Keeping the Sabbath Commandment


Sabbath-keeping is a memorial to Godís creation power and the fact

that He could do it in seven days. It is His seal as the Creator and the

Lawgiver. It should be kept in honor to the creator and our Savior and

as a token or rest from our own works in honor of His works, one of

the greatest of which is the creative work and power of restoring

sinful man back into the image of God. And finally, the Sabbath

will be a test of manís fidelity to God rather than Satan and

his counterfeit of the Holy and Sanctified Sabbath day.


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Here are many references regarding the sabbath to look up. You can go to the Ellen G. White Estate (type that in the address bar above) and then click the link that says Ellen G. White Estate..Then when you get to the site, look to the left of the page and click the section that says SEARCH THE WRITINGS OF ELLEN G. WHITE..Then that title will pop up in the middle of the that again...then you can look for the books and page #'s of each reference I am sending you..As a matter of fact, I will also post the link to where you can look for these references at the Ellen G. White Estate (see below)...$fn=default.htm$vid=default

(Go to book and page # and then look for the names of the books and enter the page # as you see on each reference) or type exact words to be searched in parenthesis or follow the other instructions on the linked page.

How To Keep The Sabbath

21. Preparation for PP 296; 3SG 253-4; 6T 353-6
believers should put away their differences in 6T 356
children should be told how to make 6T 356
children should share in making 6T 356
employees to be given time for 6T 356
Friday as day of CG 528; PP 296; 3SG 253-4; 2T 702-3; 6T 354-5
baths should be taken on CG 528; 6T 355
boots and shoes should be blacked on CG 528; 6T 355
children's clothing should be readied on CG 528
clothing should be in readiness on CG 528; 6T 355
cooking should be done on 6T 355
employers should let workers off at noon on 6T 356
mending of clothes should be done on CG 528
preparation of food on SR 130; 6T 355
secular work should be laid aside before sunset on 6T 355
Friday's work should be planned with reference to TM 272

