The Reform Movement and Fanaticism!

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Ellen White said that every reform movement has been accompanied by Satanic fanaticisms. The reform movement of today is certainly no different. Read the following articles (links below) to obtain a balanced view of what the Word of God has to say about celebrating Christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays etc. There are some who would ban every pleasantry associated with Christianity. They can’t stand to see themselves or anyone else enjoying pleasant times of refreshing. Therefore, others can’t stand them and they are a blight on all that is truth, for they drive away others from the truth, and too often they drive away their own children from the truth as soon as they become old enough to see the folly of legalistic fanaticism and won’t be lorded over anymore!


By the foolish and fanatical reasoning of some Seventh-day Adventists, we should not worship on Saturday because that day was celebrated by the pagans as well!

A family in Australia, and one in Texas, fault me and my wife for having Poinsettia plants around the season of Christmas which is the only time those plants bloom into red leaves. In my youth, I grew them for a nursery, and we like them for their beauty which God made for us to appreciate. They refer to me as BAALieu, and consign me to hell for this act, and for giving thanks for God’s bountiful gifts at harvest time, associating that thanks with pagan rituals associated with thanksgiving. Both of these parties seem at all times most miserable in life and spirit. If such persons won’t change, and they are saved, I would not prefer to spend eternity with them.

It is interesting as well how they handle the tithe question. They appropriate it as they see fit and not as the Lord instructs—that it should be solely for the support of the full time gospel ministry, more specifically the swift messengers with a message, AND NOT THE POOR. They don’t have the spiritual discernment to see that in this disavowal of God’s instructions, they are as guilty as any pagan worshipper, because they follow their own evil spirit of rendering a “cain offering,” in lieu of what God instructs. They thus avoid what they regard as evil (the gnat—all the innocent social graces), to swallow the camel—their own personal opinion in robbing God’s treasury by totally disregarding His specific instruction on the sacred tithe. Ellen White said in no case is the tithe to be given to the poor. That it is solely for the full time workers in the ministry of the gospel. So these reprobate types try to ease their conscience by indicting me with Baal worship for following Ellen White’s counsel in regard to certain holidays.

Then one of these individuals from Australia says that he regularly takes data from my Website for his home church Sabbath sermons. What?! Going to what he and his wife call Baal for sermon material! As Ellen White often opined: “Consistency is a Jewel!”