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"...the wealth of the Rothschilds consists of the bankruptcy of nations."
-Frederick Morton

Rothschilds and Warburgs

The Rothschild family owns the private shares (18 %) of the Bank for International Settlements. The shares are denominated in Serially numbered "Gold Francs", not Swiss or French Francs. Paper is destructible and forgeable. The Gold Franc acts like an International Passport. I met a young "hippie" Rothschild family member who showed me a coin, and explained how it was used, even to buy Airline Tickets (the bill would be sent to the B.I.S.)

The B.I.S was set up in 1938, as a consequence of the Young Act. Its first Director was the aforementioned Paul Warburg, who besides being the "father" of the Fed, was its first Chairman and served as the Chairman during WWI, when his brother Max was the Head of the German Banking System and Director of Military Intelligence. The Lenin Train Ride was Max's idea.

Brother Julius was head of the Swedish Bank, and it was through Sweden that Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff, Guggenheim etc funded the Bolsheviks, by loaning them money, which was repaid with interest from the wealth confiscated from the Tsar and Russia.

Paul was forced to resign from the Federal Reserve when the scandal broke that he had engineered the financing of the Bolsheviks. Strange though, he served as Chairman during WWI, with his brother Max running German Intelligence, while here at home German Americans were being hung from lamposts and changing their names from Weisskessel to WhiteKettle and from Schmidt to Smith.

The Bank for International Settlements is the head of the International Financial Octupus, and it is the "boss" of all Central Banks, including the Fed and the Bank of England and France.

The Rothschild family is huge, powerful and its members own practically all corporations in America, and Europe. Food distribution, clothing, furniture, Insurance and are influential owners, via the Family Trust, in Insurance Companies and Banks.

Dutch Royal Shell and British Petroleum (think Netherlands, and Tony Blair, think Iran) are Rothschild Family Enterprises.

Thriftway, United Pacific Reliance Insurance, Bank of America, Warburg Parabus, Goldman Sachs, etc, etc. The Rothschild family exerts tremendous financial and hence political power in France. France has a nationalized oil company, but "nationalization", as I discovered during research is in reality Privatization.

When England and France nationalized their Banks in 1947 and 1946 respectively, what they really did was privatize them, exchange stocks for Fiduciary Bonds, (less risk) which pay an annual interest of 12% forever and still leave the family in control of the Banks. It is all just a ruse.

The Morgan family was only a brief light. J P Morgan himself had clout, but he did not have many heirs, especially as compared to the Rothschilds, the power and influence of the Morgan founded empire is not in the hands of the Morgan Family, as most of them never even inherited any money, much less control in the business. The few Morgans that are around, are not doing very well, just ordinary citizens.

Rockefellers are not a big family either, the power lies in the Rockefeller Foundation, which the small family controls, and which provides for their needs.

Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, when he ran for President, had to make public his income tax return. His gross income was a little over $6,000.00 and that from a speaking engagement. He is not poor, because all of his needs were fulfilled by the Rockefeller Foundation, which owns executive jets, limo's, finca's in Argentina, Bahaman Estates, mansions in Florida and the Riveria, all over the world. The foundation pays a full time staff, to keep the larder's and refrigerators full of their favorite foods and wines, closets full of the latest clothes, neatly hung, and a staff to keep the house and grounds ready, just in case one of them show up.

It isn't money, but power. With power you have everything, money to get the power, power to keep the money. But the individual has no need for money.

The richest man in the world at the time was Mao Tse Tung, his monthly "salary" was $300, pocket change, however he controlled China and had unlimited access to its wealth and human effort.

It is only the myopic and enslaved lower and middle class, that believe money is all. One has no need for money or "ownership" of private property (Rockefellers as individuals own nothing) when one has control of vast resources which are available on demand.