lesson re, from giving of manna 6T 355
must be kept in view all through week CG 527; ML 287; 2T 702; 6T 353-4
physician's duty re MM 50
reform needed re, in home 6T 356
should be completed on Friday CSW 170; 6T 355
should begin in home 6T 354 
22. Use of acquaint yourself with God on, through His works Ed 251
acts of mercy are: in perfect harmony with intent of DA 207
permitted on PP 307
acts of necessity are permitted on PP 307
acts on, be careful re 2T 702-3
allow no business to encroach upon PP 296
be always ready to: help persons in need on 6T 360
relieve suffering on 6T 360
be careful not to exhaust your energies during week so as to be too weary on 6T 354
better to lose employment than to refuse to keep Ev 243
blessing pronounced upon: persons who faithfully keep EW 34
persons who honor GC 451
building place of worship should not be done on 1BC 1108-9; PP 314
business matters should not be discussed on Ev 245; PP 307; 6T 360
business problems and Ev 242
business should be conducted so that you will not be exhausted on CG 530
business transactions should not divert your mind from 2T 583
can be made delight to children ML 287
care for the sick and suffering on PP 296, 307
center your thoughts on God and heaven during CG 529
children should be: educated to reverence ML 287
provided treat to eat on MH 308
taken for walk in fields and groves on 6T 358
taken for walk out of doors on 2T 584; 6T 358
taken out into nature on 2T 583-4
taught how to keep, by precept and example 6T 359
taught not to break AH 320
children should dress quietly on CG 528
children should not be: allowed to play on CG 533
allowed to roam streets for amusement on 5T 36-7
led to think that they are not to be happy on CG 533-4
left to do as they please on 6T 358
told that it is wrong to walk out of doors on CG 533-4
children should spend some time out of doors on 2T 583
children violate, who play on it CG 533
Christian world tramples, underfoot 1T 223
Christian world trampling underfoot, Moses was shown PP 477
Christianity is not to be paraded merely on 4T 494
circumstances will not justify work on, for worldly profit 4T 251
closing of SDA restaurants on, witness of MM 306
clothes should not be mended on CG 528; 6T 355
comfort the sorrowing on WM 77
comforting the sorrowing on, honors the day ML 231
conversation on, be careful re 2T 702-3
should be restricted to religious themes 2T 704
conversation on common or worldly topics is improper on 2T 703; 6T 360
desecrated by hurrying, jostling, and impatience 6T 357
desecration of: by school studies 4T 114-6
conversation that is 2T 703
declare what God has said re DA 806
let there be no MM 215
love of worldly gain leads to 4T 147
ministers should reprove 2T 704
robs God of His holy time EW 65
devote: to God's service CG 527-37
to healthful rest DA 207
to holy deeds DA 207
to improvement of your spiritual condition 4T 249
to rest from labor 4T 249
to worship DA 207; 4T 249
devotion to God on, ministers should encourage 2T 704
devotional feelings on, persons who lack 3SG 254
do not crowd into, work that should be done before 3SG 293
do not devote, regularly to writing CH 368; 4T 539
do not disregard, for worldly gain MM 306
to please people MM 306
do not do on, work that can be done on six working days 2T 702-3
do not give, to pleasure seeking 6T 355
to worldly employment 6T 355
do not occasionally use, for secular business 4T 249
do not use, for your own purposes 4T 114
do not work in any manner for livelihood on 2T 702
doing secular business occasionally on, is entire rejection of it 4T 249
duty pertaining to six working days must not be left for 6T 354
edges (borders) of: jealously guard 6T 356
warning against infringement upon 4T 247
warning against working on 1T 150
employ, in contemplation of God's works TM 137
every, God's people do not need sermon on Ev 348
every energy of soul should be awake on 6T 362
exalt, to its rightful position as God's rest day GC 452; 6T 352
excuses given for not keeping, sufficient answer to Ev 240
which Satan suggests Ev 242
failure to practice self-denial on, many believers err by 3SG 254
fanaticism re, warning against 1T 420
fate of persons who once kept, and gave it up EW 37
fate of persons who reject, after receiving full light upon it 1SM 66
few hours on, abiding principle of truth is not merely for 5T 547
God does not wish men to suffer pain on DA 207
God requires men to devote, to Him CSW 170
God's example in resting on, follow DA 207; PP 47
God's law violated by trampling on FE 475
God's people leave their usual employment on DA 207
God's people were to observe, throughout all generations 7BC 979
great blessings promised to persons who highly esteem 2T 702
hands should rest from worldly employment on CG 527-37; ML 287
hours of, should not be wasted in bed 6T 357
how parents can make, interesting to children 2T 583-5
infringing a little upon, warning against 1T 532
keep: even when way does not appear clear Ev 242-3
free from secular labor TM 136
in commemoration of God's rest PP 111
in harvesttime 3SG 292-3
inviolate 4T 252
pure and holy MM 215
kindling fire on, severity of climate makes necessary PP 409
labor for profit is not lawful on DA 207
lawful acts performed on, by persons in God's service DA 285
laying plans on, avoid PP 307
let your works show that you keep, inviolate 4T 252
life's necessities must be attended to on DA 207
make: delight to children 5T 320
interesting to your family 2T 585
most interesting day of week at home 2T 584
most joyful day of week 6T 359
sweetest and most blessed day of week CG 532; ML 287
man has work to do on DA 207
man is brought into communion with Creator by DA 281
man must be holy in order to keep, holy DA 283
man should worship God on 4T 247
man steals holy time when he works on 4T 249
men do not honor God who regularly devote, to writing or labor 4T 539
men need not enclose themselves within walls on 2T 583
men need not shut themselves away from out-of-doors on 2T 583
men rob God when they unfit themselves for worship on CG 530
men who would violate God's law by trampling on, do not vote for GW 391-2
many parents do not know: what children are doing on CG 533
where children are on CG 533
med. students should not continue their studies on CT 479; 5T 447-8
mere hearing of sermons on, that does not benefit us MH 514
mind should be disciplined to dwell on sacred themes on 2T 703
mind should not dwell on worldly things on PP 307; 2T 583
