Prophesy, Predict, Versus Merely Thinking

Something Will Occur

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December 22, 2011

A couple of exacting folk have accused me of prophesying that World War III will begin via U.S.A. and Israel invasion of Iran sometime next summber/fall. I will qualify once again, that I was not shown that would happen, so I am not prophesying. I should have said I merely THINK such will occur based on many different sources. One critic says that I have predicted such every summer and fall for many years. That simply is not true. I have posted items by those who thought Iran might be invaded years ago, but I have not believed those reports because I recognized long ago that Syria would probably have to be dealt with first. I prophesy what God shows me. I have never prophesied when Iran will be attacked—merely that it will be and that I believe, I THINK, it will occur by or before summer/fall 2012.