She was surrounded with a room full friends and family and love so tangible that several of the hospital workers mentioned it. There were many tears outside of the room as there were in the room.

More then one nurse mentioned that it was most obvious that we were Christians and that Ruth was greatly loved and held in high honor. What a commentary from people who had only known her a few short days. Another nurse told us that every worker on the floor was praying for us. As in her life, so in her passing others could see Jesus in her.

Ruth was born February 19, 1939 and laid down her burdens to rest in Jesus on March 19, 2003. In her lifetime, she has touched many lives and the challenge to us who have yet to finish our course is to pick up the challenge she laid down when she promised to met me in the morning.

If you read Matthew 25:34, 35 and you'll see as good of a description of Ruth as can be written. And according to what Jesus has said, she will be welcomed into the kingdom He has prepared for those who love Him. I have promised my mother and my wife to meet them there. Tonight I ask you to also make that promise to Ruth too, so that we can all share the joy of our Lord.

In Christian sorrow but in the blessed hope.

Maranatha :):):)
Ray Phillips,
a very fortunate man to have had the privilege of her companionship for over 39 years.

As this forum comes to an end tomorrow, this will be my last post. However, anyone who wants to contact me personally, I'll be happy to respond.

I want to express my appreciation for all of the words of kindness, the opportunity to dialogue, most of the time, in a very Christian atmosphere and for the privilege of "meeting" all of you good folks. If you are ever in the Northwest, Springfield, Oregon, to be specific, I would appreciate meeting you face to face.

As Janine so well put it, the hundreds of posts have indeed awed my friends. But that is ended and my final wish is a fond good bye and May God bless. If you care to read about the memorial service for my beloved wife, read on. It seems like March, which is supposed to be a time of beginnings in the Northern hemisphere, for me is a time of many ending chapters of my life. But I know that I can safely step into the future that will be very different from the past as I follow the leading of my master and friend.

May God indeed bless you every one.

Maranatha :):):)
Ray Phillips, current and happy SDA

Just as Ruth entered this world in dramatic manner with a snowy and exciting ride to the hospital, so she was memorialized in a manner that was unique and memorable.

Sabbath afternoon, March 29, 2003 at 3, well over 200 people gathered at the Pleasant Hill Seventh-day Adventist church in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, to bid farewell and honor this remarkable woman who choose to share her life with me as my wife.

In a memorial service where the accolades seemed endless, which lasted close to two hours, Ruth was honored as few will have the privilege of being honored. The church was tastefully but beautifully enhanced by the beauties provided by another of God's gifts of love, flowers of all kinds and brilliance. Grace Almeida with the help of two other members, Kelly Fischer and Dona Schoonhoven tastefully and modestly decorated the church with flowers everywhere. Their final gift of love in this manner was most beautiful. Not the grandest ceremony in the most lofty palace could show more of their love then what they presented yesterday. Words cannot express my appreciation for their gift of love.

After the church service that morning, Sue Jones, known for her culinary abilities with many others with similar talents, who I don't even know all of their names, quietly fixed a wonderful meal for all who wanted to come and fellowship with others who loved Ruth so very much. Everything was just wonderful and this show of love for Ruth communicated in the way men are well known to appreciate. I just hope that each one who participated comes to know of my deep appreciation of their gift of love.

The caring that I have been on the receiving end of for these last five months has placed on me a debt of love that cannot be repaid in this lifetime. Yes, many tears have flowed, but not for Ruth as she is sleeping quietly in Jesus, but for our loss of not being able to enjoy the love and happiness she was so well known for giving. Her life indeed touched all who came in contact with her in a most loving manner.

In song and sharing, a number of her close friends and family took turns in bringing honor to the departed and comfort to those who remain. Olive Phillips Dibble, my baby sister, opened and closed the memorial service with her own special compositions of songs of praise and comfort. Her clear sweet voice and lovely music challenged us to meet Ruth in that better land where there will no longer be any more such services.

The pastor, Dave McCoy welcomed those who gathered and Ann Parmenter and Elmerla Colburn provided the organ and piano accompaniment to the musical numbers. Ruth so much loved the keyboard artistry of these two women. Dr. James McHan, who has been our family doctor since 1978, turned our hearts heavenward with songs of heaven and our promised homeland. Pastor's Harold Erickson, a missionary who has retired after serving long and faithfully in India, Michael Petriko, who with his wife Ella has been such a wonderful support during this time and Otis Harden, a Methodist minister who has been an important part of our lives along with his wife, Ruth, who worked with my Ruth for about 15 years, lead us to the throne of grace in scripture, sermon and prayer.

Colin Almeida was going to present some memories I had written down of Ruth, but like myself, became so overwhelmed with sorrow that Kelly Fisher presented my "unabbreviated" memories of life with this wonderful woman. Behind the scenes and leading out in the time when numerous others shared their experiences with Ruth, was a long time friend, and the first one we met when we moved to this area, Norman Parmenter. Few are honored to have such a friend as he has been to us over the years. And last, but most certainly not least was a special military honor guard that came to honor Ruth's service to her country with a heartfelt playing of taps and a presentation of an American flag to myself. That added a very special note to the service.

Hundreds of dollars came in to a memorial fund which will be forwarded on to both the Three Angels Broadcasting Network in Illinois and Amazing Facts in California. Ruth would have been made very happy to know that these gifts have been given in her name. May God bless those who gave so generously.

Today is another day. The past has been laid to rest and appropriately honored. Yesterday, some asked me what my plans are for the future and I told them that they were to go to bed last night. I have no idea in what way God will lead in my life, but as Ruth so willingly submitted to God's will as she laid down her life, so I am attempting to accept God's will as I take up this new chapter of my life and to be used in any way He sees fit.

Not one of us has any idea exactly what the future holds, but we can know the one who holds the future and for me, that is sufficient. May God bless each one of you and as those who came to memorialize the wonderful life of a very sweet woman promised yesterday: "We will meet you in the morning." It is my prayer that all who read this will submit their lives to God so this promise can be a reality for you too. I'll met you in the morning.

Maranatha :):):)
Ray Phillips