mind should not run freely on worldly business on 2T 703
miss. work on, by sanitarium workers WM 339
most favorable day of week for devotional thoughts and feelings 2T 704
nature study for children on ML 140; 6T 358
needs of suffering humanity must never be neglected on 7T 106
no man at liberty to spend, in unprofitable manner 2T 704
not a day for useless idleness 6T 361
not to be: kept merely as legal matter 6T 353
period of useless inactivity DA 207
spent in indolence TM 136-7
nurses should do no unnecessary work on MM 214
occupations of daily life should be left on DA 207
one hour of, be careful not to infringe upon 1T 532
do not rob God of 2T 702
opportunity provided by, for communion with God, nature, and one another Ed 251
opportunities of, invaluable as means of intellectual training Ed 251
ordinary med. treatments should not be given on, when they can be postponed MM 214; 7T 106
parents and children should study nature on CG 533
parents should give attention to children on ML 287
parents should make, blessing to themselves and to children ML 140
parents should read to children most attractive portions of Bible history on ML 287
parents should spend much time with children on 6T 358
parents should take care of children on CG 533
parents who let children violate, are guilty also CG 533
people who love God should make, a delight, holy and honorable 2T 584
people who refuse to keep, will know that death is reward of transgressor 3SG 53
person will not be held guiltless who neglects to relieve the suffering on DA 207
persons obliged to work on, always in peril CH 422
persons who have trodden underfoot, fate of EW 37
persons who refrain from work on, may claim divine comfort and consolation MM 215
persons who sleep much on, God is displeased with 2T 704
physician's duty to properly prepare for MM 50
physician's right to relieve suffering on MM 50
physician's travel on, that is not desecration of the day MM 214-5
physician's work that is not violation of CH 368
physicians frequently called to minister to the sick on CH 368; 4T 539
physicians have few opportunities for release from care on CT 472
physicians in danger of paying little regard to MM 160
physicians may be obliged to make, day of exhausting labor CH 368; 4T 539
physicians often called on, to minister to the sick MM 214
physicians should defer ordinary cases until after MM 214-5
physicians should do no unnecessary work on MM 214
physicians should not regularly devote, to writing or labor CH 368; 4T 539
physicians should not travel on, except to alleviate real suffering MM 214-5
physicians should plan their work so as to keep MM 214
physicians tempted to do many things improper to do on 7T 106
poor man is not permitted to work on 4T 251-2
portion of, all should have opportunity to be out of doors during 2T 583
should be devoted to appropriate prayer 2T 583
prove loyal to God by honoring, at all times and in all places 6T 360
regard, as day of delight CG 531
relieve the afflicted on WM 77
relieving the afflicted on, honors the day ML 231
relieving the suffering on, is right MM 214; 7T 106
is work of mercy and not violation of it 4T 539
regard for, relationship of dress to MYP 349; 1T 522
respect for, children's loss of 5T 37
sacredness of, children should be taught 2T 701-2
how san. workers lose sense of CH 422
san. patients must be fed on 7T 122
san. physicians and nurses must be fed on 7T 122
san. workers in danger of showing little regard for MM 160
secular business performed on, would be sinful DA 285
secular employment should be suspended on ML 231; WM 77
secular matters should be laid aside on CG 529
secular papers should be put out of sight during 6T 355
secular pursuits on, engage in no 4T 247
SDA restaurant workers should have, for worship of God 7T 122
SDA restaurants should be closed on MM 306; 7T 121-3; WM 112
should be: as sacredly observed now as in Israel's time PP 296
day of blessing CG 529
day of joy 6T 349
should not find man exhausted by work of week CG 530
show that SDA are His people by keeping, holy 2SM 160
sick and suffering people should be cared for on DA 207; 3SG 254
sleeping much on, excuses given for 2T 704
soul's needs should receive special attention on ML 287
spend hours of, to God's glory CSW 54
spending, enclosed within walls is unnecessary 2T 583
spent in fasting by JW and EGW 1T 593
spent in hotel by JW and EGW 2SG 219
students should not bring secular studies into holy time of 4T 114
study God's messages in nature on COL 26
surgical operations that can wait should be deferred until after MM 214; 7T 106
things of nature that should be called to children's attention on 2T 584
things that parents can do for children on CG 532-7
think upon God's goodness during CS 80
time belonging to, man robs God by stealing little of 1T 532
time for meditation and worship DA 207
time of, children should not devote to play 2T 583
toil that gains livelihood on, must cease DA 207
transgressors of, curse that hangs over CS 51
traveling on MM 50, 214-5; 6T 359-60
unconverted people freely talk of worldly business on 2T 703
unnecessary work should not be done on PP 296, 307; 1T 150; 7T 122
use, in contemplation of God's works TM 137
vegetarian cafť closed on WM 112
violation of: be careful to avoid 2T 703
crime in sight of heaven 1T 533
for pecuniary advantages 1T 532
Sabbathkeepers who lose ten or twentyfold more than they gain by 1T 532
willful and deliberate, is presumptuous sin PP 409
violator of, cannot go to heaven 1T 533
wants of the needy must be supplied on DA 207
weekly return of, hail with joy 2T 585
what it means to remember 4T 249
what it takes to step out and observe SD 195
JW's funeral held on 1T 110
willful observance of Sunday instead of, significance of GC 448-9
work done in God's service is right on DA 285
work for worldly pleasure is not lawful on DA 207
work is peremptorily forbidden on 4T 147
work is permitted on, to save life of men or animals 1T 532
work must be put aside on 4T 247
work necessary for salvation of man is proper on DA 285
work neglected until commencement of, should remain undone till Sabbath is past PP 296
work on, refrain from PP 111
work to earn means for livelihood on, is forbidden 4T 251-2
works of benevolence are lawful on ML 231; WM 77
works of mercy are lawful on CH 368; ML 231; 1SM 314; WM 77
working on, you deny your faith by 4T 250
warning against 1T 150
wrong use of: proves curse 3SG 293
robs God of holy time 3SG 293
warning against 2T 702

