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Dear Friends,



Matthew 21:15  "And when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that he did, and the children crying in the Temple, and saying, Hosanna to the son of David; they were sore


 21:16  And said unto him, Hearest thou what these say ? And Jesus saith unto them, Yea; have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise ?"



Wednesday, July 29, 2009, I attended the BC Camp  Meeting especially to listen to the messages of two children from the Philippino  SDA Church in Vancouver.  The little girl spoke at the 11 AM  meeting and the boy at the evening meeting.



As I made my way to the Auditorium from my daughters camp site, the "rock music" was pounding down upon us from the youth hill !  It could still be heard from the main auditorium, but I sat inside and it wasn't so noticeable.  The child spoke with great enthusiasm and hardly ever referred to her notes.  The message was illustrated with pictures projected on the large screens on each side of the stage. She was almost eleven years of age.


What a good message it was from the Word of God about faith and obedience; repentance and being ready for Christ to come.  The Philippino Church has been training some of their children to speak at evangelistic meetings and God is blessing their efforts.  I was very blessed by the witness of this little child.


After lunch I returned to the Auditorium and sat at a picnic table  which was outside, but just along the walk leading to the back door where the speakers enter and leave. I wanted to speak with one of them about the "double standard" they were presenting to the people with the "rock music" pounding from the youth hill and in the auditorium a little child presenting a pure message from the Word of God.


Talk about "Babylonian confusion" !


As I was waiting for a church "leader" to appear from that back door and come my way, I noticed a group of about six teens seated at the table just behind me and a little to the left.  I approached them and said, " I do not mean to impose on you, but if you don't mind, I would like to ask you a question".  They were willing and so I said, "What do you think of the "rock music" that is being played at camp meeting ?"  A girl spoke up and said, "Well, if it is Christian rock it is ok but if it secular rock it is not good". To this they all agreed.  They have been led to believe there is such a thing as "Christian rock".  There is no difference in the instruments and the beat, only a difference in the Lyrics !


I then said, "You all know what the Spirit of Prophecy is in the books by Sister White."  They said yes, they knew about them.  I said, "Did you know the Spirit of God said that "loud music drums and dancing" would come in to Adventist meetings just before the return of Jesus and that is was the "spirits of devils" ? "  None of them knew that God's Seventh Day Adventist Church has been warned of this very attack of Satan upon His Church !  And in spite of this warning, the "leaders" go right on with this evil as though God's Word doesn't even exist !


Some of these, "leaders" were my class mates at Canadian Union College back in the 70's as we pursued our Bachelor of Theology Degree.  I have been waiting for some of them to protest these abominations, but, only silence and "vanity fair" continues to be the program in most  Adventist churches and at our Camp Meetings ! They are afraid to be, "cast out of the synagogue" !


Finally, my waiting paid off, The BC Conference President, Br. Gordon Pipher came out the back door and started to walk by.  "Excuse me sir", I said, "could I ask you a question" ?  He stopped, asked me my name and then I said, "I came here today to listen to the children speak, and the little girl did such a fine job.  He responded that he thought so too and was blessed by her message. "But", I said, "While she is presenting a Bible based message the devil drums are beating on the youth hill" !  He responded with, "Well, some look on it that way" !


I asked, "Do you believe Ellen White was inspired by The Spirit of God' ?  "Well" and he hesitated, " Yes, I would say she was inspired". ( Why did he hesitate ?)  I said, "In Selected Messages she says that "loud music, drums and dancing" would come into our churches and into our camp meetings just before the close of probation and that it was the spirit of devils."  He said, "Ellen White hasn't heard the music we have at our camp meeting".


