The Role of Raw Live Food

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The reason one should maintain at least a 75- to 85-percent ratio of raw foods is that when food is cooked, almost all its nutritional value is destroyed. All enzymes are destroyed by cooking. Approximately 83 percent of all vitamins are destroyed by cooking and the heat changes protein into a form that cannot be assimilated. Cooking also reduces the organic minerals our body needs into an inorganic, unusable form. In addition to diet, a lifestyle that includes exercise is an essential element to healthy living.


U.S. Senate document states that laboratory tests prove that U.S. farm soils are depleted of minerals and the grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs and milk that are available in our food stores are not as nutritious as they were just a few generations ago. You may have noticed that most fruits, vegetables and meats today may look good, but they lack flavor. This is because they contain only a fraction of the necessary minerals. The document states that people who eat these foods develop mineral deficiency diseases . Nutritional deficiencies in humans and animals have escalated to such a degree as to have catastrophic effects on our ability to survive."...we will not be able to rely anymore on our premise that the consumption of a varied balanced diet will provide all the essential trace elements, because such a diet will be very difficult to obtain for millions of people."


Proper bowel function entails having 2 or 3 good bowel movements per day. Most people are not aware of this, and go through their daily lives eliminating once a day, once every other day, or less. And most everyone think this is normal. The question to think about is; "If we eat 3 meals a day and only eliminate once a day, where are the other 2 meals hiding, and what happen with the 2 meals, how these 2 meals affect the body?
If you take a good look to a baby's feeding, it is a proof of eating and eliminating. Because their new digestive systems have not had time to develop mal-absorption problems caused by improper diet, environment toxins, and stress. Faulty digestion and elimination develop in an individual through years of improper lifestyle and dietary habits.
Cooked meat, vegetables and fruits(fresh or cooked), or any meal; secure them in a container with a temparature the same as body temparature, altogether or separately; keep them there for 3 or more days and get back to it, what we should see? What happens to this foods inside the container happens to inside the colon. And the toxins that develop there is poisoning the whole body.


When we are not eliminating properly, wastes may not be expelled for days, weeks, months or years. When we don't eliminate our waste, toxins back-up in the colon, which can cause auto-intoxication-self-poisoning. This occurs when the bowel walls become encrusted with uneliminated fecal matter, hampering the absorption of vital nutrients and providing a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria. Blood capillaries lining the bowel will begin to absorp these toxins into the bloodstream, consequently polluting all of our organs and cells.
What will happen if we didn't empty the kitchen garbage for months and we kept on throwing more and more food on top of the old? Wouldn't all of our homes start smelling like a garbage dump? The same thing happens with a sluggish clogged colon. The toxic wastes have nowhere to go, so they build up in the bowel. These poisons eventually seep into every cell in the body, setting the stage for "disease". This auto-intoxication lowers our overall feeling of health and vitality. We start to blame other factors such as aging on why we experience a lack of vitality, why we don't have that "zip" in our walk, or that "sparkle" in our eyes. The true fact is that age has nothing to do with this depletion of energy and less than optimum health. Ninety percent of the time, these complaints can be alleviated through internal cleansing techniques.we should know if a person need to cleanse? When a person eats 2,3,4, or maybe even 6 or 7 times a day, and eliminate just one time a day, where are your other meals hiding? A normal healthy person have 2 or 3 meals a day, and eliminate 2 or 3 times as well. Food residue shouldn't stays long inside our bodies as it will poison our system from the toxins that develops from the decaying food inside our system. If we bother to have a clean surroundings, we might as well bother to clean our system from any toxins that will results into a disease that might cause our lives.

Here are some questions to consider:

1) Is your battery running low?
2) Are you feeling fatigued?
3) Do you think your body needs to cleanse?

Each person is carrying their own body every minutes of their lives, from their birth to present. Who do you think knows better of their own body, someone else? The body is talking to the person whose taking hold of them, by signaling to us in our feeling and senses. Let your heart listen to what your body is telling you, and take charge and control wisely, for our health and life is precious and after all we only have ONE!