Sabbath observance CG 527-37; DA 206-7, 285; Ev 237-46; MM 215; PP 296, 307-8; 3SG 292-3; 1T 531-3; 2T 582-5; 4T 247-54; 6T 349-68; 7T 104-9
abuse of, Christ denounced DA 206
act of, signifies that men are worshipers of Jehovah PP 307
among other nations than Israel, foretold PK 372
Ancient of Days established GC 455
argument that men of learning do not believe in GC 455
arguments used by Satan to dissuade people from Ev 242
as old as world itself GC 455
assembling of God's people to talk of Him is part of 2T 583
bad example in 4T 250
bear God's sign by 8T 196
benefits of, overeating may deprive one of MH 307
blessing of PP 48
promised on condition of obedience PK 411
to home Ed 250-1
businessmen's duty re Ev 245
by workers of institutions 4T 539-40
carefulness in, need of TM 272
carelessness in, results in great loss Ev 245
commanded by God's eternal word GC 455
constant reminder of God 7T 139
continual reminder of accountability to God PK 182
country is more favorable than city for 2SM 359
cross involved in changing from Sunday observance to 6T 38
designed to direct men's minds to God 6T 349
distinguishes: between those who acknowledge God's sovereignty and those who refuse it 6T 349
people acknowledging God's authority 8T 117
the loyal from the disloyal 7BC 970
distinguishing feature of SDA faith 4BC 1168
do not be ashamed of 7T 105
does not consist in listening to: long sermons 2T 583
tedious and formal prayers 2T 583
does not consist in merely attending church services 2T 583
does not require that men enclose themselves within walls 2T 583
does not rest on human traditions GC 455
efforts to tear down, worshipers of leopardlike beast are distinguished by GC 445-6
employer's duty re Ev 245
enfolds great blessings 6T 349
enjoined third time on Israel PP 313-4
enmity of man of sin against 7BC 910
evidence of loyalty to Creator GC 605
faithful, preserves God's people from idolatry PK 182
would have preserved world from idolatry LS 96
false reasoning used against GC 454-5
false teaching re, Christ set aside PK 183
France abolished, in 1793 GC 274
genuine, conscience should not be compelled to obtain 7BC 977
God's law enjoins GC 604; 7T 122
God's law enjoining, demands obedience GC 604
God's means of preserving knowledge of Himself 6T 349
God's people will suffer persecution because of 7BC 975; 9T 16, 229-31
God's purpose in, for man 2T 582-3
head of family should stand firmly re 7T 123
heavy cross for all who accept truth GW 462
how fashion affects Ed 247
how to begin, on Friday evening 6T 354-7
how to close, at end of the day 6T 359
how to help children enjoy ML 140
how to help children in CG 532-3
importance of PK 182
Jeremiah urged PK 411
improper: by children 5T 36-7
by gluttons 2T 374
God is dishonored by 6T 353
in home CSW 54; Ed 250-2; 2T 584; 5T 320; 6T 353-9
all should unite in PP 307-8
in med. institutions 7T 104-9
in restaurant work 7T 121-3
institution demanding man's reverence GC 455
institutional workers' duty re 4T 539-40
involves cross 6T 38
keeping all of God's commandments must accompany MM 215
kind of, that is offensive to God DA 286
that made men hardhearted and cruel DA 284
laws against, Satan's plan for enactment of PK 184
will be made 4BC 1172; 7BC 910
lax practices of Sunday observance must not be followed by SDA in 6T 353
laxity in: condemned 4T 247-54
grieves Spirit 4T 248
Jeremiah's warnings against PK 411
leaders of med. miss. work should instruct med. workers re 7T 106
loss of job because of Ev 237-41
loyalty manifested to God by GC 435
made intolerable burden by scribes and Pharisees DA 204
majority draw back from, because it requires sacrifice GC 454
make, so prominent that world cannot fail to recognize you as SDA Ev 233
makes visible man's conformity to God's law 7BC 949
man who made, matter of convenience 4T 247-8
men declare that God's law is not binding in order to evade GC 587
meaning of PP 48; SD 59
meaning of "Remember" in Ex. 20:8-11 re 6T 353