Now let me ask you, is there a difference in the rock music of the world and the rock music at camp meeting ?  Not one bit, except for the words that are shouted or slurred in the process !  And it is the same with this so called, "rap" !  It is the control of evil spirits over the bodies and minds of those who participate in this terrible deception !  Here is the warning of God's Spirit >


"The things you have described as taking place in Indiana, the Lord has shown Me would take place just before the close of probation. Every uncouth thing will be demonstrated. There will be
shouting, with drums, music, and dancing. The senses of rational beings will become so confused that they cannot be trusted to make right decisions. And this is called the moving of the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit never reveals itself in such methods, in such a bedlam of noise. This is an invention of Satan to cover up his ingenious methods for making of none effect the pure, sincere, elevating, ennobling, sanctifying truth for this time. Better never have the worship of God blended with music than to use musical instruments to do the work which last January was represented to me would
be brought into our camp meetings. The truth for this time needs nothing of this kind in its work of converting souls. A bedlam of noise shocks the senses and perverts that which if conducted aright might be a blessing. The powers of satanic agencies blend with the din and noise, to have a Carnival, and this is termed the Holy Spirit's working."  Selected Messages Bk 2  page 36



A Grade One student can understand that, if gently explained to them.  Why is it that the "leaders" don't  understand.  Surely if they really believed that The Testimonies of Jesus were inspired by the Spirit of God they would never allow this to go on for one moment longer !  Any "true blue" SDA will answer without hesitation, "Yes, The Testimonies of Jesus are positively inspired by The Holy Spirit, no question" !  Why did Br. Pipher hesitate ?

He concluded by stating that I was "just one man" and many do not agree with my assessment. Well, true, "many" do not agree, but Praise God, there are "many" SDA's who do agree, and "many" of them are SDA Youth !  You will find them @


Make sure and read their "mission" statement and their response to the GC Youth Department when questioned as to their reason for working outside the perimeters of the GC's control !



I returned to the auditorium to hear the boy speak at 8 PM.  He was doing real well and I was trying to follow his message but, tragically, the "rock music" was thundering down upon us from the youth hill and from the young adult tent in the field to the right.


I listened for about five minutes then said to my friend on the right, "Some one needs to turn off those drums" !  I waited another couple of minutes then said to the friend on my left, " This is too much for me, I'm out of here, I can not hear everything the boy is saying because of those drums".  I stopped at the back of the auditorium hoping to run in to another "leader" but no one came.  My Friend who was seated to my left came round the other side of the building with the same idea.  No "leader" showed up but we conversed for several minutes and then I went to my truck and drove home.


Look at the history of Ancient Israel, when the "leader" was a righteous man they prospered and many turned back to the Lord even though the "majority" always remained in apostasy.  When the "leader" was wicked God withdrew His protection and they were overrun by the heathen nations ! Where are the "righteous leaders" today !  If the "leaders" were truly "Godly " men as I so often hear people say, rock music, clowns, mimers and any other such "gimmick" of Satan would immediately be banned from our churches and camp meetings !


Why do people so desperately cling to the "leaders" ?  We need to be able to stand on The Word of God and if necessary, Stand Alone !  Why do they not study the Word of God and heed the instruction given therein. ?  What saith The Lord :


Psalm 146:3  "Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, In whom there is no help."



They have been taught to believe that no matter how corrupt the leaders become,the  G.C. Is still, "God's Church" !  Is that true ?  Do we need a "priest"  or "ruler" to have salvation in Jesus Christ ? We only need a loving relationship with Jesus Christ we do not need any man to instruct us !  Through absolute faith in the saving power of Jesus Christ and strict obedience to His Holy Word, we need not any man to "mentor" us !  Nor do we need a "spiritual director" to teach us Roman Catholic Mysticism as is now being promoted by the "leaders" of the General Conference !


The Spirit of God declares: 


"It was not the hand of the priest that rent from top to bottom the gorgeous veil that divided the holy from the most holy place. It was the Hand of God. When Christ cried out, "It is finished," the Holy Watcher that was an unseen guest at Belshazzar's feast pronounced the Jewish nation to be a nation unchurched. The same hand that traced on the wall the characters that recorded Belshazzar's doom and the end of the Babylonian kingdom, rent the veil of the temple from top to bottom, opening a new and living way for All, high and low, rich and poor, Jew and Gentile. From henceforth people might come to God without priest or ruler" (MS 101, 1897).


Paul said, "follow me only as I follow Christ" !


In His Love,


 Rich & Joyce  











   Lea Ongyiu 




    Ralph Magsalin