means of: distinguishing between God's loyal subjects and the disloyal 8T 198
preserving knowledge of God 8T 198
valuable intellectual training Ed 251
med. institutions should make, prominent before world MM 164
med. students' duty re 5T 447-8
mere, not evidence that one is Christian 1T 305
mind should be withdrawn from worldly business as part of 6T 356
misconceptions of, that Christ came to clear away DA 284
moral law enjoins 3T 392
must be according to letter and spirit 6T 353
new believers should be instructed re, by ministers 6T 353
not all SDA are as particular in, as they should be 7T 123
not as it should be 4T 247
not burdensome except when moral law is transgressed 3T 392
not easy to change from Sunday observance to 6T 38
nurses' duty re 7T 106
obedience to God's law by, is evidence of loyalty to Him GC 605
obedience to God's law includes 8T 210
object of, thwarted by wearisome rites DA 286
obligation of, extends to present time GC 451
opposition of religious powers to 7BC 975
outward, that was mockery DA 286
parents should instruct children re ML 287
parents' duty re CG 527-37; CSW 54
people will be earnestly called to PK 187
perfect, sanctification by Ev 290
persons careless in, curse upon 1T 532
persons faithful in: angels bless with light and health 2T 705
angels minister to 2T 705
blessing that will be pronounced on GC 640
persons unfaithful in, angels turn away from 2T 705
persons who have given up, fate of LS 117-8
persons who rightly regard, promises for 2T 702
Pharisees appeared wonderfully zealous for DA 472
physician should not feel at liberty to disregard God's word re MM 214
physician warned against carelessness in MM 50
physician's duty re CH 368; MM 49-50, 160, 214-6; 4T 539; 7T 106
physicians who are deprived of privileges of 5T 446
physicians' neglect of, is inexcusable 4T 560
physicians' problems re 4T 539
places man under divine everlasting covenant 6T 350
poultry raising and Ev 245-6
problem of making a living and Ev 237-41
proper, ministers should carefully instruct new churches re 6T 353
san. workers exert untold influence for good by MM 164
rabbinical laws re DA 204, 284-8
reform in: God calls for 6T 353
needed among sanitarium workers CH 422
needed among SDA 7T 123
work of, must be accomplished GC 451-60
reform re, special effort needed to bring about CH 422
relationship of, to everlasting covenant 7BC 981
relief of the suffering as 4T 539
reminder of Israel's accountability to God as Creator and Redeemer PK 182
requires sacrifice GC 454
revival of, prophecy re GC 451-3
right example in: importance of 6T 352-3
ministers should set 2T 703-4
need of setting, for others 4T 248
physicians should set 7T 106
sanctioned by God and angels GC 455
san. workers' duty re CH 422
Satan's plans to make, sign of disloyalty to earthly authorities PK 184
sign of disloyalty to rulers 4BC 1172
school studies must not be brought into 4T 114-6
SDA are to be recognized by Ev 233
SDA have plain "Thus saith the Lord" for Ev 232
SDA standard of, efforts will be made to break down 7T 121
shows recognition of God as Creator TM 136
slackness re, too much 1T 531
spirit of irreverence and carelessness in, sanitariums in danger of showing 7T 106
standard of, should be exalted in minister's family 2T 703
study as part of, messages written in nature by God COL 26
study of SS lesson for next week as Ed 251-2; 6T 359
that puts God's holy day to wrong use 2T 583
true: is sign of loyalty to God 7BC 981
shows that all of God's commandments are to be kept MM 121
will not result in starvation Ev 240
unfaithfulness in, stumbling block to unbelievers 4T 250
will be called disloyalty to laws of nations 7BC 977
will endure as long as Creator exists GC 438
witnesses to God's claim on man's reverence and homage 9T 16
women's duty re Ev 477
work for livelihood on, circumstances do not justify 4T 251-2
world would have been preserved from idolatry by LS 96; 1T 76
Sabbath question